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  1. I have to say, François's actions here remind me of those of Agamemnon because he was actually willing to switch places with his own sons for his freedom and then he abandoned them for four years by waging more wars against Carlos, just like Agamemnon was willing to sacrifice his own daughter so he and his fleet could get to Troy. Surely any good father would've said "No, I would rather remain a prisoner than allow my children to suffer" or kept his end of the bargain to get his children back. At least the two French princes survived and were eventually released, unlike the poor Princes in the Tower of London.

  2. la firma de Francisco es de muy linda letra. para escribir asi en esos tiempos que lo mas importante era las guerras habla mucho de el. Puede decirse que quizas le gustaba escribir cartas o lo inculcaron bien.

  3. And so, it was peace, and the kingdoms of Spain and France were friends for-
    Oh, nevermind.
    Francis and Charles are at war again…

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