Trump Claims That Impeachment Violates His Civil Rights
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Trump Claims That Impeachment Violates His Civil Rights

October 11, 2019

Donald Trump has tried a lot of different
strategies to try to make this impeachment inquiry go away. And one of the strategies that was laid out
recently in his attorney, Pat Cipollini letter to Nancy Pelosi is that they’re actually trying
to argue that the entire inquiry in general violates Donald Trump’s civil rights. Like somehow impeaching a president is illegal
in the minds of Donald Trump’s attorney. And what they’re saying to expand on it a
little bit is that, Hey, you’re not allowing us to go in and see the evidence. You’re not allowing us to cross examine witnesses. You’re not allowing us to call our own witnesses. What kind of kangaroo court is this? To paraphrase Matt Gates? Well, it’s not a court guys. I would think you would know that. I mean if you went to law school, you’d know
that if you studied American history of American politics, you would also know that if you
had more than two brain cells functioning at once, you would also know that this is
not a court folks. And the Trump administration is trying to
distract you, trying to mislead you and trying to convince you of something that is not real. There are very few guidelines at all for the
US house of representatives to launch an impeachment inquiry. They do not have to bring the inquiry inquiry
up for a full vote to fully authorize impeachment. They can carry out these investigations as
part of this. They can bring it to a vote whenever the hell
they want and they’ve already got the numbers. I mean, they could go ahead and formalize
it today. There were Democrats have the majority, they’re
gonna vote for it and it’s going to go forward and that’s not going to change anything. So why bother at the moment? Right. But there is no trial in the house of representatives
and sure in both the Nixon and Clinton impeachment hearings, the house did allow president and
his lawyers to look at some of the evidence, even to talk to some of the witnesses, but
they didn’t have to do that. They did that because they said, yeah, sure,
okay, we’ll let you whatever. Believe it or not, things weren’t as crazy
partisan at the time. Today they are. You have Republicans that are actively trying
to obstruct not just in the white house but also in the house of representatives. Why should we trust these nincompoops to allow
anything to go forward that they want? They’re trying to make this thing die immediately. Not legally argue that the president did nothing
wrong. They’re trying to misdirect us. If they were acting in good faith, trying
to actually be attorneys, that would be a different story, but that’s not what they’re
trying to do. If the white house wants to call witnesses,
cross examine witnesses, examine all the evidence, they will absolutely have that right when
it goes to trial in the Senate, that at that point that Senate does become, in essence
a courtroom as we have. The president will have access to everything. His lawyers will have access to everything. They can come up with their lines of questioning,
they can cross examine, they can call their own witnesses, they can do exactly what they
would be able to do in a true legal proceeding because that is what this is. But in the house of representatives when it
comes to impeachment folks, it’s basically the wild West. There are no laws. There’s really no governing other than can
we impeach him? Yes. The way you get there is completely up for
interpretation of whoever’s running the thing, and that is actually how the founders wrote
it in there because they didn’t want to hamstring Congress on this. If Congress wants to impeach, dammit, they
could impeach, but if you want to get the president out of office, you got to go through
and do it the right way. Give them a real trial, not violate his civil
rights and make sure everything’s on the up and up, and then you have the vote. The Senate at that point becomes the jury,
and that is where the president can have a say. That’s where his attorneys can have his say. But as we’ve seen from Donald Trump’s attorneys,
and quite literally every court case, they’ve argued, that’s probably not going to end very
well for the president.

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  1. And the winner of the Nobel Peace Price 2019 is not the lunatic racist Trump but the black Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed.. LOL, LOL, LOL.

  2. I don't know why Pelosi don't have a backbone or spine to fight like a warrior against them oh I forgot you only can do that with the PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS. VOTE this old Skeletor weak-minded b** out she only going to fight for the republikkkans and the donors.

  3. First of all, it's a political process, not a criminal process. So, that just ruins the civil rights narrative right off the bat. Secondly, study the Constitution. There is an OBLIGATION to hold the president accountable for his actions. And the president himself has an obligation to uphold and protect that same Constitution. He took an oath to that effect during his inauguration.
    Lastly, which civil rights of his have been violated exactly? Show me a single one that objectively has been violated, there is none.
    Yet another moot point by the Trump administration. Like so many others.

  4. LOL Another pile of bull from Trump's administration, because his supporters can only handle info in short blurts on his Twitter feeds he always needs to come up with a few simple terms he can repeat over and over like earworms that get into the heads of the hard of thinking.
    'Lock her up', Build the wall', 'Presidential harassment', 'Fake news' 'No collusion' , 'Witch hunt', 'Kangaroo court', 'Perfect call', and it works with his dumb base, they just start using the same lines. He knows has no defence, so he just tries to undermine anyone or any institution that crosses him and appropriate phrases to his own meanings.

  5. What about my Civil Rights to a fair president. He is supposed to be for all Americans rights. Democratic, Independent, Republican, Libretariain, and others.

  6. Well Trump is so ubelievable F..ed up with the the most astonishing beliefs and imaginations not in line with reality!!! Is he losing the grip totally?

  7. Mitch Mc Connel is blocking vote on almost everything Democrats propose in Senate… why should Democrats bother with voting in Congress either?…

  8. Sean Hannity Tucker Carlson Laura Ingraham Rush Limbaugh are the enemies of a free America they must be held accountable for the lies and twisting of the truth on their shows enemies of a free America

  9. For someone constantly breaking the law; it's funny how he is trying to find a law to hide behind…so white of him.

  10. it was already established by Rex Tillerson his ex-sec. of state, Trump is a political MORON!!!!!, the guy doesn't know a damn thing about how the entire government works, its functions, no idea of Constitutional laws, regulations, rules, protocols, diplomacy, history, Trump acts impulsively from his own ignorant mind….


  12. There has to be a copy of the Constitution in the White House. Maybe get Trump a copy of Constitution for Dummies.

  13. Thanks Michigan, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin. You’re responsible for this whole entire mess. Could you not see he was unfit

  14. Trump's Civil Rights:
    You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney……

  15. ok lets just put him in prison so he can have other things violated. i know we cant legally just do that but its still a nice thought.

  16. Funniest thing I heard all day. But this bully cages children, seperates them from their parents and takes hush money from porn stars. His civil rights? What about his crimes to humanity???

  17. Dipshit Donny genuinely believes that he's above the law. He's the president! Numero Uno in the country! He can do whatever he wants! He really believes that "He is America" and everything that happens in the country should be directly connected to what happens to him. That's why he prophesied a civil war, Wall Street tanking and the US economy going into steep decline if he's impeached.
    Sorry, Dipshit Donny, you're just number 45 of the presidents of the US and you are NOT, as all your predecessors weren't, immune to state and federal law.


  18. the trump serial lying right wing mental machine in full mental overdrive, living in a fantasy bubble of their own making…..

  19. Drumpf made a comment last night that" Biden kissed Obama's a**"?????????… WTF……… Well, we as Americans, KNOW you Kiss PUTIN and KIM'S A**……..

  20. Impeachment inquiry (house) is not a trial, it’s an investigation.
    Impeachment (house) isn’t a trial, it’s an indictment.
    An impeachment trial (Senate) is a trial, and it involves lawyers and cross-examining witnesses. But bear in mind that it is a political trial, for political offenses, not a civil or criminal trial.

  21. The monster in the White House selling pieces of America for his personal benefits are violating every citizen's civil rights. Asking foreign countries to help him get reelected is violating the law and our civil rights of fair elections!

  22. Dont you get it? Trump knows he will never be impeached because of the senate. He is just trolling now. Mans an idiot in all things except trolling. Only way to get rid of him is to vote him out. Focus on that. All the people screaming impeachment are going to have a lot to answer for when it fails in 8 months or two years.

  23. It's tick season again. Politics. I can't stand parasites. Look at all you have given, and built for them, on your behalf. Thirty trillion dollars? I n God We Trust? Seems to be a deficit of God because of them. War? Not God. Greed? Not God.. Prejudice? From your creator? Nope. Just your public servants who think they are gods. You place them there, and pay homage to them with your tax dollars. To do with, as they please, on your behalf? Who you kidding?yourself? The most successful people in the world, can manage their own bank accounts, but not a country's. That's not successful, that's idiocricy. You never needed them, they just tricked you into thinking you did. Promise. Guess it gives you something to talk about, and not get along. Follow the parasite, I mean leader though. They have done a great injustice to this world, and spirituality, on your behalf, so you know. Your accumulated tax dollars at work, on your behalf. Look. Just look at all you have built for them.

  24. Trump does not have more then two brain cells. Trump needs to be removed the Executive Branch is not following the rule of law. The 45th is a very vile, evil pile of shit, along with his cronies.

  25. Another stupid comment by an idiot President. What's really scary is there's still a solid number of people, including some in Michigan's 8th Congressional District, that are very pro-Trump. They blame the Democrats for our problems. They don't realize Trump and other Republicans are playing them.

  26. tRump is flailing like the drowning idiot he is. He will throw anything and everything against the wall hoping something sticks. His desperation is obvious.

  27. They probably let Nixon take a look at the case materials because they still respected him and never had any reason to suspect he might try to silence witnesses and eat all of the evidence. Trump is a known thug with no honor and a past saturated with coercion, bribery, and intimidation tactics. The Democrats have every reason to keep him as far away from the investigation as possible.

  28. Haha Haha,
    I should have use that when I got fired for being a really bad employee
    You are violating my civil rights by firing me , 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. If America had more than 2 brain cells, Trump would never be president! How many countries allow Joe Bloggs from the street run for top government office? I bet you would need to know some politics, anything to do with government other than building codes and how to grease the Mafia palm.

  30. He should come and visit me if he want's to know what having his civil rights violated feels like. I'd be more than happy to show him and then end him.

  31. Correct if I'm wrong, but isn't an impeachment like a grand jury? They call witnesses, they hear testimony, they collect evidence, THEN hand it all over to a court for trial?

  32. With the Republicans running the Senate as the jury well lets just say that this jury pool is already tainted and will not convict this low life son of a bitch. We just need to plan on winning in November 2020.

  33. gosh is ilegal had a trump for president we no political experience being unrespecful we everybody be Bully call other names and pretend he a inocent that he a nice guy gime a break how insane #45 is unreal.

  34. Donald violates his own right…….. that tan of his, violates him, that hair of his is also violation. Civil rights, what about the right of those kids you separated from their parents, this president is a jackass.

  35. I think a point is being missed here. The lawyers probably know that this is not a trial. But that's meaningless. The target of their remarks is Trump's pig-ignorant support base. Their job is to continually stir up the supporters who'll then do all they can to derail impeachment proceedings. Or at least that's how I'm seeing it.

  36. Trump you are stupid. Know why ? You had NO idea of how the government and the constitution works . The congress and SCOTUS are co equals branches of government. You should have been prepared . Your life will NEVER be the same again . Not in a good way either . Your financials and criminality will be exposed . Every time someone gets arrested re you it hits home


  38. Yet, Pelosi the Great American coward, still hasn’t brought a formal vote of impeachment to the house floor. It is beyond me why the house Dems are STILL slow playing this thing. By my count, this loser Lewendowski should be in jail for contempt of Congress and a full scale impeachment hearing should have been voted on. What is Pelosi waiting on? She’s doing the same thing the GOP is doing, she’s running out the clock until Nov 2020 but in doing so she is placing America at mortal risk of ending up with a continued imperial Trump presidency. He’s likely still going to retain power illegally but this action by inaction strategy of the Dems isn’t working.

  39. This is Trump is Administration full-blown incompetence. Is Dave we are done with all their bullshitted today we can all move on with our lives.

  40. So MY right to have the actual WINNER of the race NOT getting elected ISN'T being violated? FUCK YOU, TWO SCOOPS! Eat shit and DIE.

  41. Poor man baby. Time to pay the piper and he doesn’t like it. Never mind all the crimes he has done or people he has steamrolled over without remorse

  42. Trump claiming impeachment violates his civil rights is like
    Henry Lee Lucas making the same claim about his imprisonment.
    Tough tookies.

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