Treaty principles legislation implementation – 30 years on
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Treaty principles legislation implementation – 30 years on

November 23, 2019

It’s been 30 years since
Treaty of Waitangi principles were implemented
into government departments. Political reporter Eruera Rerekura sat down
with a senior treaty lecturer, and the acting Head of the Office
of Maori-Crown relations to talk about the progress
that’s been made, and what still needs to be done to
affect change in the state sector. Government departments have been
trying for a long time to implement
the Treaty of Waitangi principles. Despite that, this treaty lecturer is critical
of government departments. The Waitangi Tribunal says some departments have done
a poor job of upholding the treaty. Anderson says we have
divergent views about the treaty. Let the treaty principles
guide government departments. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere

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  1. If you want to measure progress…then look at how these Tauiwi ..mangle Maori place names…koretake ratou

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