Trump Campaign Sells ‘Get Over It’ Shirts After Mulvaney’s Quid Pro Quo Admission
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Trump Campaign Sells ‘Get Over It’ Shirts After Mulvaney’s Quid Pro Quo Admission

October 22, 2019

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  1. f your Alamo man, you were the invaders. the us conquered half our country, killed children's on our streets, and that's where the Gringo name came from ( green go away shortly became Gringo)…we lost,we accepted that happen, we moved on. You guys should atlest be decent enough not to propaganda that event any more.
    The Alamo was in Mexican territory at the time, it was the army trying to recover land from people we voluntarily let in and decided they owned the state then.

  2. Kurds did help during WWII.

    And, Turkey sided with Germany in WWI and only sided with the Allies when it was evident Germany would lose WWII. Turkey did not participate in any fighting in WWII.

  3. Wasn't Trump's grandfather; you know, the one who built brothels in the US, running like a coward so he wouldn't have to fight in WWII? Yes, the pimp that created the son that became, was it captain in the KKK, and taught his children how to scam the US tax system. Trump's entire family is grifters, abusers and cowards.

  4. If Trump thinks he's above the law, then we could have let Obama get away with anything… But we didn't, or more accurately, Republicans didn't. Now these guys are trying to defend this jackass for doing something both Republicans and Democrats would have ripped Obama to shreds for.

  5. So nobody wants to talk about the scandal regarding joe biden and his son hunter? Even though there is footage were joe admits it….that's just sad.

  6. How bad was Mulvaney's Quid Pro Quo Admission
    Eyebrows: 3:48
    Drops phone, holds beer, orgasms, raptu…*camera changes angle*

  7. cmon, All I said was that I use the hammer to contact his head until his breathing stopped. Let me be clear, I didn't use the language of murder, there's no murder here!!

  8. What a bunch of malarkey, he responded to the question by saying that "we do that all the time".
    So, if there was no QPQ, then that wouldn't happen all the time, so, what else was he talking about?
    Why didn't he say there was no QPQ, instead of acknowledging it and adding to it.
    Bunch of .. people.

  9. "Get over it". How about we "get even" instead by impeaching this orange turd and eliminating entire garbage administration?

  10. Growing up all over the world in the army its a shame the few years into my retirement in the u.s. we have this orange idiot as the president being supported by majority of all racist white america . when your base is inbred and smokes meth then a pres like 45 you will have.

  11. Steve Colbert you'll find curds in your cheese when you take a shit, loosing a piece of your poor excuse for comedy brain!!! The Corruption is from the LEFT, along with the Libtard Demonrats & of course Your Lame " comedy "

  12. Do you think Trump failed US History in school???? The constitution IS our country!!! And he wants to 'rule' not govern….so sad for our country!!

  13. Vladimir Putin: "My dearest Donlied, we do not have a place of exile for you in Russia, I have my reputation to consider."

  14. The fact is that many of those Kurds belong to terrorist orgnization classified as so by the US and the EU. Infact Truky is a NATO member and a military partner with the US. Please don't destort facts for a joke.

  15. The world record crowd will be when the people see pumpkin head executed on the Washington Mall!!! 🎃🐔💩🤪😠

  16. It might seem like a big ass joke to all you civilians, who never put your boots on the ground but when you find someone in a foreign nation, who willing to go shoulder-to-shoulder with you in combat, who treat you the same as they would members of their family/ welcome you into their homes was smiling faces an unparalleled hospitality! it's really shity watching your country turn their back on them, when you know they're the best backup you're ever going to have in the Middle East!

  17. Trump is insane, gullible talking to dictator strongmen, knows very little and won't learn, possibly can't read, and is nuclear armed.

  18. Without having any solid information, I think there's a couple of mega-churches in Texas that would give Trump a run for his money.

  19. Traitor evil Hitler trump will never ever learn to Respect and keep his Oath to always Protect USA and it's Constitution. GOP's got burned…..

  20. No one:
    Not a single soul:

    Not even King Theoden himself:

    Trump: "Where were the Kurds when the Westfold fell? Where were the Kurds when our enemies closed in around us?"

    Yes I'm sad that he didn't make that reference, it fits so well 😀

  21. The Kurds fought on the side of the Allies during World War 2 against the Nazis in what's today Iraq. On the other hand, where was Donald Trump when the US Army was seeking soldiers to fight in Viet Nam?

  22. It's not good enough just to get rid of Don the con. We've got to get rid of Moscow Mitch, and all there comrades in the House and Senate.

  23. Great monologue as always. Thank you Steven Colbert for helping us laugh a little so maybe we don't go insane watching day after day of this President shredding the constitution and destroying the Republic.

  24. The people Trump has around him are just as clueless as he is! COME ON PEOPLE THIS ISN"T FUNNY ANYMORE, GET HIM OUT OF THERE!!! NOW!!!

  25. Trump on his allies: “[The Kurds] didn’t help us with the Second World War. They didn’t help us with Normandy…” and said in the same week he signed a trade agreement with Japan.

  26. So if you don't have to say "Murder" and yet can be found guilty of murder, what if you say, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda, Murda! Does that make you guilty of Super-D-Duper Murder?

  27. So now we should just turn a blind eye to corruption at the top, littered with multiple criminal offenses?

    To paraphrase Doc Holiday…"You're a DummY if ya do…"

  28. You know who else wasn't at Normandy? The European Jews. Guess what the ones that ran to Palestine Israel were doing? Terrorism on British troops.

  29. Mulvaney: "There was no Quid Pro Quo we do it all the time." "I didn't say Quid Pro Quo, we do it all the time." "Reporters keep putting words in my mouth, like Quid Pro Quo, which we do it all the time."

  30. Where was Trump when he was drafted for the war? That's right, he was busy running to his daddy crying to come up with a phony doctor's bone spur diagnosis.

  31. "Your Honor,I am not guilty of speeding because when the officer asked me if I knew why he pulled me over ,I said because I was doing 75 in a 45. I never said speeding

  32. Trumpsters are, at this point, basically admitting that they KNOW that Trump has broken and IS breaking the law, but don't actually think it's something to be concerned with. Somehow I don't believe they would feel the same way if Obama had done something like this. Just for the record: He didn't. Behold:

    8 years Clinton (Democrat) 2 indictments 1 conviction 1 prison

    8 years W Bush (Republican) 16 indictments 16 convictions 9 prison

    8 years Obama (Democrat) 0 indictment 0 conviction 0 prison

    2 years of Trump (Republican) 35 indictments 191 convictions 2 prison 7 guilty pleas

  33. it annoy's me every-time, reporter should have asked "… Funding will not flow until the DNC investigation goes?". Clip could have gone viral

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