Trump Belittles Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8 Of Constitution: ‘Phony Emoluments Clause’ | MSNBC
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Trump Belittles Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8 Of Constitution: ‘Phony Emoluments Clause’ | MSNBC

October 22, 2019

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  1. Kennedy and Hoover gave up their salaries. Come on Trump. You must do your research before you make statements like this. You need better people around you so that you will have the best information. It is obvious that the people you have don’t care about what you say or do.

  2. "They say no other president has taken over 100 trips to his own golf courses, costing the American taxpayers more than 100 million dollars…just saying"

  3. First he describes how he's going to allow his resort to be used for G7 for free, then says his businesses are being run by a trust, he's clearly nuts.

  4. Trump is the mobster crying over not being appreciated for wanting to award himself the largest federal contract – had a civil servant done this they would already be in jail.

  5. Stop using what You call the fake news to do an informercial … The only time it's fake news is when he opens his mouth to LIE about something 🙃

  6. Trump – your golf outings to your golfcourses have cost the US taxpayer more than 80 million dollars – this would pay for free school lunch for millions of poor school children!

  7. What a dumpster fire . His resort is severely failing and has bed bugs , and his " doing it at no profit " would still fill the place to 100%, something that hasn't been done there in a long time.

  8. How is Trump in a position to know how his former golf resort is doing financially, he keeps telling everyone he has no involvement in the running of his family businesses? He just can’t keep up with all the lies he’s constantly saying.

  9. " SELF PRAISE  IS NOT RECOMMENDED " You may be proud of your achievements; you may have a very high opinion of yourself; you may think that others should be made to realize what a fine fellow you are. But nobody will ever have a high opinion of you if you have too high an opinion of yourself, because a person who praises himself is never believed.

    Trump " NO ONE KNOWS ME BETTER THAT ME " I Come Self Certified.

  10. I was comparing the early days when he was in "The Apprentice", he was way more rational and coherent then. Now… he is talking no sense and very erratic.

  11. Projecting lies hurts so good,the very thought even 1 sucker would buy into it is enough to justify an existence for the sociopath.

  12. Yes but how much do you make from trump tower dc that's always fully booked with all the foreign dignitaries and their entire entourage here on state visits? Nobody gives away half a million bucks Donald. Especially not you.
    You never said anything about giving away that property for free to the G7 summit till you cancelled your plans.
    You are a crook. You will always be a crook.
    Prove us wrong. Exterminate the bed bugs and host the G7 100% free. Do it! America wants to see you tell the truth for once.

  13. What a self-serving, ignorant, narcissistic, lying, overgrown baby of an oompa oompa. I hope you guys manage to get rid of him before he irreparably breaks America👊

  14. Mr. Trump, you either run the country OR your business. DON'T MIX IT TOGETHER. It's the reason why the emolument exist. Given the fact that ran your casino into the ground, I don't have any confidence in you as a leader. Resign.

  15. Do you think the American public is stupid enough to think that your presidency coinciding with a trump tower opening in dc is a coincidence? You gave up your salary but injected your entire family with no qualifications into money making positions in the government. There is nothing noble about anything you do .

  16. The biggest liar in history!!!! Show us your 2018 taxes showing if you’re not taking accepting the presidential salary!!!

  17. Herbert Hoover donated most of his entire salary as president. A small portion he used to be able to pay some of his staff a larger salary.

    John F. Kennedy donated his entire presidential salary, as well as his salary as a Congressman and Senator.

    George Washington was said to have refused his $25,000 salary at first, but Congress warned of him setting a precedent of presidents not taking salary. So, he accepted it to use for expenses.

  18. He DID NOT put his businesses in blind trusts – as every president has in recent history. He lies as easily as he breathes.

  19. I wonder how his wife can stand to hear him talk . I can stand to hear him for one minute 🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮

  20. If he wasn't president, he'd actually be funny. Is he actually comparing himself to Washington? Well hey cut your losses and resign if you're losing so much money. SUCH BS ARTIST.

  21. Lmao. Trump is funny but he reminds me of when a child talks, we laugh and say aww he;s so cute, but there is nothing cute about this bullshitter. Blah Blah Blah. so stupid not cute at all.

  22. when Obama write a book , he didn't take money from tax payers. people had a choice… either by it and read it or not. there is a big difference trump ! ! ! you use your power to make ton of money and you are a evil person. Obama on the other hand was a hard working Man , working for the people all over, internationally also. he didn't embrace dictators , he protect the Country and the one that needed help. You ! Trump did the opposite . You kept children in prisons didn't look after them . just the opposite , You said get out of my America . I have a news for you . .. America isn't yours ! !! It belongs to people. Everyone should feel at home, in your America .

  23. He just lies, everything he says, he just makes stuff up. He makes $$millions on golf cart rentals, bc he's always golfing at his own resorts. The hotel in Scotland he's been diverting military planes too, went from losing $2M, to profiting $3M, so there's $5M right there, way more than his presidential salary. China, who wldnt let Michael Jordan trademark the silhouette of him dunking a basketball, but they let Ivanka have a dozen trademarks, right before trade talks. Foreign dignitaries know that if they want anything outta PresPAB, they hafta stay at his hotel in DC, which went from losing money, to making millions since he took over the presidency.

    So, yeah, he gives up his yearly salary, but EVERY time he goes to Mar-a-lago, he makes that back, plus much more, bc we taxpayers are paying for everything, the hotel room fees, for Secret Service, aides, him, his family, etc. Plus $$ for food at his club's restaurant, golf fees, cart fees, etc. Not to mention that wherever a POTUS goes, ppl follow, press, lobbyists, ppl who want the president's ear, all staying at his properties, playing golf at his clubs. He's grifting tax payer dollars hands over fist, to the tune of tens of millions of $$$, then brags about giving up his $450,000 a YEAR salary. Plus he and his family are getting deals, and making $$$ all over the world. Saudi Arabia got away with murder, and got 3 times as many troops as were in Syria, in exchange for a ridiculous amount of hotel rooms rented at Spanky's tower, and deals with Kushner.

  24. He gives up his salary but has cost the taxpayers over 200 years worth of salary just in his golf trip costs.. Melania is at 600k a month for shopping, look it up Trump cult..

  25. The same guy who freaks out when his kids host charity events for free on his properties is telling us how he would host a G-7 for free.

  26. Miami International Airport is currently the 40th busiest in the world. "Some people" are not very reliable sources of information

  27. Has any other public official ever bragged so much since God created the world. Trump is pathetic. And stfu talking about Obama in comparison.

  28. This guy is totally off his rocker. I have heard people mumbling on the street that speak more coherently. Come on people, how long is this going to last???

  29. trump boastfully claims he donates his $400,000 salary every quarter. We can see who received trumps donations through his tax returns. OH, That's right trump refuses to provide his tax returns for fear of prison.

  30. He gives his salary away for Large Donations into his pockets from Big Business lobbyists
    tRump is a Self Serving Clown who manages to Fool his supporters

  31. DJT would have us believe that he's magnanimous in his service to the country. That he's losing $2 to $5 billion as a result of his presidency. I'm sorry, but my BS meter is pegging high on that assertion.

    He donates his presidential pay like it's a marketing expense. Hid presidency is a money maker for him.

    Four words: Release your tax returns.

    He doesn't because they'll expose him completely. The emperor has no clothes.

    As for his claim of planning his business in trust, that's true on it's gave. Peel that onion a single layer and you'll see that he's not isolated from his business and can even withdraw monies from them. A trust in name only. It leaks like a sieve.

    There's a bit of a slip neat the end when he comments about Doral coming back. Sure, he knows nothing.

    As to defense spending at Trump properties, as a Navy veteran, I can attest to the fact that no Trump property would ever have be an available or affordable booking.

  32. Trump's nose should be 50 feet long with the lies he tells. What a f*ck up he is! He's so full of himself (sh*t) he wouldn't know the truth if he fell over it!

  33. “You people and your emoluments clause…” Yes, Mr. President, it IS “WE the People,” and it is from our very own Constitution.

  34. Hahahaha… That's right. What kind of promotion has Jesus ever earned?
    "I get more promotion than any other human being that's ever lived" hahahahahaha

  35. "i don't need publicity" while he continually describes the amenities like a used car salesman… that's the grift, tell them you turned down 400k, while you get the gov't contracts(tax payer dollars) to payout millions in contracts to your facilities and friends businesses.

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