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Treaty is coming

November 26, 2019

It’s long overdue… but now, Treaty is coming. Right now we’re taking the final steps to establish the first Aboriginal Representative Body this will be the voice for our mob on the journey to Treaty. The Rep body and Victorian Government will agree on the treaty negotiation framework this will include who can negotiate and what is on the table They will also work together to form the self-determination fund so negotiations are on a more equal footing and the treaty authority an independent umpire for negotiations the Rep body elections will be held in 2019 and will be independent from all government electoral rolls every Aboriginal person aged 16 and over in Victoria can vote and if your Victorian traditional owner You can run as a candidate. to vote or nominate you need to sign up for the aboriginal electoral roll this will be our vote, for us Elders also must have a role in the treaty process to make it stronger and more culturally accountable and we are already working to build this voice. A Treaty, or Treaties will reflect the strength of the Aboriginal community involved in it and with Australia’s first treaty laws the process is now protected by legislation together we can make treaty a reality sign up to be notified when enrollment opens.

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