Trump and GOP Melt Down Amid Ukraine Scandal, Impeachment: A Closer Look
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Trump and GOP Melt Down Amid Ukraine Scandal, Impeachment: A Closer Look

October 17, 2019

-The President is accusing
Democrats of treason as Republicans flail in their attempts to
defend him from impeachment. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ After more than two years
of serially abusing his power as president, using the office
to enrich himself, welcoming the interference
of foreign governments, and inflicting human-rights
abuses on migrant families, Donald Trump probably thought
he got away with all of it. He was like Patrick Swayze
at the end of “Point Break,” except instead of
a cool-ass surfer, he looks like a guy
who tried to hide a huge wave, fell off his board, and then
just washed up on the beach. [ Laughter ] This afternoon, Trump spoke to
the media in the Oval Office, and you can tell he’s totally
out of ways to defend himself because now
he just keeps insisting that he didn’t do anything wrong on his call
with the president of Ukraine. -We have a whistleblower that reports things
that were incorrect. As you know — and you probably
now have figured it out — the statement I made
to the president of Ukraine — a good man, a nice man, new —
was perfect. It was perfect. -I like how he just throws in, “You probably have
figured it out,” like they’re all on his side. Like, in Trump’s mind,
reporters are out there pounding the pavement,
digging for clues, marching into their
editor’s office going, “Chief, I got the scoop
of the year. Put it on the front page.
The call was perfect.” Now reality
is catching up with Trump as Democrats move forward with
their impeachment inquiry and support for impeachment
rises in the polls. And in response to all that, Trump is predictably
losing his mind. -The President leading his own
defense on Twitter overnight lashing out,
saying that Adam Schiff should be tried for treason,
even suggesting the possibility of civil war
if he’s impeached. -Trump even quotes
a Fox News guest who predicted a “Civil War-like fracture”
would result from the inquiry and calls for Chairman Schiff
to resign. -“In addition, I want to meet
not only my accuser, who presented second-
and third-hand information, but also the person who
illegally gave this information, which was largely incorrect,
to the whistleblower. Was this person spying
on the U.S. president? Big consequences.” -“Representative Adam Schiff illegally made up a fake
and terrible statement pretended it to be mine as the most important part of my
call to the Ukrainian president, and read it aloud to Congress
and the American people. It bore no relationship
to what I said on the call. Arrest for Treason?” -Honestly,
thank God he’s a moron. He’s threatening the collapse
of American democracy, and he says it like
he’s offering hors d’oeuvres at a party. “Can I get you
a bacon-wrapped dates? Some arrests for treason? Or maybe you’d like
our Obama Netflix?” [ Laughter ] But this is dangerous. The President is threatening
arrest and imprisonment for people who dare to
investigate his abuse of power. The only thing stopping
our system from collapsing is that everyone
just ignores him. We’ve all gotten to the point
where we have to treat the President
of the United States like a guy taking a [bleep]
in the subway car. At some point,
everyone’s just gonna move to the other end of the country. [ Cheers and applause ] By the way, the President accusing a sitting congressman
of treason simply for investigating him is
itself an impeachable offense. He keeps stacking offenses
on top of impeachable offenses. He’s making a Scooby sandwich
of crimes. “Scoob, we’re about to
get impeached! We gotta get outta here!” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] It was a… It was cartoon that aired
when my writers were young. [ Laughter ] And as Trump was melting down
this weekend, the White House
was dispatching allies to the Sunday shows
to try to defend him. Let’s start with the creepiest
member of Trump’s staff, White House senior policy
advisor Stephen Miller. [ Thunder crashes ] [ Women cackling evilly ] [ Laughter ] Miller went on “Fox News Sunday”
right after Fox reported that Trump had been in contact not just with his personal
lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, but with two other
private attorneys to dig up dirt from Ukraine. Fox host Chris Wallace
asked Miller why, if it was such
a legitimate inquiry, Trump didn’t go through
official channels, and Miller had no answer. -Why did he use
three private lawyers to get information on Biden
from the Ukrainian government rather than go through all of
the agencies of his government? -Two different points.
Number one — -How about answering
my question? Stephen, I’m asking you
a direct question. Why did the President
use private attorneys rather than go
to the State Department? If you don’t know,
that’s an acceptable answer. -There’s two issues
that were brought up — -I’m now asking two issues.
Why did he do it? -Chris, I understand. I understand that you have your
question. I have my answer. There’s two issues that were
brought up on the phone call. -You have your nonanswer.
It doesn’t work. -Damn. Damn, Chris. Be careful. If you anger him too much, he’ll
sneak into your room at night, bite you on the neck, and turn you
into whatever he is, which I guess is a… hairless cat? [ Laughter ] Then there was Ohio Congressman
Jim Jordan, who went on CNN
to repeat a bunch of debunked conspiracy theories
about Joe Biden. Now, the short version
of what you need to know here is that the Obama administration
and most of the West called for a Ukrainian
prosecutor to be fired because he wasn’t doing enough
to investigate corruption. That prosecutor was not
investigating Biden’s son
at the time, and yet Jordan kept
repeating the lie anyway until CNN host Jake Tapper
had enough. -He’s getting paid $50,000,
and then when the company that’s paying him that money
is under investigation, guess what. Daddy comes
running to the rescue. The vice president
of the United States — -That’s not what happened. Sir, sir.
That’s not what happened. -I’m just telling you
what happened. Joe Biden… -No, you’re not.
-…called up and said, “Fire this prosecutor,
or you’re not getting…” -No, you’re suggesting that
Biden called for the prosecutor to be fired to protect his son.
That’s not what happened. Joe Biden was trying
to get a prosecutor who was not pursuing corruption
fired. -It’s amazing the gymnastics
you guys will go through to defend what — -Sir, it’s not gymnastics.
It’s facts. -It’s fun to see Jake Tapper
tell an actual congressman, “This isn’t gymnastics.”
“What? It isn’t? I was about to tell a lie while doing
a handstand on a pommel horse.” Sunday was filled
with Republicans flailing in one interview
after another because they have
no convincing answers for the President’s behavior. Of course, Rudy was
in the middle of it, as he always is. Now, given that
he was the key figure relaying information
between Trump and Ukraine, today three different
House committees subpoenaed him. On Sunday, Rudy was asked if he would comply
with such a subpoena, and his answer, as usual,
made no sense. -Are you going to cooperate with the House
Intelligence Committee? -That is a question that has
a lot, a lot of implications. Believe it or not,
I’m an attorney. -I do not believe it. I think — I think
you are a bunch of body parts sewn together and brought
to life in a laboratory, and maybe, just maybe, some of the body parts
were from attorneys. But, by far, my favorite
Republican dumb guy from the Sunday shows yesterday was House Minority Leader
Kevin McCarthy, who did an interview
with “60 Minutes.” McCarthy was asked about the
notes from Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine.
Now, in these notes, the president of Ukraine
expressed an interest in getting more military aid
from the U.S., including anti-tank weapons
called Javelins. And immediately after that,
Trump said, “I would like you
to do us a favor, though.” And when McCarthy was asked
about that exchange, which seems like
an obvious quid pro quo, he tried a very dumb defense
that did not work. -What do you make
of this exchange? President Zelensky says, “We are almost ready
to buy more Javelins from the United States
for defense purposes.” And President Trump replies, “I would like you
to do us a favor, though.” -You just added another word.
-No, it’s in the transcript. -He said, “I’d like you
to do a favor, though”? -Yes, it’s in
the White House transcript. -I mean, it’s ama– I love that his genius defense
was, “You added a word.” And it wasn’t even true. Also, which word
in that sentence does he think if you took it out
would suddenly make it okay? But my favorite part
of the interview came next when “60 Minutes” host
Scott Pelley asked McCarthy how he planned
to defend the President. -How do you expect
the President’s defense to roll out going forward? -The defense of what? -Well, there’s an
impeachment inquiry. [ Laughter ] -[Bleep]. He’s like a kid who’s stumped
during a spelling bee. “Impeachment? Uh, can you
use it in a sentence?” “Impeachment.
As in, the President is about to go through
impeachment.” “Okay. Can you, uh… Can you spell it?” Trump and his allies
can’t defend their behavior because there is no defense. What happened here
is very simple and obvious. The President asked
for a quid pro quo, the White House
tried to cover it up, and they got caught.
That’s it. So now Trump is just lying
about the whistleblower, whose report was deemed credible
and urgent and corroborated by the notes
from the call itself. Today, Trump tweeted, “The whistleblower
knew almost nothing. Its second-hand description
of the call is a fraud.” Oh, so now
you’re suddenly concerned about second-hand information, because you’re the guy
who tweeted, “An ‘extremely credible source’
has called my office and told me that Barack Obama’s
birth certificate is a fraud.” You just made that fake source
up for a racist lie. Trump likes to think
he’s a whistleblower. That’s why his lips
always look like that. But in reality,
he’s just eating the whistle. “It’s pretty cool, actually, because now when I fart,
it sounds like this… [ Whistle blows ] [ Laughter ] There’s another one
coming soon.” In a way, we’re lucky that these
guys are incompetent morons because now rather
than sticking together and coming up with a coherent
and believable defense, they’re all pointing fingers
at each other, trying to blame one another
for what happened with Ukraine. Like Rudy, you know,
the guy who always looks like he just woke up in the middle
of every interview. I mean, look at him. He looks
like an animatronic robot in Disney’s
Country Bear Jamboree who magically comes to life
when you ask him a question. Now, last week,
Rudy went on Fox News and said it was actually
the State Department that instructed him
to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden,
even holding up his phone to show the calls
from the State Department. And then on Thursday night,
he went on Fox News again and showed everyone
his text messages with a State Department official
named Kurt Volker, who had instructed him to meet
with Ukrainian officials. -What is the significance
of these? And are you, Rudy, concerned that you’re unnecessarily
dragging his name into this? -Who? Whose name?
-Volker’s name. -He should step forward
and explain what he did. The whistleblower
falsely alleges that I was operating on my own. Well, I wasn’t operating
on my own. -I like that Rudy is trying
to smear the whistleblower by pointing out the crimes
they didn’t report. “The whistleblower says
I acted alone. Well, joke’s on them.
We had a whole team. It was like ‘Ocean’s 11’ but if they were dumb
and not handsome.” Then Rudy literally pulled out
his iPad — his iPad — and read the text messages
from Volker, the State Department official telling him to meet
with Ukrainian officials. -Well, here’s Kurt.
Here’s Kurt saying, “Great. I will tell Yermak, and he’ll
visit with you there. Thanks.” “Mr. Mayor, how was
your meeting with Andrei? Do you have time for a call?
Best, Kurt.” They were all over me
asking me to do it. I was happy to do it. -Oh, my God. Rudy, you’re
literally reading evidence against yourself
on national television. Look, I’m not a lawyer,
but here’s my best legal advice. Go back to sleep. There you go. Also, it’s never good
when a confused old man reads texts off his iPad. I mean, best-case scenario, it’s your grandpa
asking you how to advance to the next level
on Candy Crush. I want to buy more lives, but I keep accidentally
taking pictures of myself.” But the weirdest part
was when Rudy was asked about Republicans
like Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who had called the Ukraine
accusations troubling, and somehow ended up doing a
bizarre impression of Al Gore. -One time,
Bill Clinton asked me, “What’s this guy Romney like?” You know what I told him?
“He’s our Al Gore.” -All right.
Rudy, hold that thought. -What do you mean,
“hold that thought”? That’s not a thought.
That’s a spasm. I mean, look at him. It’s like how your grandpa
dances at a wedding. He looks like a guy
who’s duct-taped to a chair trying to break free… which is probably something
he’s actually done because I’m pretty sure after
he does one of these interviews, the White House tries
to duct-tape him to a chair so he can’t do another one. “Gotta get out of here, Rudy! You gotta get loose! Gotta go back on TV
and confess to crimes!” Now, today we found out
that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was, himself,
on the call. These guys are all unraveling
and pointing fingers at each other because
everything’s coming out now. For example,
remember that infamous meeting Trump had with the Russians
in the Oval Office in 2017? That was the meeting where
he shared classified information and bragged about firing
former FBI director James Comey. Well, over the weekend,
“The Washington Post” reported that during that meeting,
Trump also told the Russians he didn’t care that they’d
interfered in the 2016 election, and then his aides tried
to cover that up, too. And then late this afternoon,
we found out he also asked the prime minister
of Australia to get involved. -President Trump has asked
another foreign leader — this time it was the prime
minister of Australia — to help investigate
his conspiracy theories around the origins of the now
complete, over, and shuttered Mueller investigation. From that “New York Times”
story, “President Trump pushed
the Australian prime minister during a recent telephone call
to help A.G. William Barr gather information for
a Justice Department inquiry that Mr. Trump hopes will discredit
the Mueller investigation. -It keeps happening.
Trump tells a foreign country he either wants them
to interfere in our elections or he doesn’t care if they do and then his aides
try to hide it. Honestly, I’m just shocked
we didn’t find out about it from a text message on Fox News. “Rudy, I told the Russians
I don’t care if they interfere
in our election. I also asked Australia
to help us out. And I tried to bribe Ukraine.
All of this is impeachable. Whatever you do,
don’t read this text message out loud on Fox News.” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] You can tell… impeachment is already having
an impact because rather than sticking together and coming up
with a coherent defense, Trump and his allies are running
through the dumbest excuses and pointing fingers
at each other. I don’t know if this
whole thing will end up with anyone getting taken away
in handcuffs, but if it does, at least we know
what that will look like. This has been “A Closer Look.”

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