Treaty settlements pass through readings
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Treaty settlements pass through readings

March 8, 2020

The legal seal has been set
on another Treaty settlement. Parliament has passed
the third reading of a bill that settles Ngati Whatua
o Kaipara’s claim. The deal sees the Auckland iwi
get an apology, just over $22 million
in commercial redress, the return of Woodhill Forest, and their ancestral mountain,
Atuanui. Irena Smith has more. Land that was taken
has been returned. Witnessing action behind words that was said for however many years. Ngati Whatua assets
have been returned. Naida Glavish is talking about lands
her tribe Ngati Whatua in Kaipara, like the Parakai
Recreational Reserve which they will co-manage
with the Auckland Council, there is also some forest
and school sites. Although the battle is done
the work has not finished yet. It’s a big job looking after the interests of the people and seeking out benefits
to see them through the future. It’s been a big week for
the Treaty Negotiations Minister, getting numerous claims
through the house. Besides Ngati Whatua, the iwi group of the top
of the South Island are also here for their bill’s
first reading, and Central Nth Is iwi Waitaha
with their third reading today. The Government have admitted
they were in the wrong and have expressed their remorse for their past treatment. This is the main reason
why we have come. Waitaha comes from
the central part of the BoP, and they were left with only
a 1000 acres when the Crown confiscated
their lands. Despite getting some land
and financial redress back, for them today it’s about
correcting their history, and giving pardon to an ancestor
who fought peacefully to retain their tribe’s land. Past hurts have now
been returned to the past. It’s onwards and upwards
for the tribe. To reawaken, to revitalise and to reinvigorate
ourselves of Waitaha. We will never return
to that state again. They now head home to begin a new life for their people
and descendants to come. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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