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Tridoshic constitution Tutorial | Ayurveda

October 8, 2019

Usually, we have 3 categories of the
doshas of the properties in the persons. One property called individual property We say, individual Vata. It
means high Vata in the body This person can
follow the Vata diet. Second is Pitta. If somebody
has very high Pitta, So this person (can follow)
Pitta balancing diet. If somebody has high Kapha, (they
can follow) Kapha balancing diet This is more easy to take, but
sometimes people have 2 doshas, one is predominant,
the other one is low. So, how to consider a diet? First thing,
you have to check which dosha is higher, and which is the frequent
disturbance of the body? If somebody has a Vata – Pitta body type, But all the time some Pitta disturbance, It means this person
has to take a Vata diet, But less acids in the diet, So, you have to check the frequent
imbalances, what is disturbing frequently, according to that
the diet will go, and then, second, your predominant
dosha according to that ( the diet). Sometimes, people
have 3 doshas also, These people should be very careful
what to eat, what not to eat. Because, one diet can balance one
dosha, but can aggravate other dosha. It is good for balancing
the diet for all the 3 doshas For this, mostly, take
warm water for drinking. Warm water with an empty
stomach in the morning. Not necessarily in the summer, But, mostly, march to October. people can drink warm water, for Vata, Pitta, Kapha related person, and simple, easy, digestive food. and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
(They are) necessary to eat. Because the season present according
climate, special fruits and vegetables. So the different seasons
affect the body constitution. So seasonable fruits and vegetables are
suitable for Vata, Pitta and Kapha. So, mostly not a rich diet.
Rich diet means, not fry. Only a little bit. And dinner always light
food, easy digestive food This is more important.

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