Treaties Between The U.S. Government And Native Nations | Inter(Nation)al | NPR
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Treaties Between The U.S. Government And Native Nations | Inter(Nation)al | NPR

November 27, 2019

There are over 300 treaties that have
been entered into by the president of the United States. These are contracts between sovereigns and many court decisions in the modern era have been enforcing these treaties. A lot of people disregard our treaties and say they’re a thing of the past, let’s forget about them. That’s simply not how it works. These treaties under the U.S. Constitution are the supreme law of the land. We’re gonna keep reminding the United States of their obligations to us. It’s about honoring my ancestors and it’s also about a continuation of a people. We’re not talking about pass history, we’re talking about today. Treaties are living documents because tribes continue to breathe life into them. We continue to speak their terms. We continue to remember the promises.

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  1. I wish the Brits won…. India , Hong Kong , Burma , South Africa , Bangladesh, and more all have returned to the rightful Natives. "Independents Day" should have been a day for the Natives to celebrate their separation from colonization…instead in this "Twilight Zone" country the colonialist celebrate separation from colonization while in/on colonized land ….how does that make any sense ?

  2. Excuse me. Uh, Has anybody found or seen the lost twelve tribes of Israel? Does anybody's know where or whom where they are? Thank you.

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