Treaty rights campaigner Sir Graham Latimer passes away
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Treaty rights campaigner Sir Graham Latimer passes away

November 19, 2019

Former chair
of the NZ Maori Council, Sir Graham Latimer has died. The Ngati Kahu rangatira was 90
and dies after years of ill health. For more, we cross to our reporter,
Peata Melbourne, in our Auckland newsroom. He was an influential leader and was widely known
for challenging the Crown. He was chair
of the New Zealand Maori Council from 1973 until the 1990’s. During his heyday he filed
claims for fisheries, forestry, broadcasting and other areas
important to Maori. He was involved in many boards including Te Ohu Kai Moana,
Te Papa Tongarewa and was one of the inaugural members
of the Waitangi Tribunal. Today, words of grief were shared
by many around the country. Here are some messages shared
by politicians this afternoon when they had heard
this mighty leader had fallen. He was my teacher. In the beginning
of the Maori Council and in other big issues
concerning Maori, he’s been instrumental in taking
these issues to be dealt with by the government with the council. He’ll be mourned as a man who
represented Maori well. It’s a huge loss. I remember him as a humble
and hardworking man. He accomplished so much
in his lifetime, and all I can do is wish him well
as he is reunited with his wife, Lady Emily. What are the arrangements
for his tangi? He is currently lying in Kaitaia. The whanau have not made any
confirmations surrounding the tangi. It seems the burial will happen
on Friday or Saturday. As Te Karere understands it,
he had been ill for a while. The family believes
he waited for Matariki to rise before taking his last breath. Thank you for
the update, Peata Melbourne.

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  1. Wow John, you've just blown me away by your pronunciation of the word Maori, so from me to you. Thank-you for pronouncing the word properly!!!!

  2. Didn't no you sir but you made me proud to be maaori from yor deeds in the war to representing all us maaoris & kiwis thank-you sir.

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