Treaty hearings: Tribunal processes rankle Ngāpuhi
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Treaty hearings: Tribunal processes rankle Ngāpuhi

November 29, 2019

Submissions from Northland iwi continue to be heard
by the Waitangi Tribunal today, but not all claimants are convinced
by the tribunal’s processes. The Waitangi Tribunal
was established almost 40 years ago to resolve Treaty claims
between Pakeha and Maori by the then Northern MP Matiu Rata. Straight after that the Crown and Tribunal went to other regions
outside of the North, leaving the Northland last. We resent that. The Northern tribes are last
to have their submissions heard, and with nowhere else to go, there’s no other option
but to work with the Crown. They’re also in charge
of where we go from here and we don’t agree with that. Hori Parata presented
his whanau claims today following his own hapu
who gave evidence this morning. He struggled to come to terms with presenting
his ancestral history under the conformities
of the tribunal processes. We’re uneasy about how our case
will come across before the Crown. Regardless, the most pressing issue
for many like Hori is the Treaty itself. The important documents are the 1835
Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Waitangi. When we look at this situation, we don’t really see
where the government stand on the issue of ‘Te Tiriti’
and ‘The Treaty’. Purpose or no purpose
to the process, only the Tribunal’s final ruling can decide the final fate
of these iwi. Peata Melbourne, Te Karere.

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