Trump Blames Constitutional Checks & Balances for Disastrous 100 Days
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Trump Blames Constitutional Checks & Balances for Disastrous 100 Days

October 18, 2019

Ok, we’ve been talking–off an on–about being about 100 days into the Donald Trump administration. We’ve talked about the historically low approval ratings that we’ve seen from Donald Trump and it’s been scandal after scandal, right? Multiple law enforcement investigations, two failed Muslim majority immigration bans, we’ve had the failed sanctuary city order, we’ve had the failed repeal and replacement of ObamaCare. It’s a long list, I’ll stop there. And in an interview with Fox News Donald Trump is blaming the checks and balances that are constitutionally supported, that our government has is place, for his failures. What? Checks and balances have stopped Trump from getting done what he wanted to get done? Well maybe there’s something to it, let’s take a listen to what Donny-boy had to say. Uh, over the years your views just change somewhat and I think more than anything else I am a person of common sense I understand what has to be done. I get things done. I’ve always been a closer. Uhh we don’t have a lot of closers in politics and I understand why. So its a very rough system, its an archaic system. You look at the rules of the Senate even the rules of the House, but the rules of the Senate and some of the things you have to go through. It’s really a bad thing for the country in my opinion. They’re archaic rules and maybe at some point we’re gonna have to take those rules on because for the good of the nation things are going to have to be different, you can’t go through a process like this. It’s not fair, it forces you to make bad decisions. I mean you’re really forced into doing things. It’s just not fair, Pat. All those pesky laws, rules and regulations are getting in Donald Trump’s way. The things a President has to go through to get his way, whenever he wants are bad for the country and the rules should be changed. Is it possible though that he’s not talking so much about the Constitution and the systems of checks and balances as he is just kinda these quirky Senate traditions? So for example when Mitch McConell got Elizabeth Warren to sit down by invoking rule 13 or the fact that the Republicans had to use a budget reconciliation bill to try to push their healthcare act because they were able to avoid a filibuster that way? I mean yeah I get what you’re saying, I understand what you’re saying but if you actually do a fair analysis of it Trump has probably benefitted from some of those rules in the sense that you know Neil Gorsuch should not even have been confirmed. The Republicans in the Senate went in and changed the rules in order to get Trump his way. This is sort of the main part of the Presidential oath of office which is you’re preserving, protecting and defending The Constitution which includes checks and balances which includes the rules of the Senate the rules of the House and now these are an impediment to Trump doing whatever on Earth he wants. So, is he directly attacking the Constitution? No. I think you’re right about that. Abolish the Constitution. But it’s more the idea that this is how Trump runs his businesses, or ran his businesses. Well, maybe he’s still running them. I guess were not really sure which is he get’s his way. What he says goes. He told us that’s the way he would run the country. The only thing more absurd than Trump saying this is his bamboozled supporters, the Constitutional fetishists who don’t even seem to care that checks and balances are getting in the way and we should reduce them. This is almost impossible to parody. It’s a real problem for comedy writers and satirical shows because you can’t really do a satirical version of this. And if you wanna focus on archaic parts of how our government functions, lets change the archaic electoral college, as well as gerrymandering both of which helped Trump and Republicans come to power. In a sense he’s right. You’ve gotta give him credit. If it weren’t for the checks and balances of our system, his Muslim travel bans would probably be in place. His sanctuary city order would be in place. His abortive American healthcare Act would be in place. It would all have gone through, so in a sense he is right and we have that to thank. And although he’ll claim that he has great respect for the Constitution, this is a guy that maybe has never even read the document. David: Maybe. It’s six pages long on regular sheets of paper. It’s a quick read. And Trump also mentioned that the Constitution has 12 Articles or so, it actually only has 7. Well I don’t think anybody is shocked, but listen he is not a details guy, he’s a big picture guy. Oh wait a second over the weekend he said in that Reuters interview that he is a details guy. Well I don’t know I can’t explain why he doesn’t seem to know any of the details on this. But I guess he’s just not happy with the fact that he can’t do whatever it is that he wants to do.

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  2. The Founding Fathers who helped write the Constitution put in such regulations in place to prevent a President like Trump to become authoritarian and away from a monarchy or dictatorship

  3. Well we see how he praises Duterte and is ongoing genocide over in the Philippines as well as Erdoğan in Turkey for basically eliminating Democracy; which direction do you think Trump will go with statements like these?

  4. You don't have to amend the constitution to become an American dictator. You just have to stack all three branches with followers. Of course, you need a substantial portion of the population to agree with the program. 40%! Wake up! 40% of your fellow citizens support him! Steve Bannon is not stupid. He's taking pages from the playbooks of Erdoğan, Putin, Dutarte, and the Chinese Communist Party. It's looking grim. Resist! Happy May Day.

  5. Did you hear that?. he´s a "CLOSER", as in deals. He only signs(without reading), the work that other people working for him did! He has no idea of WTF is going on in his businesses, much less in politics and even less in his own government administration. This explains a lot as to why Trump´s businesses have failed!…at least he´s consistent.

  6. Poor guy just wants to be a dictator 🙁 You know what they say, "You are who you surround yourself with". Just ask his buddies Duterte, Putin, El-Sisi, Jinping, and Erdogan

  7. The only reason Trump hasn't said "abolish the Constitution" is that he has no idea what it says!

  8. I agree with Trump – thanks to the system of checks and balances that are in place, the damage he could otherwise do has been mitigated. For this, I am grateful beyond words.

  9. OMG trump, everyone's so mean to you….i wonder how the Presidents before you felt?…..THEY JUST DEALT WITH IT

  10. unbelievable there's a reason why we have checks and balances so one side of our government branch would not be over power than the other

  11. So if the constitution forces you do do things in a certain way, then I guess Trump will be giving Obama a call to apologize for the cruel thing Trump has said about Obama's presidency.

  12. I think that Trump was talking about the strange processes of Congress which have slowed down legislative progress throughout history. I agree with a lot of Trump's plans and would consider myself as someone on the right. All of these comments about Trump wanting to be a dictator are just unintelligent anti-Trump talk. Gerrymandering is an outdated rule which should be changed, but I also disagree with David and believe that the electoral college is still a viable system. Both sides have abused these stupid rules for their benefit, but with all of this partisanship it might be the only thing that keeps the system moving. I think that Trump has the right idea to get rid of these unusual rules. He may have used them, but so have the Democrats and I'm just thankful that he's taken notice of the issue.

  13. about David's comment of the satire, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park actually declared that they will not longer make Trump parodies since they think that NOTHING that they can imagine will be worst than the actual reality. So they stop it.

  14. When Trump says he's a closer, what he means is that he does nothing, he just comes in at the end to take the credit. That's how he governs. BTW, that also means that some else will make the decision whether or not to launch a nuclear attack — I kinda feel better about not having Trump make that choice.

  15. Question, what more does this Embarrassingly IGNORANT President have to do to make the American PEOPLE say "ENOUGH"?

  16. I agree with Pat, the senate and a lot of the other governmental rules are pretty dumb overall and it seems like Trump is pointing more toward those (He does mention filibustering later on which is definitely a weird one, unless you actually are standing and talking that entire time. That's just letting you speak your mind which should be protected).

    But David is right that overall, these dumb rules have likely benefited Trump (and the republican party) with the electoral college and gerrymandering.

    I'm not american so I don't really understand the love americans have for the constitution. Sure there's some good laws in there but there's some dumb ones too. And of course a lot left out, hence all the amendments.

  17. People who want to have kids should be psychologically analyzed and anyone who becomes president should be psychologically analyzed.

  18. Business people are incapable of conceiving running something like the government because governments aren't businesses. It's not rocket science.

  19. I'm sure that he is happy the electrol college… oh keep that great institution in place. just get rid of the other bullshit! Drumpf is a snake oil salesman….

  20. Good lord… People listen to this fool… He needs to be removed from office… ASAP! He 'is' saying abolish the constitution… I just don't understand who is guiding his hand, because Trump has 'no' original thoughts…

  21. The Rules of the House and Senate were created by the House and Senate and can be changed by them- they were not created by the Constitution- play the rest of the interview…so the people can hear him discuss the rule of filibusters and how the votes happen. See

  22. How could Trump, a scumbag of a con artist president, defend and uphold the Constitution, when he clearly doesn't even know how many articles it has?!

  23. this is how a dictator acts as they will never admit they were wrong about any thing, fuck trump-PERIOD.

  24. A self absorbed person is a person who can only see faults if others but are most often Color Blind of his own.

  25. Tsk tsk tsk . . . Meester DJ Trump doesn't give a shit about facts the truth actual reality what anybody thinks what anybody cares. Therefore, he will do whatever he wants, primarily further enriching himself and his family and his privately-owned organization/companies. He has never been accepted by New York society and he never will be. No matter what he does insofar as getting wealthier.

  26. Look guys, just build him a 500 foot high statue of himself, gold plate it and add plenty of extra bling, maybe he'll be happy. He didn't want the responsibility of being president he just wanted something to brag about. 'Look daddy! Didn't I do well, and you said I was such a loser.'

  27. this motherfucker wants to set us back 100yrs, im so glad im not in the marines serving this fuckin shit stain it was bad enough when Bush jr was president, but fuck me, bush jr was nowhere near as dumb as this jackass

  28. No, the Senate legally changed the rules. When the rules help President Trump, I'm sure he won't complain about them. If and when the rules are changed in a way that does not benefit President Trump, I'm sure he'll whine about it. It was a time honored tradition. Blah. Blah.

  29. The irony in calling checks and balances and rules in general, archaic, and putting a constitutional originalist on the SCOTUS

  30. Get this fucking lunatic out of the White House. I'll take Pence. I don't even care anymore.

  31. donald Jong Un Putin trump American DICKtator, or INTERNAL TERRORIST. either way he is deconstructing our country, and our constitutional rights.

  32. Awe he's upset that he can't get his way. Checks and balances are there to make sure you can't do what you 'd like to without thinking about consequences. Imagine!
    Talk about archaic, let's bring back coal and drill for oil. God forbid we use clean energy.

  33. If we want to take back our government, we need 6 independents in the senate. That's all just 6. Right now there are two, not enough to swing votes. Come on folks, vote independent and get some fresh blood in there!

  34. I guarentee if Trump did a rally and asked the people there if life wouldn't be easier if they just ditched the stupid constitution with all its red tape and regulations, the people would cheer.

  35. fearmonging, destroy checks and balences, islotion(boaderwall), and discredit media = dictatorship
    united states of corporations

  36. Yeah, we know that he would love to be an autocrtic dictator, which is btw a lot more arachaic than a president who is kept in check by some sort of parliament.

  37. Quick history lesson: We broke away from Great Britain at the end of the 1700s because we didn't like being ruled by a single person who made laws and passed taxes without our consent. Once we formed our own government, we decided to have a system of checks and balances within our government so no 1 person/group of individuals would have total say over what the people can or can't do.

    This is why I have never been a big fan of when Presidents (Democrat or Republican) pass Executive Orders to get things done. Now, I do know that when the Legislative Branch refuses to compromise, the Executive Branch passes them to get things done when the government is in gridlock and Executive Orders can be overturn by the Legislative Branch. But still, while both Parties claim they hate it when the President uses Executive Orders (usually the Republicans complain more than Democrats), they tend to bite their tongues when they are the Party in power. And I'm not saying Executive Orders are all bad, but when in over 100 days President Trump has done nothing through the Legislative and Judicial Branches (aside from adding a Justice to the Court that belonged to President Obama) and just issued dozens of Executive Orders (which again the Republicans complained about with Obama but don't complain about now) there is a feeling of hypocrisy within our Democracy.

    Finally, in terms of the Filibuster/60 Senator vote to get things done, I think we do need at least some compromise between the Parties on most legislative decisions made by our government, but because of the actions of Mitch McConnell and other Republicans under President Obama, this sense of bipartisanship in our government could be forever lost should we reduce decisions to just be a simple majority. For example, if the Democrats retake the Senate in 2018 (which is difficult but possible), and another Supreme Court Justice seat opens, all the 51-54 Democratic Senators have to do is say "we demand a Liberal or Moderate Justice nominee from Trump otherwise we will all say no" or if Trump nominates a Justice with less than a year left like Obama did they could say "the Republicans under McConnell said no to Merrick Garland when Obama had a year left so we will do the same with Trump's nominee." With a lack of bipartisanship/compromise and the Republicans in the minority, there will be nothing they can do given how they changed the rules to a simple majority to benefit them when they were in power, but it hurts them when they aren't in power.

  38. I was willing to give Trump a chance, but the more I hear him talk, the more I see what people he surrounds himself with, the less I like him.

  39. The Founding Fathers knew first hand what it was like to live in a monarchy, where all the power lay in elitist hands, & ordinary people received only what the sovereign deigned to bestow. That's why they imagined America as a DEMOCRATIC nation, because they were tired of paying for a king's wars. They were tired of a total lack of representation. So they created a government system where ALL the States had representation in Congress, & where the elected President had to run his decisions by the Will of the People (Congress) & the Oversight of the Law (judiciary branch) before passing any legislation that impacted the lives of the American people.

    Donald Trump is a man who would be king. The Constitutional system that he's banging his head up against isn't "archaic"– it's very PROGRESSIVE, & has been a model for other nations throwing off the yoke of dictatorial rule. What's ARCHAIC is nonrepresentative rule-by-elite, where someone who's "better" than everyone else presumes to dictate to everyone else.

  40. Archaic rules… Says the guy who thinks America was better in the early 1900s? Says the guy who campaigned on "Make America Great Again"? This man child is the worst… haha

  41. Trump is surrounder by Yes Man's. Anybody who work for Trump, would never tell him, he was wrong. Trump believe, his is always right.

  42. i can't wait till trump dies.. he'll make a lot of people happy when the bastard passes away. fuck trump's followers.

  43. Donald Turd the clown president. He always has to blame somebody to cover his idiotic mistakes. If he is wrong, his over inflated EGO prevents him to admit it. There is something seriously wrong with Donald Turd.

  44. Amendment 25, Article 4 needs to be evoked NOW. Republican or Liberal, put your partisan bias aside and look at the damage this man is doing, the shame is he is bringing to the US and force your congressmen/women to start taking the steps needed to save our country from this maniac.

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