Tribunal hears Whangaroa treaty claim
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Tribunal hears Whangaroa treaty claim

January 14, 2020

The Waitangi Tribunal hearing
for Papa Whangaroa began today. The hapu is part of Te Kahui
o Te Papa Rahi o Te Raki, a group set up to manage
Ngapuhi’s Treaty claims. The hearing will be held
over one week. Here’s Roihana Nuri. Hapu of Whangaroa in Northland
are of one mind. Whangaroa hapu
have long been waiting to present their claim
to the Waitangi Tribunal. We’ve been waiting a while
to come before the Tribunal, we’re glad they’re still hearing
Maori issues, like Ngapuhi’s and Whangaroa’s. In 2009, Whangaroa wrote to Treaty Negotiations Minister,
Chris Finalyson, to oppose the Tuhoronuku
mandate process. We’re not against Tuhoronuku,
only the process used. We were saying, ‘please wait until
Whangaroa have had its discussions’. The tribunal’s inquiry
into the northern claims, Te Paparahi o Te Raki, will take 21 weeks in total –
making it the longest yet. Thinking back to some of the stories
about how Hone Heke Ngapua took the Te Kotahitanga movement
to Parliament, where no one listened to him. The final day of the hearing
is on Friday. Roihana Nuri, Te Karere. Pita Tipene is one
of the spokespeople for this issue. He’s standing by live now
in Kerikeri. Tena koe, Pita. We heard Nuki Aldridge say
in that report that you’ve waited a long time
to see this issues discussed, so how did today’s hearing go? The meeting began well. All of Ngapuhi’s hapu are here in support of Whangaroa’s case
coming before the Tribunal. We’re happy that it has begun, but some Ngapuhi hapu are upset
that Tuhoronuku Te Runanga o Ngapuhi went to the Crown
to settle claims solely. We were dead against
the Tuhoronuku initiative because hapu should be allowed
to speak for themselves. In this week’s hearing, what do you hope to achieve
with the Tribunal? It’s the same as always, Scotty
– for the people of Whangaroa to hear what happened to their lands
that were taken, for the injustices to be seen
in black and white, and to find out
how the Crown proposes to put these wrongs to right. The Waitangi Tribunal has set aside 21 weeks to hear Ngapuhi’s claims –
what of Ngati Hine? How are your claims going? Ngati Hine isn’t much different
to the rest of Ngapuhi – it’s the same old. The Tribunal will visit
Ngati Hine next year. Ngati Hine faces the same issues
as other Ngapuhi hapu. You mentioned that other hapu
objected to Tuhoronuku – will there come a time where all
of Ngapuhi’s hapu will stand united? Unity is one thing. The problem is that Tuhoronuku
is working with the Crown, cutting off the wishes of hapu. Ngapuhi hapu have always been
of one mind in settling our claims in accordance with the Treaty
and the Declaration of Independence. Pita Tipene, thank you.

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