Treaty of Versailles – Rap
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Treaty of Versailles – Rap

November 22, 2019

Demilitarized from Rhineland
Conscription was also banned
The limited of 100,000 men You can build no tank, you can build no plane German navy no submarine
Only 6 battleships to the Kriegmarine The rest hand in to ENG
This army, the pride of Germany Initially, there’s a presentation
All the blame goes to the German nations 6,000 of war reperation
The colonies go to League of Nations And talk about the territory They lost 10% of their home country
The East Prussia, seperate Germany And Alsace-Lorraine lost to the treaty France want the coalfield in Saarland
Didn’t we give you Alsace-Lorraine? France wants the harder punishment So Germany could never reign again Who was happy in Versailles Treaty France and Britain want German colonies
UK wanted to keep trade Germany So they don’t want to destroy industry US came in want a fair treaty They don’t want to destroy Germany
The LON was set to be
And introduce the point of 14 But now big three are disagree FB on to punish Germany BU on navy, colony And FU on Rhineland, coalfield

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  1. Omg, big brain time.
    You should submit this rap to the IGCSE people, you will get 42069%
    Way too good, u did it again Bright lol

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