Trump Asked Rex Tillerson To Help Giuliani Client With DOJ: Bloomberg | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Trump Asked Rex Tillerson To Help Giuliani Client With DOJ: Bloomberg | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

October 16, 2019

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  1. A resume of more than 2 years of investigations in 25minutes and 10 seconds. Brief, complete and comprehensive. You deserve a pulitzer fot this. Congrats.

  2. I'm a very liberal person and this is the first time I've ever watched Rachael Maddow.Im on the fence.Dont know if I like her or not.Gonna have to watch more to decide.

  3. Rachel Now you see why we love you forever, your reporting on these mobs gangs, which I'm adding Trump is behind this. thanks, sweetheart.

  4. One of the things that confuse American voters is that DOnald Trump does not look like a crook. In movies, crooks and mob bosses are easily identifiable. In real life, they look like your favorite uncle.

  5. You should investigate the motives of the lawyers and people who still want to work for Donald Trump and defend him. That would be revealing and mighty interesting.

  6. Come on Rachel you know Putin ordered Trump to pick the ex Exxon CEO as Secretary of State to help get the $500 billion Exxon sanctions dropped..

  7. Rachael drops some heavy stuff on her show. Never heard about this from anyone else. Geesh. This stuff is deeper than I thought.

  8. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a “moron.” I like Tillerson. He's too smart to allow himself to be made use of by Trump.

  9. Trump never read the instruction manual on how to run a presidency. He could’ve at least read the quick start guide.

  10. Putin orders Chump to do stuff through Erdowan. Whats the mystery. Arrest Chump already. Save the nation, save the world.

  11. I still can't understand why SO MANY people have enabled trump all the way to the presidency! WHY?!!! He's not even a smart con man. He's not even remotely charming. Lock him up.

  12. Is like interviewing someone’s ex wife or ex’s husband. I’m sure they got a lot of nice things to say about you lol

  13. If anything your "odd" haha. Think if you was a real journalist it would be at least more credib!e. Load of bollocks.

  14. Bear in mind that Exxon has robbed every nation it has extracted oil from. Exxon is the most corrupt and uncaring company in the world, they make the CIA look like girl scouts with the unsavoury things they have done to poor countries around the world. Bear that in mind when ever you hear Rex Tillerson say anything

  15. Is anyone else hoping the movie about this corrupt administration and the orange turd who is in charge of it will actually be a multi season, docudrama written by the guys who wrote "the wire", and "traffic"??? If there's any hope of getting the truth about Tchrump all we need to do is ask Tchrump!!! He's so stupid, and so corrupt he doesn't know what he does is wrong!!! I really hope karma exists!!!

  16. LMAO . . . this house of cards was built with huge steel reinforced cards that are going to crush the Dumpster and I'm going to laugh so hard I might need oxygen and an ambulance!

  17. Unfortunately, Rachel Maddow is as biased and untrustworthy as any shill "reporting" for the Fox network. Why is she still here?

  18. Unfortunately, Rachel Maddow is as biased and untrustworthy as any shill "reporting" for the Fox network. Why is she still here?

  19. The corporate media, the elite, whether Trump or the democrats who are corrupt too, they should all go. Who cares about Tillerson moguls opinion. Funny how everyone is brainwashed!

  20. This criminal behavior is beyond reprehensible. No wonder Trump and Republicans hate the media. It would be nice to control what gets out to the people. Thanks for great reporting Rachel – stay on it!

  21. "doesn't read briefing reports" WTF… And you republicans place your/our safety In this man's hands?? We're so doomed

  22. I wonder if the people that gave Flynn the $500,000 are also the same people that gave Giuliani $500,000. We know the money came from Turkey both times

  23. For how many laws and regulations there are no one is going to know them all especially Trump. that is what the WH counsel is for to tell them you can't do it that way. If you think Obama didn't ask to do things that would be illegal and was advised and changed course and do it another way your not really that bright the difference is his WH didn't try to destroy him and leak everything. Plus it helps Obama was a constitutional scholar and lawyer so he should know most and likely did but I am sure every now and again his counsel advised him not to go about something in a certain matter it isn't a big deal and this isn't an attack on Obama. Tillerson never specified as to which laws would be broken and what Trump asked, so it could be very benign but Alex Jones conspiracy are fun and Maddow checks that box. it is speculation and gut feelings nothing wrong with it.

  24. Past presidents have leaned on the DOJ all the time nothing new Obama leaned on them not to uphold Immigration law for starters.

  25. Why are you asking questions you know the answer to. You just said…Rex – Did you tell him he couldn't? You know he did. He said and then you said it, too.

  26. Hey Deplorable "thumbs down" be ready for 2020. The Democrats WILL have the White House, Senate and Congress. 🤣😂😅😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Its the FACTS which matter, not feelings about someones obnoxious personality. DJT is doing a great job, especially on the economy & Unfair trade issues, as they relate to the USA. We have NO new wars, Jobs are at all-time-high, Trade deals are being re-negotiated on behalf of the USA.. . for once! R Maddow has one message: Trash Trump, and ignore all the good his admin is doing.

  28. Impeach all you want. America does not want a impeachment.and you still need 2/3 of the Senate to actually kick him out.

  29. u r not with turkey anymore. you r ally with PKK. a terrorist organization.

    U.S ordered to release 800 ISIS from prisons of PKK/YPG
    am sure ISIS will become your allays just like your invention al qaeda in 1979


    * INVINCABLE*** 🦂🌪👁👁🌪🦂


  31. Its funny that trump wants to investigate the oringes on why he got investigated if he doesn't know or just want to play dumb then he deserves to go to jail

  32. The reason Trump has made so many phone calls to Putin lately is he,s scared Putin is going to spill the beans on all that money laundering thru Deutsche Bank, also how can he make rational decisions when Erdogan can close down TrumpTower in Istanbul,you didnt know he had that did you???

  33. 8:00 Why are we calling Flynn an "undeclared foreign agent" instead of a SPY?!?! He is on foreign payroll, acting on foreign interests; yet working at highest levels in our government..
    He is a SPY! period.

  34. We know Russia put the slime in the WH. So why is he still there and why is that thing still being called “president???”

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  36. Great stories lets see if this spreads like wildfire..Not! They will ignore it & find something else to talk about like a cat stuck in a fkg tree!

  37. @ Rachel Maddow , I do hope you write a book about our combined times with the 45th president. This is better than fiction.

  38. SCROTUS made a lot of money to pull out of Syria. I have connected the dots Rachel. Such an obviously corrupt man . #MODERNBOSSTWEED

  39. Can't believed donal j trump and his cabinet doing unthinkable corruption broken constitution and abused powers powers him mean trump and Rudy automatic impeach and jails same time he's disgusting and dangerous…

  40. 14:03…frosting on the cake. Its just another layer of betrayal of the American people. its just … what did you think when you heard that?

  41. Wasn't the story of the photo-op handover of the Whitehouse to Trump that Obama told him to steer clear of Flynn? What did Obama know? Why did he say that?

  42. Donald Trump is like the definition of corruption and his lack of ethics was always obvious from just his public behavior alone…and yet there were enough American votes for him to win the Presidency. It was surprising to find out how stupid U.S citizens are, Donald Trump is only trying to enrich himself at any cost and he has no interest in serving the American people.

  43. The United States Constitution provides that the House of Representatives "shall have the sole Power of Impeachment" (Article I, section 2) and that "the Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments…[but] no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present" (Article I, …

    U.S. Senate: Impeachment › artandhistory › history › common › briefing › Sen…

  44. Not impressed with this female reporter. She is not articulate. Mumbling sporadically. May be she gets better when she has gained enough experience.

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