Treeline Tutorials Ep.3: How to play against a Support-meta Composition (Season 8 Guide)
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Treeline Tutorials Ep.3: How to play against a Support-meta Composition (Season 8 Guide)

October 12, 2019

Welcome back everyone, to the third episode in the Treeline Tutorial series. In this video I will discuss the question that is asked most throughout all tutorial and replay videos: How do I counter the support meta when playing a jungle composition? I do think that I should inform you that I’ve struggled a lot when playing a jungle composition into a support meta team. This has been the main reason why I started playing the support meta for myself. This does mean unfortunately, that my experience on this subject might be a little lacklustre. If you would happen to have any other additional tips please do leave them in the comments below, so that if I missed anything, I can still put it in the description below. Now, lets look at what I can tell you about this subject. The first step to beating a support meta composition is recognizing what makes it so strong. The strength of a support meta composition is that it out scales almost every other compositions once the carry hits his 2/3 item power spike. The longer your team can delay the enemy carry from scaling, the longer you will have the upper-hand during team-fights. In theory, playing against a support-based composition is actually relatively simple. all your team needs to do is apply constant pressure on all fronts. By doing so, you limit the resources the enemy duo lane has acces to. This can be achieved by making plays such as: ganking, stealing camps, sieging turrets, hardpushing waves into the turret, zoning the duo lane and invading the enemy jungle. When we process the lanes involved with these plays into the list there are a lot of things we can observe from the get-go. Firstly, the jungler is involved with almost every item on the list. This means that arguably this is the most important role in this playstyle-matchup. Secondly, applying constant pressure requires a good synergy between the toplaner and jungler. If you are queuing with a premade friend I highly recommend that these are the lanes you try to occupy. Lastly, Map control is key to beating the enemy duo lane as it makes everything else on the list much easier to do. In terms of in-game gameplay this is really all there is to it. So, what makes that in general the support/carry based composition is considered stronger then a jungle teamcomp? Well, the problem is that the most effective items on the previously described list come with significant risks. Invading as a jungler with your toplaner can quickly turn into a 2v3 and stealing camps might result in the jungler getting killed. As I said previously, a support/carry composition out scales the jungle composition when the carry hits his 2/3 item mark. If the jungler dies during an invade, you instantly lose all pressure on the map and the carry can probably already finish his/her first item. Make this mistake a second time, and you pretty much already lost the game. What I’m trying to say is that you cannot beat a support-based composition alone. successfully applying pressure, requires perfect rotations and lots of communication with your team. Summarized in terms of gameplay: you can only beat a support meta composition if you apply constant pressure. Just farming till lategame just isn’t gonna work. To successfully do this, you need to communicate with your team but most importantly, stay focused and don’t make any stupid plays. Now that you know what your game-plan looks like its time to pick the right composition to make it happen. To do this, we should look at the list that we used in the previous section. We can rewrite this list to define what the main tasks of the different laners will be during the game and use it to define ‘good picks’. For the toplaner, this list looks as follows: The toplaner should focus on sieging turrets, hardpushing waves into the turret, zoning the duo lane and invading the jungle. Good siegers are nearly all ranged champions and champions that can reset their auto-attacks. Hardpushing the wave requires high early/base (AOE) damage and zoning the duo lane demands hard cc, engage potential and again; high early-game damage. A tip: Pick up the demolish rune from the resolve tree for free turret sieging potential. The botlaners’ tasks include: sieging turrets, hardpushing waves into the turret and invading. Most botlaners require hard pushing potential by default so most botlaners are already suitable picks. Mobility, hard cc and engage potential are great traits if you plan on supporting your toplaner and jungler when they are invading. As said earlyer, the jungler is probably the most important player in this meta-matchup. Therefor, this list includes the most items such as ganking, stealing camps helping sieging turrets zoning the duo lane and invading. the jungler traits are similar to that of the toplaner: So high early/base damage, hard cc and engage potential. If you can, you should also take the demolish rune to help your lanes push. Although I’d like to tell you exactly which champions to pick, I do not want this video to be outdated in a few months. So instead, I’ve linked a great website in the description that determines the best picks based on match statistics. With that said, I think we about reached the end of this video I hope you found something usefull in the sheer information I had on this subject. As always, if anything remains unclear leave it in the comments below. There will always be someone from the community that can help you out. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I've created a meta that I call Chaos meta which is strong especially vs support meta.

    Basically running Bard + a support both with smite and a toplaner.

    Where Bard and the support jungles + clears botlane and roams a lot.

    I've been thinking about making a vid on how it works. Got place 12 on EUW season 7 with the method.

  2. I usually take smite sion with dematerializer top, i smite lvl 1 for my jgler to clear fast and some time to regen hp. And take blue smite hp jgl item for a max of hp, with hydra u push and destroy tower rly fast and u’re a late game monster, 6000 to 8000 hp with new runes .

  3. The easiest way to beat this comp in my experience is by having the jungler (usually myself in our comp) start a jungle item and either longsword or Doran’s ring and invade them for a 2v2 with the top laner or 3v3 if your ap can roam. It’s very difficult to lose this fight if you play it well with your massive damage difference. Losing this fight will end your game though.

  4. Me myself i find teemo as a picm counters a lot the support comp because teemo can easily focus the hypercarry amd shut them for some essential amount of time with his q but the thing with teemo is the vision after lvl 6 and the pushing that he can provide,if you get vilemaw buff with teemo thats probably game.Dont consider teemo a troll pick in 3v3 his value is way greater than though hisushrooms are extremly valuable and game changing

  5. Amazed. absolutely amazed by your vids. Btw is there any standard tip on when to go for 1st recall? Playing suppmeta. Thanks in advance! (I've now made my 1st back once have enough gold for bloodrazor (

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