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Trucker Bill Of Rights Link In Description

October 18, 2019

hey boys and girls I was listening to
jaqen a video about the trucker Bill of Rights and I agreed with everything that
Jay had to say he did a very good video on the subject and I listened to Chester
D also he did a good video so I was looking up the Bill of Rights and I
ended up finding like Bab those three different Bill of Rights that are all
put out recently then there was one through 2012 that was really just a big
joke I mean you should read that when it was written by someone’s wife but my
point in this issue is money is built into this system if you have a short
loads you get paid more for long loads you get paid for the privilege of
driving long Freight that you don’t have to stop and unload all the time so it
pays less that’s just the way addressing the government for grievances
and these kind of issues is just not the way to go you can go that whatever you
know that’s fine no problem with it but I don’t think it’s the right way to
go if you remember back in the 80s when the air traffic controllers decided to
be big shots to shut down they were making so much money right Ronnie Reagan
came in and he said you guys be back to work tomorrow you won’t have jobs since
then their traffic controllers has been run by the government don’t care that
problem didn’t it they can do the same thing with us if they really want to
if we want to live in a communist nation the issues a lot of these issues that
you’re talking about in this bill of rights they’re not government issues
they are issues that deal with your company and the work the way you handle
the government isn’t striking you vote with your feet you get up and leave an
area or whatever if you don’t like it you do the same thing with the business
if they’re doing something you don’t want to get up and leave they’re not
paying you detention you’d be that the blame I agree everyone should be paid
for their dock time and everything else but a lot of in the past bill of rights
a lot of the things we’re all touchy feel good things not in this particular
one but in the last one five six years ago it was you know the trucker’s are
guaranteeing a shower and stuff like that and that’s pretty funny I mean it
feel good shower and that’s how it works out the striking
has never worked and it will never work because while owner-operators are going
to be out to make money the majority of us knocked on two
strikes we know
I can see the Union steffanina for that kind of stuff but I’m not a union driver and you
probably aren’t either don’t want to be a union driver so making yell strike company drivers
ain’t gonna go on strike you might find a few people to do yo hell you might
even find a thousand trucks to go to DC and circle to Capitol and run around
around all they’re gonna do is lose their CDL your CDL is a
government-issued license they can pull it just like that and I saying they will
I’m just saying that they could and they could replace you
you’ve got enough people coming out the military every day that have the
capabilities to drive truck that just gotta talk them into it wouldn’t be hard just like in business other trucking
companies cut our throats this is a good for instance a lot of times people do
pay for you to sit in their dog company don’t pass it on to you but your company
wants to get paid I know a lot of people to do that they use you sitting in the
dark is a leverage oh that’s okay we’re not going to charge you for that
we’ll sit there all day if they don’t get paid they do get paid that’s why
they don’t pass no one because they can say well we got that contract because
it’s okay for our trouble sitting there dog
they’re using your back but that’s when you have to leave the company even if
it’s a good company and together everything is built into a contract
you know it’s gonna pay him to $9 if this happens it’s going to the paid
that’s this amount if this happens it’s gonna pay this amount
so I like to be loved right the one change now red I really like that one
it was the most professional of all of them to date but there was still things
in it that I just don’t see happening I see him
happening on a company point and as independent truckers and company drivers
the only place you have to take your sewer problems to and talk to him is
Elida alright American trucker Association
they are not here to help you they don’t give a crap about truck drivers they’re
here for the mega carriers and they represent
them so don’t think that they help you because we’re lazy Eadie
when these regulated electronic log books came out it was Jay behind and
Schneider in these companies that pushed for now they don’t want them right but
they pushed for them to take a little bit afraid away from the independent
operator base but they’re feeling the pain of what
they pushed for now but we’re gonna get around it even even
we ran an electronic log books I still get 600 miles every day it’s
just a matter of keeping that door shut and getting down the road you know you
can’t do that if you’re running around New York or something right but if
you’re on the open road you can do it you scared up they’re gonna be here and
they’re gonna be here to Saturday and what the devil is going to do for
parking they was on the IDA Network talking about it actually I had a
congressman on there in several state representatives from other states and
what they were saying is their plan is to kind of go me in like we did in Iraq
and mix sand with other other materials and just grow out huge parking areas
think I’ll throw you a porta potty out there and that’s where you’re gonna Park
it they’re gonna make these all over the place they’ve been making them in some
places and they’re coming quicker so I support the Bill of Rights don’t
think I dumb I just don’t think it’s gonna get us
anywhere and striking is never an answer for anything you guys have great day

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