Trading Multiple Time Frames
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Trading Multiple Time Frames

August 24, 2019

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  1. ya but that weekly candle isn't closed yet where you are marking the entry on the daily. it would have been much higher than where you marked

  2. Regarding the webinar on 3rd January, is it possible to view the webinar after it has been streamed? Unfortunately I can't make the live webinar tonight and it is something I really do not want to miss.


  4. Thank you for this lesson, very informative.  However, is it necessary to have such a large logo on the screen?  I've noticed it on some of your other videos.  Frankly, it can be quite distracting and frustrating, especially for someone like me whose just starting to learn all of this.  Can you shrink it to at least half it's size?

  5. I've seen some of your videos and they are great. My only issue is the little "ad" that you have on them that blocks some of what you are showing.

  6. I always have loved Multiple Time Frames, Just keeps me in the right direction. I find that when I get lazy and trade against it I usually lose. I use 2 time frames for direction and a short term tick chart for actual entries. Mostly works out pretty good. Like how you teach all the different ways to make money in the market. Thank you.

  7. Ya know Barry not bad work but maybe you should not  worrying about marketing so much: i.e. you your face box is covering some of the very same stuff that you are trying to teach!

  8. hi master:i am the new player to learn the trade,i want to leran the mean reversion trade and using the multiple time frames,i want to say thank you couse i can learn form your youtube!!but i have the question about the how to find out the ma with support and resistance function??i use some probem and try to find out,but i can't sure the way is correct,can u tell me about that??thx you and best wish!!scott

  9. I believe he meant to go down to an hourly chart instead of going up to the weekly chart for timing entry if what he oroginally says is actually what he does.. Going off weekly chart in this instance is going completely away from the original breakout trade from your daily chart. So it started well, but you can notice even he confused himself and just kept going with it creating some hindsight trigger off weekly chart. He should redo video. Usually decent stuff from the guy.

  10. Excellent video sir. Can you tell me when the weekly chart starts and ends compared to the daily. For example, if it is Wednesday, is the weekly chart for last Thursday to this Wednesday? Or, is the weekly chart always Monday to Friday of the current week? Thanks so much. I always love learning new things from your videos.

  11. thanks for showing the correct way to read the daily and weekly charts on daily and monthly periods. you always teach something important but this was very critical. keep up the good work.

  12. Not only are these videos clear, but they're also engaging. There's real sense of passion behind all what is taught.

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