Trump Creates Task Force To Strip Immigrants Of Their Citizenship

February 29, 2020

Earlier this week, the Trump administration
announced that the department of justice was creating a denaturalization task force with
the sole purpose of going out there and finding immigrants who had come to the United States
and become US citizens to strip them of their citizenship. Now, the administration claims that they are
doing this because apparently we got a lot of people that came in here and lied about
past crimes. According to the administration, some of them
are terrorists, some of them were sex offenders and they lied about this and didn’t tell us
and we made them citizens. So we have to take that away from them and
that is absolutely completely bogus. First and foremost, if that was in fact the
goal of this new task force that they have created, they wouldn’t need a task force to
do it. This is not a common thing. I’m willing to bet that, sure, there are some
people who have done that and became naturalized citizens. And guess what, folks? The DOJ actually already had a process in
place to denaturalize those people, right? You, you charge them with fraud and you strip
them of their citizenship because they lied. That’s already a thing that could happen. We didn’t need a task force to do that. It’s not that common and that’s why the administration’s
reasoning behind this is absolute bunk. We know that this is not true. The goal of this task force is to round up
as many immigrants as possible. Find some kind of, you know, slip up that
they had in their past however minor and use that as an excuse to strip them of their citizenship
and ship them out of the United States. That is what the goal is here. This is not about rooting out people who lied
and who are secretly criminals wanting to do horrible things in the United States. We already had a process for that. It didn’t need to change and it sure as hell
didn’t need its own task force within the department of justice. What this is is a wink and a nod to Donald
Trump’s hugely bigoted base saying, I got you. I know what you want to see come November. I know what brought you into my camp in the
first place. So I’m going to do everything I can to get
rid of as many non-white people as possible in this country and that’s for you folks. I’m doing this for you. That’s what this is about. This is about pandering to the lowest common
denominator in this country because those are the people who vote for Donald Trump. Those are the rabid ones. Those are the people who don’t like anyone
who doesn’t look like them when they look in the mirror, they can’t stand it and they
want them gone. And unfortunately, in order to court their
votes, Donald Trump is willing to do anything possible, including the constitution, according
to lawyers who have looked at this task force, by shipping away these people and stripping
them of their US citizenship. This is all a play for votes, has nothing
to do with national security, has nothing to do with fraud. We already had a way to deal with that. This is about pandering to those horrible
human beings who think that being white is the only thing
that matters.

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