Trump Continues Lying About COVID-19
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Trump Continues Lying About COVID-19

March 8, 2020

>>Donald Trump continues to demonstrate his
role in this disastrous disinformation campaign when it comes to COVID-19, that’s the virus
that’s been spreading throughout the world. It began in Wohan, China, and now, unfortunately,
it has made its way to the United States. Without further ado, let’s hear what type
of disinformation he had during a recent segment on Sean Hannity’s show.>>I think a 3.4% is really a false number. Now, and this is just my hunch, but based
on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this, because a lot of people will
have this, and it’s very mild. They’ll get better very rapidly. They don’t even see a doctor. They don’t even call a doctor. You never hear about those people. So you can put them down in the category of
the overall population in terms of this corona flu and or virus, so you just can’t do that. So if we have thousands or hundreds of thousands
of people that get better just by sitting around and even going to work, some of them
go to work, but they get better. And then, when you do have a death like you’ve
had in the state of Washington, like you had one in California, believe you had one in
New York, all of a sudden it seems like three or 4%, which is a very high number, as opposed
to a fraction of 1%.>>Okay, so there’s a lot to break down there,
which we’re gonna do in a sec. But notice he said, and even go to work, okay? We’re gonna come back to that cuz you heard
him say it with your own ears just then.>>Yeah, look, that’s honestly the most relevant
part. And just to be very clear, the CDC advises
people, the CDC under the Trump administration, okay, so his CDC advises people with COVID-19,
do not go to work, school, or public areas, avoid using public transportation, ride-sharing,
or taxis. Because guess what? It’s not just about the person who’s suffering
with the virus, right? Some people might have a strong immune system. Maybe they’re young, they’re healthy, their
immune system isn’t compromised. It’s not just about that person. It’s about spreading it. So if you go to work, you’re gonna spread
it. And maybe someone else has a compromised immune
system or is more vulnerable to the virus. This is insanity.>>So let me go to Trump’s tweet. He said I never said people that are feeling
sick should go to work. This is just more Fake News and disinformation
put out by the Democrats, in particular MSDNC. Comcast covers the situation horribly, only
looking to do harm to the incredible and successful effort being made. I never said that people feeling sick should
go to work. Cuz facts don’t matter anymore. Okay, so now, this is actually the best example
of facts mattering, cuz your life might be on the line. If you are one of those people who says I
believe Trump no matter what he says. I believe him if he says I should go to work. I believe him if he says he never said I should
go to work if I have COVID-19, right? But you’re gonna make a terrible mistake if
you listen to Trump on health issues. Listen to what he said in the beginning, he’s
like 3 or 4% people say, but I don’t believe it, I have a hunch. My god, you’re the president of the United
States. We’re talking about a pandemic here.>>Right.>>It’s not a thing where you have a hunch? What do the scientists say? What do the doctors say? But you hate scientists. You don’t believe climate scientists, you
don’t believe scientists who deal with viruses. But it’s important for you to know why he’s
saying that.>>Yes.>>So the reason is people are panicking about
COVID-19, so the stock market is falling.>>Yes, exactly.>>And so, Trump is worried my god, that’s
gonna affect my re-election efforts. I don’t want people panicking cuz it’s hurting
the market, so I’m going to pretend it’s not a big deal so the market can go back up and
I could win re-election. But if you pretend a pandemic is not a big
deal, it makes it worse. And it literally puts people’s lives in danger.>>Everything that Donald Trump does is inspired
by his love for himself. And he looks out for himself and no one else. He doesn’t care about anyone else. So he doesn’t care if people get sick. He doesn’t care if people lose their lives
because they get sick by following his advice and going to work when they’re feeling sick,
okay? What he cares about is ensuring that he gets
re-elected, ensuring that the stock market still looks good. By the way, Jerome Powell, who is the head
of the Federal Reserve, is the person that he is constantly bullying to cut interest
rates. And guess what Jerome Powell did? Emergency interest rate cut in order to offset
the impact of COVID-19 on the stock market. Guess how long it worked? For about ten minutes. Stock market took a plunge again today.>>That’s right. It went up yesterday and went right back down
today. Look, nobody’s rooting for the stock market
to go down. There’s still a lot of folks who have their
401(k) in the markets. And it doesn’t matter, we all want the economy
to be as healthy as possible, the markets the be as healthy as possible. But you cannot endanger people’s lives because
you’re worried about your stock portfolio, which Trump might also be worried about. And you’re worried about your re-election
efforts. But would Trump be brazen enough to endanger
other people’s lives for his own personal benefit? Of course, of course he would. And if you don’t know that, my god, you poor
sucker, you don’t know a thing.

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  1. Please stop spreading lies you're not doing your movement any good please stay on facts not propaganda I think it's a good reason to have another progressive network in competition because I am a capitalist and it will keep this lot honest

  2. a childish buffoon as president.
    an idiot as vice-president.
    it can just get better from there.

  3. Meanwhile, the clueless boob in the White House abruptly canceled his scheduled Friday visit,
    to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta even as the coronavirus outbreak escalates.
    Golf-Boy changed his schedule and it's onto Florida, where he will spend three nights at Mar-a-Lago.

  4. I'll be honest… Trump was actually pretty reasonable here, compared to his normal unhinged self. And saying people ARE going to work isn't the same as saying people SHOULD be going to work. I hate Trump as much as anyone else, but this is kind of weak.

  5. One of the very first things Trump said about the Coronavirus is "don't worry you'll just get over it…" Trump was trying to not cause Hysteria we've been in hysteria since he entered the White House

  6. To be fair, he didn't say they should go to work. He said they could have it unknowingly and be going to work.

  7. Humm The CDC wears masks yet we’re told masks are ineffective. N-95 masks are what’s needed. Even a cheap mask will prevent you from touching your nose and mouth. Wearing a mask is a good thing to do.

  8. I tell you this Fox News should face a lawsuit for helping spread Misinformation to his sheep and the ignorant American public. Everyday they support the ignorance and don't challenge him when he goes on his rants which is bad already but it's like these fools willing to ride with the liar to the grave literally at this point which is disturbing.

  9. Sorry, but in this case Trump is right. He didn't say people should go to work, he said that there are people who go to work even when they are feeling sick. And you know what? That does, it happens all the time, not just in the US but especially in the US because you guys don't have paid sick leave like we in the rest of the world have it.

  10. He said, that "people still go to work" – they DO – not particularly, that they SHOULD! Not a fan, but let us be accurate here, leave the misrepresentation to the other side; what he has actually said is bad enough and there is no need for this exaggeration.

  11. Trump is most likely also right about the 3% death toll of covid-19. We can't know the real number of infections because not only isn't every government honest about, a lot of people aren't honest about it or don't go to the doctor. In many countries, including the US, because they just can't afford it. But even if everybody could afford it, there is another problem: There aren't enough doctors anywhere. You can't expect every person who shows potential signs of covid-19 to go see their physicians because this means that everybody who even has the common flu will run to their doctors. The phyisicians don't have the time nor the resources to handel that kind of work load. And forcing them to will not only still lead to cases falling through the cracks but also patients with other afflictions not being able to get the treatment they need and the doctors themselves getting sick, not necessarily from covid-19 but from stress.

  12. Trump's right. He didn't say that people SHOULD go to work. He said that some people have a mild case and still go to work. He obviously doesn't know much, but he didn't advise people to go to work if they feel sick. I'm a huge fan, TYT, but I'll be really disappointed if you don't issue a correction on tonight's show.

  13. TYT knows that we know english right ? He did not say that people SHOULD go. He was saying that some people get better by resting and some even go to work(Meaning they dont't feel weak and can work)

  14. I gotta play the devils advocate here. Trump didn't say people should go to work. He said they do go to work.

  15. Cmon TYT, He never said you SHOULD go to work .. He was saying you hear about people who get the virus and have mild symptoms. The point was that the symptoms are so mild they go to work, etc. I've heard the same points from doctors.

  16. Trump is an idoit… but here he is right. Not on the facts, but on the seriousness. This is not serious! No ones life is in danger. Stop this made up panic!

  17. Why…? Why give MAGA-people actual proof that you're spreading "fake news"!? Anyone with ears and a brain heard Trump say that he had heard about people going to work due to their symptoms being that mild… he didn't encourage anyone with symptoms to actually go to work. There are many comments here or responses from people who either didn't listen .. or rely on TYT being factual/honest. Either they are just acting out of tribalism, or it's just a sign that you (TYT) are part of why the voters aren't informed, since they trust you.. and you choose to spread misinformation.. as proved in this video.

  18. I have always wondered what it was like for people in other countries I hear about on the news having their governments undermined, destabilized, overthrown, etc…Well, now I know.

  19. You know what I think Trump supporters should believe what their dear leader said and go on out there and catch the COVID-19 virus, make sure you Trump supporters don't go to the hospital either and be sure to transfer that virus to your fellow Trump supporters as well, it'll make your immune system stronger afterwards lol;D

  20. Hahaha…. when this flu kills 60-70,000 that’s when I’ll worry. The regular flu kills that many every year. TYT is run by a loser and is supported by losers…they haven’t turned a profit yet!

  21. Far leftist subscriber here -> in this case, it feels like your commentary is off. He didn't tell people to go to work in the video, he just said many people are. Is it irresponsible? Yep. However, it certainly wasn't what you said in this video.

  22. DJT actually didn't suggest anyone w/ illness go to work. not sure how TYT missed that… that said, the difference between 3-4% vs sub-1% implies about 4x as many people have COVID (and all are fine). I'm skeptical of that, given magnitude of difference and DJT's relationship w/ truth

  23. Working class people don’t have the luxury of staying home from work while sick. The last time I was sick and tried calling in I was forced to still go to work. We don’t have much say when we’re told to go in or lose your job.

  24. Hey Turk Motherfu-ks. It’s official!!! Bernie Sanders has betrayed us again and will be bought off by Joe Biden exactly the way he was by Hillary Clinton. It’s time to openly support Trump and destroy the Democrat Party once and for all

  25. He literally said "some of them go to work". He did not say anyone SHOULD go to work. He didn't say it was a good idea to go to work. You're just giving the MAGA people ammunition when you misreport stuff like this.

  26. TYT are ultra radical far left extremists, they warp the truth and lie about the news to suit their agenda, thats why anas real nose was so big because of all the lies.

  27. TYT is what you get when abortionists lecture on the value of human life! Trump never said go to work, he just said some people do. He could've said don't go to work but that's as far as you can criticise him.

  28. You are both too stupid to comprehend English and/or dishonest enough to twist his words. Very likely since the head at TYT is Cenk. Dishonest, disgusting pricks!!

  29. Trump "It is very mild, people do not even go to the doctor".
    Maybe it is becasue 87 million people which is 1/3 of the USA can not afford a doctor's care and have no health insurance. So who knows how many are really sick.

  30. The virus will only scare me if I see (God forbid) death rates severely spike.Not 3 percent but maybe 30 percent and that's not even total population.Then I will go far away to a cave!Only then!

  31. I don't see the point in twisting Trump's words when he says plenty of other things that really are crazy.

    He said "even: some of them go to work". He did not say he thought they should go to work.

    This is very clear, and, with Cenk's legal training, he ought to be able to concede the point that, Trump did not directly tell people to go to work when they were sick. What he *did do*, was his usual, very skillful, classic Trump technique of (as Cohen explained) letting his followers interpret what he wants them to do, whilst not actually taking any responsibility for it himself. Trump may be bumbling and ignorant in the educational sense, but he is a master at making sure he can blame others for what he didn't quite literally tell them to do.

  32. With the fantastic US healthcare system, a lot of people can't afford to pay for the doctor nor can they miss a day of work. With a population of 327 M and a death rate of 2% you're talking about potentially 600 000 death. And it doesn't matter if you're rich or not.

  33. Lol no western nations people can afford to miss work its not a u.s thing. It's a too much immigration which has seen supply and demand drive up my house price and rents to take the majority of my income. Even with free healthcare it does me no good if I miss rent payments and am out on the streets

  34. As a rule expect everything that flows from President Narcissus tiny brain is hyperbolic drivel. Therefore, no matter what he says, just do the opposite if you want to live.

  35. Anything Dotard Jay Gump spews you can just safely assume that the opposite is true. What's his lie count so far since taking office? Is it up to 7K lies yet?

  36. I'm sorry, I am not on Trump's side at all, but he definitely did not say they should go to work. He's explaining why he thinks the death rate may be inflated – people with mild symptoms don't even get tested or go to the doctor, they in fact go to work and get over it. He in no way advocated going to work with covid19. That's just readily apparent…

  37. How many are sick in the US; how many have died in the US from this illness? What's the population in the US? I mean, I'm no mathematician, but I can tell this is over-inflated by ALL media. It ranks up there with the knuck knuck saying Bloomberg could've taken his $500M spent on the election and given the entire population of the US a cool hard million.

  38. It is strategic. His stupid base thinks that the USA are at the center of the universe so he bases his hunch on the few cases ( and rising) in the USA. But SARS-CoV-2 doesn't care if you are a proud american patriot. Statistics gathered in well infected countries tell the truth. God won't spare you!

  39. Okay let's break this down, because reporting like this is INFURIATING to me

    The 3.4% is indeed the mortality rate among identified cases of the virus. This number is likely an overestimate because there are cases that are asymptomatic, i.e. some people don't get sick (i.e. fever and coughing) or only display light symptoms even when they have the virus and they CAN get cured by doing nothing. That is a fact. Also some of those people go to work, which is part of the reason why it is so hard, if not impossible to contain.

    And that is pretty much what Trump said in the interview, just listen to it again, it is obvious that that's what he means (granted, his usual struggle with the english language may obfuscate what he's trying to say).

    I've seen alot of headlines on a bunch of outlets totally misrepresenting what he said during this interview, but I honestly expected better from TYT, who usually have quite a high standard of integrity imo. I wonder what the reason for that is, is it that people just expect Trump to say something bad and then fall victim to confirmation bias, or is it to stoke outrage because that gives more attention?

  40. he is actually right… that is the percentage of the REPORTED case and death. But yeah, stay home if you are sick

  41. I'm a progressive YouTuber. I just made a video about Trump's peace deal with the Taliban. Please check it out & sub

  42. "Poor sucker you don't know a thing?" Is that really something you should be saying in this time of crisis. "OF COURSE!".

  43. Maybe Trump does deserve a Stock Market crash because it goes to show that karma can come right back to bite you in the ass. So I say good riddance because Trump and the rest of the 1% deserve it.

  44. are y’all really that dumb? trump says he’s had conversations with people that deal with this and they say that people have had it and don’t even go to a doctor. therefore implying that they wouldn’t know they had the coronavirus so you can’t source the cdc because that says if people have it they shouldn’t go to work and yes they had it but they didn’t know they had the coronavirus. and i’m not sure how these people trumps talked with would know that people have had it and didn’t known they’ve had it but all i’m saying is that you’re argument and using the cdc to support it is invalid.

  45. Sorry guys can't support you on this. He said there are people who still go to work not knowing they've got it, he didn't say that people should still go to work even if they know they've got it.

  46. Lots of people saying he didn't say "go to work". Alright, pedants; he didn't use those exact words, but it's very clear that the point he's trying to make (in his stream of consciousness way) is that the virus isn't that bad and that people can go to work with it. That's in direct contradiction to the CDC's advice but very much in keeping with his strategy of trying to downplay the whole thing.

  47. "Some don't even call a Dr…"How the hell dumbass knows they are cases of it that go unreported if they NEVER were reported?? Never was treated, never had test to even see if it actually is coronavirus or if that person Judy had the flu. If just a cold or flu no wonder some didn't need to call a Dr! Now he knows of cases of this happened even they were never reported in the first place?? Ans idiots will go right along wth this BS….🤦🏾‍♂️

  48. I'm not a fan of Trump, he's a disaster for our country, but he didn't say they should he said people are, significant difference even though he should have said that anyone feeling sick should stay home. And yes I listened to the entire recorded playback 3 times and he didn't say that people should.

  49. Where did he say they should go to work? I heard him say that people ARE going to work with it which is a safe assumption. But never heard him say they SHOULD go to work.

  50. If you listen carefully – in the CONTEXT of what Trump was basically saying – we do NOT know exactly the number of people that have been infected by the Coronavirus – because SOME people may have MILD symptoms that would NOT indicate TO THEM that they actually have the Coronavirus – therefore, SOME will "go to work" and do what they normally do. SOME of these people may believe that they just have a cold or the common flu. SOME people may just deliberately IGNORE their symptoms and refuse to go to the doctor and get checked. Whatever – IT DOES HAPPEN.

    He did NOT advise people to go to work if they were sick.

    TYT is nit-picking this "go to work" phrase, taking it out of 'context' and warping it into
    some kind of "advisement". Ridiculous as it is, they spin this in the most NEGATIVE way as possible – because they HATE Trump. OF COURSE !!!!

    People at TYT get up every morning with a mission to find ANYTHING they can to disparage and smear the Trump administration. TYT is 100% biased – has NOT one ounce of journalistic objectivity. They sound like a bunch of immature college students at a left-wing university. They are a disgrace to journalism.

  51. Trump didn’t say u should go to work, he wasn’t advising. He was stating an observation. Cmon, TYT fans r not that dumb to believe Cenk blatantly lying, r u? Just listen to the clip again. Cenk and Ana r spinning the story to make it “Orange Man BAD!” rhetoric. A real news person or journalist would tell u the facts. I even think it’s fine to criticize Trump for what he actually said and that some people would prefer him to make an advisement while others wish he just wouldn’t say anything. But the dishonest rout taken by TYT along with MSNBC, CNN, and others is why the term Fake News now exists in our lexicon.

  52. Officials just came out, the mortality rate is (according to them) more close to .1 – 1%

    Close to anywhere in between those is a fraction of 1% 😂 stop thinking you know more because you read something from an actual news Network TYT.

  53. " I never said people that are feeling sick should go to work". He factually never said that. Correct, why does TYT show you the reality then gaslight their audience telling them he said things THEY JUST SHOWED that he didn't say clearly.

  54. You fat fucker, the election result did produce one positive result: you know now that you are NOT well liked. You grossly misjudged your popularity.

  55. It’s ok Cenk you and your Bernie bro’s shouldn’t contract the virus since you guys never leave mommy’s basement.

  56. Looking forward to yall retracting this. The audio clearly doesn’t say he advises to go to work. Wrong audio? Negative filter on? I’m no Trump fan but I count on y’all to be fair.

  57. TYT is shit. Has Cenk got a covid vaccine on air yet? Make his handlers give him and Ana a shot on air. DOoooo it.

  58. Wasn't TYT among the dozens of Puppet media outlets who criticized Trump for restricting travel with China as soon as the story of the virus surfaced? Why yes.. it WAS. "Trump is being RACIST" was their predictable canard. That one move by Trump has kept the infection rate in the U.S. to near the lowest in the world.

  59. They must told on themselves by playing the entire audio clip before reporting on it. Trump never advised anyone who was sick to go to work. He stated that there were people who may have been infected with the virus and not even know it who may have gone to work.

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