Trump Government Shutdown to Shutdown Impeachment?
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Trump Government Shutdown to Shutdown Impeachment?

October 25, 2019

It’s that time again, Congress has to approve
and the President needs to sign the annual appropriations, or spending bills, to run
the government or cause another government shutdown that could slow or dramatically halt
the impeachment inquiry. Welcome back to, I’m Carl
Cameron. Trump has again said he is not interested
in signing any bills until he gets an agreement to fund his border wall. Democrats are not willing to give in, so homeland
security, defense, and every other federal agency could be shuttered in a matter of weeks. The reality is with holidays and congressional
breaks, Congress only has, at most, 30 working days before the end of the year. House Democrats adamantly oppose funding Trump’s
border wall and have the votes to halt it if Trump insists on trying and failing again. But this time he can use shutdown time to
attack Democrats and career civil servants for impeachment while lawmakers are out of
town and the government is largely closed for business. Of course, Trump already stands accused of
abusing power, violating the constitution, and betraying American voters and foreign
allies, so the extreme step of closing the government to get his way is not going to
succeed in halting impeachment…it may only push the impeachment proceeding into the election
year and put other Republican candidates for the House and Senate and state-level candidates
at serious risk when the public revolts against the lack of government services that America
and the whole world rely on. It didn’t work when Trump tried bullying
Ukraine by withholding security funds for favors…it will not work in the United States
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our Constitution and Country.

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