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Top Judiciary Democrat On Articles Of Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC

November 29, 2019

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  1. MSNBC is worse than Fox News was during the Bush years. How dumb do you have to be to believe any of this impeachment investigation nonsense?

  2. Would be interesting to see Nunes questioned too ?Hasn't said much about his own dealings?I'm sure he will want to spill his beans lol.

  3. Trumps problem (along with a legion of others) is that he's fundamentally ignorant and stupid, if his smoke and mirrors act works on his equally ignorant and stupid base it's going to work on people with an IQ bigger than their shoe size (WRONG)

  4. On May 14, 1998 I got rid of cable and went internet not just because of Seinfeld going off the air, but because the original "Witch Hunt" so to speak in the Clinton Whitewater and………YES no foul there, but like most investigations it brings in some foul play "Lewinsky"! The Mueller Report put more folks behind bars in corruption than anyone would have imagined! Fast forward to the mess that we are in now is total corruption in every form.

    The meeting with Zelenski with Trump visit there in the Ukraine….NOPE….VP Pence visit….Trump says NO….Rick Perry….Trump says, YES. That visit brought a 50 year energy contract to an American CO. for a 50 year lease. Who got that contract? Rick Perry's top donater! Glad Trump is draining the SWAMP! More donaters are waiting for Ambassadorships BTW! The Bahamas are one of them, via San Diego!

    Triggered was a best seller? Look up "New York Best Sellers list" look for the dagger and find out what the term BULK PURCHASE MEANS!!! Actually, might want to look at all of those daggers in the full year and find out if you are reading legitimate content or just bought after "TITLES" from garbage! Sorry it is happening!

    90% of media is telling some very factual information in our Country and 10% is not! Time for Americans to actually fact check the news they view and the folks they are listening to with actual FACTS. If you are against this post in any way can you give any factual information against it? No Republican made any defense to contest any factual information in the impeachment hearings? Why? Is it because Mulvany, Pompeo, Guiliani, Perry, Pence, Bolton or the occupant of the White House? Why can't they bring facts to the House to end this? No Republican can, no defense only lies and nonsense!

  5. Everyone Has A Right To Their Own Opinion…But When You Go On A News Station And Lie To The American People It Becomes A Different Story…MSNBC Is A Disgrace To The United States Of America.

  6. i have utmost trust & faith in the speaker & chairman. i want this to keep zooming by, but mostly i want a rock solid case, & every trump co-conspirator miles away from having any say in trump's impeachment & removal. clean the swamp, then get the big fatty ogre in prison for good. then they can systematically go through the massive numbers of conspirators.

  7. Hopefully Zoe Lofgren will reread the articles of impeachment drafted against Nixon and realize two of the three articles cited Nixon's violations of the Take Care clause of Article II of the Constitution, which is the clause that provides for the rule of law. Trump has repeatedly publicly violated the Take Care clause, both by actions and inactions.

  8. Ugliest carpet muncher i ever saw, who elected this garbage to Congress? Looks like the creature from black lagoon. 🤢🤮

  9. It feels like Nunes wants to be involved in something "big" so bad he is throwing himself into the situation despite having no real part. It doesn't feel like he's in the loop on anything, but he's trying really hard. I can't figure out his motivation. Out of all the people involved in Trump's corruption, Nunes seems like such an outsider…what's his part?

  10. Trump is only above people willing to bow down and kiss his behind, like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan and Sean Hannity and the Fox Couch Dwellers.

  11. Refreshing to hear Rep. Zoe Lofgren response maturely to question concerning allegations against Rep Nunes: she’ll wait until hearing the evidence before drawing conclusions: stark contrast to the childish buffoonery of Rep Jim Jordan.

  12. Voters must consider that the choice is between providing approval of DjT's excesses and his nascent dictatorship with our silence and inaction as "Rupublicans" want 
    using the power of the Constitution to voice our disapproval through a process agreeing on articles of impeachment (if not conviction) 
    as well as 
    voting him and his enablers out of office on November 3, 2020.

    The Constitution, a document made relevant only by the will of the American people.

  13. Trump will be impeached. Then it will go to the Senate where America will get to see them betray their oaths of office by siding with the very adversaries of America. That will likely be their fatal mistake. Because just what happened in the house last election, will likely be the same thing that happens in the Senate. Well played by the Democrats. And they didn't even have to violate the law or Constitution.

  14. the first word out of Nunes' mouth when being asked if he was in Vienna Shokin was "Yeah" …I say we take him at his word ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  15. Trump….the results of his past are in the fore..Why, oh WHY did anyone in the USA expect anything more. This utter affront to America has become pitiful. They have, and continue to produce evidence, facts on ongoing abuses of power/office/obstruction…Trump et al…no they don't, this is a hoax etc…start all over again…Dear God, nothing is changing, they just alter the storyline, and keep doing what they always have done, deny, lie and subvert the course of the nation. Truly childlike, pitiful does not come close.


  17. I kept hearing Zoloft-Gren,

    Amazing to have a grand ole dame in the House who has been through three impeachment hearings. I hope you get her on the show more times if she is available, to clarify the process. 🙂

  18. "Because there is criminal activity here. . . " Ah, yea, Nunes committed the criminal activity there? Anything he says in the interview will be used against him like Trump*, Cohen, Manafort, etc.

  19. Ukraine is a sovereign nation but they need military action but all they got was Javelin missiles, which are helpful but not enough

  20. Deny, Distract and Delay is the republican way. Waiting for the senate to save the day.
    Looks like they learned their lessons from the Nixon crime gang.
    And that is , don't go against your president no matter how bad it looks , because you
    will be impeached or in Nixon's case resign before you could be impeached .
    They don't want to make that mistake again . sad

  21. Melania Trump booed in Baltimore (where useless Elija “Papa Roach” Cummings was their representative where he didn’t squat for their City) as the FLOTUS urges students to avoid misusing drugs >>> Elija “Papa Roach” Cummings all symbol no content!!!

  22. So what we know… The president never cared about the Ukraine, any corruption in the Ukraine or anything about Biden's son. He just wanted the president of the Ukraine to publicly announce they were investigating Biden so Trump could use that to smear Biden during the campaign. And he intentionally withheld military aid from a country at war with Russia to help persuade the president of the Ukraine to make this announcement.

  23. The facts are we have Public Record of Our U.S. House of Representatives Bill's that have been passed and Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader has not responded. Why gaslight the American people that the outright false statements of the Republican Administration have any merit, as if it's a tennis game of pure volley?

  24. Zoe Lofgran is retiring, and the Democrats will always use a retiring treasonous Democrat to attack Trump. If she was not retiring …..Believe me, we Californians would Retire her ASAP at the poles !!!!!

    She is obviously one sided and refuses to speak about THE SCHIFF OBSTRUCTION OF THE IMPEACHMENT PROCESS !!!!

  25. Governor Rod BLOGOJEVICH gets 14 years for ATTEMPTED BRIBERY , so should the liar in chief & his cronies.DURA LEX , SED LEX .

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