Trump has complete meltdown over Doral reversal
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Trump has complete meltdown over Doral reversal

October 28, 2019

They ran their business. Hey, Obama made a deal for a book. Is that running a business? I’m sure he didn’t even discuss it while
he was president. Yeah. He has a deal with Netflix. When did they start talking about that? That’s only a couple of examples. But other presidents, if you look, other presidents
were wealthy. Not huge wealth. George Washington was actually considered
a very, very rich man at the time. But they ran their businesses. George Washington, they said, had two desks. He had a presidential desk and a business
desk. I don’t think you people with this phony
Emoluments Clause—and by the way, I would say that it’s cost me anywhere from $2 to
$5 billion to be president. And that’s okay. Between what I lose and what I could’ve
made. But I give away my presidential salary. They say that no other president has done
it. I’m surprised to be honest with you. They actually say that George Washington may
have been the only other president to do– But see whether or not Obama gave up his salary. See whether or not all of the other of your
favorites gave up their salary. The answer is no. They say it’s the only one. They think George Washington did but they
say no others. So I give up, it’s a lot of money, $450,000. Okay, so, Trump should have been able to host
the G7 at his Doral resort in Miami because the Emoluments Clause is phony, George Washington
had two desks in 1789, and Obama inked a deal with Netflix two years after he was out of
office. Am I… understanding that correctly?
Trump is apparently still fuming that had hard to revoke his no-bid award that he granted
himself to host the G7 summit at his Doral property in Miami, Florida. Of course, the reason is that it’s as clear
a violation of the Emoluments Clause as is humanly possible. And whereas Trump is seemingly under the impression
that this clause is phony, probably cooked up by the Democrat-loving media and Hillary
Clinton herself, he’d be surprised to learn that it’s been enshrined in Article I, Section
9 of the United States Constitution since its inception. He’d also be surprised to learn that we
…have a Constitution. The Emoluments Clause prohibits any “Person
holding any Office under [the United States]” from accepting “any present or Emolument,
of any kind whatever, from any foreign State.” And Trump giving himself a no-bid contract
to literally accept business from foreign governments – 6 foreign governments, to
be exact – is exactly what that clause forbids. In fact, it would have been such an egregious
violation, that the guy who’s profited from nonstop foreign diplomats at Trump International
Hotel in DC and military layovers at Turnberry and weekly vacations at Mar-a-Lago and even
golf cart rentals from the Secret Service actually conceded that hosting the G7 at Doral
was too far. For THAT guy to reverse his decision, for
the guy making himself millions upon millions siphoning taxpayer funds into his company
to make the decision not to use the G7 to self-deal is a testament to just how blatantly,
glaringly corrupt it is. And it’s not just the optics since, as we
now know, optics have hardly been a deterrent to this administration enacting its disastrous
agenda. The real reason is that it’s impeachable—easily
impeachable, at that. And when Trump is likely to be impeached within
the next few months for OTHER instances of high crimes and misdemeanors, even someone
as voraciously money-hungry as him realized this probably isn’t worth the fight. But of course, he wouldn’t go down without
trying to drag everyone else down with him, from George Washington to Barack Obama. And he intimates that Obama had also profited
off the presidency, and his proof is a book deal. That was announced in 2017, more than a year
after he’d left office. His proof is also a Netflix deal. And that was announced in 2018, more than
2 years after he left office. Now, I do want to be clear, Obama pursuing
business ventures after he leaves office isn’t the same as Trump enriching himself WHILE
he’s in office. I just felt like that difference should be
…spelled out. But with that said, pushing some conspiracy
theory that Obama enriched himself not only is simple to disprove, but it actually shines
a light on the current president who IS enriching himself and his family. And Trump may lean on the fact that he donates
his $400,000 salary, but that’s crumbs compared to what he actually MAKES. As president, Trump passed a tax cut that’ll
likely save him $15 million a year. He amended the estate tax that’ll likely
save his kids $4.5 million. The Trump family still owns and profits from
the Trump Organization, which – despite a pledge of no new foreign deals while Trump
has been in office – has seen more than $100 million in real estate sales during his
term. Jared and Ivanka themselves made $82 million
just last year alone. The Trump family profited into the millions
from their stakes in the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC, which has become a
waystation for foreign dignitaries looking to curry favor with the president. And that includes the Saudis booking 500 rooms
to the tune of $270,000 just after Trump’s inauguration. And it’s not just foreigners; the Trump
Organization was paid $4.2 million by Republican candidates and campaigns, and Trump’s OWN
re-election campaign spent over $740,000 at his properties since he took office. American taxpayers paid for Mike Pence to
stay at Trump’s Doonbeg Resort in Ireland despite it being 181 miles away from his official
meetings in Dublin. US military personnel have been staying at
Trump’s Turnberry resort in Scotland, a property that lost $4.5 million in 2017 and
then was miraculously up $3 million in 2018 after becoming the hotel of choice when Trump
took over. Attorney General Bill Barr dumped $30,000
into Trump’s DC hotel for a holiday party. Just Trump’s golf trips alone to his own
properties have cost US taxpayers over $340 million dollars, with the Secret Service spending
more than half a million dollars on golf cart rentals. So when Trump slams Obama for not giving up
his salary, he probably needed it because he wasn’t busy lining his pockets with taxpayer
dollars throughout every inch of the federal government. Honestly, it’s not that Trump doesn’t know
what the Emoluments Clause is; it’s that he doesn’t care. His sole priority is to enrich himself and
his family, and every move he’s made since taking office has been in furtherance of that
goal. And he will continue to barrel through any
obstacle that prevents him from continuing to do that, even if it’s the United States
Constitution itself.

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  1. The Constitution was written by our forefathers and this ass wipe of a president said it's phony because part of it goes against things he wants to do. True Americans should be offended that this human feaces is showing no regards to something that built us. The Constitution isn't a joke for us but it's obviously nothing to him.

  2. Doral was the brand name of a tobacco product , cigarettes smoking is a filthy disgusting deadly habit . It figures a filthy & disgusting, toxic deadly being like the donald would use it .

  3. This guy is the original tekashi 69. It is everybody else but him. They let a suspicious character become their President.

  4. This guy spends his whole time, golfing , chasing his tail. Nothing for government or the people..
    Anything that crosses him is fake or phoney.
    He is pissed that such a big money maker was taken from him… they would have jacked up the prices…
    Greed the disease of the USA.


  6. Dude the only place your gonna make any money speaking is at a trailer park or probably in the rec room. Hahahaha

  7. George worked as a ditcher and later a gardener on Mansion House Farm. In the 1780s he was likely among those whom Washington directed to create paths, move and level earth, build walls, sow and cut grass, crush gravel, and transplant groves of trees to realize his plans for an elegant country estate. Short version- He was a landowner- Mt Vernon. Only land owners could vote at that time- White male land owners.

  8. They say that Washington was the only other President to give up his salary….Trump gives up his salary because at least he can admit to be underserving of the salary and the position…👏👏👏

  9. This is the point where liberals tell conservatives “I told you that billionaires can still be corrupted” and conservatives reply “ We don’t care.” Anyone that didn’t see this coming during trumps campaign or still supports him in light of all this actually happening, is hopeless.

  10. He always Amazes Me by hitting even a lower stupidity level than last time ..what an absolute Halfwit…actually giving Halfwit is to way to smart for him

  11. Wrong, you're not a wealthy president! You are a multiple bankrupt, draft dodging, fast food loving, constipated rebrobate! Mr. Bone Spurs, for the sake of America, & the entire planet, please resign your position. The world will be much safer if you return to your cushy penthouse & your regular golfing excursions. Thank you Individual 1, thank you!

  12. Gosh, I really do wish one of your videos ends up on the trending section one day!!!! You are fact checking and I truly appreciate that!! It's not opinions, your putting out the truth for every blind follower to open their eyes and face the reality!!!

  13. This pathetic retarded piece of garbage said phony everything's phoney when it doesn't work to this retarded orange face backwards ass idiots favor.

  14. This dude is such an Asinine Imbecile aka a FUCKING IDIOT WRAPPED UP IN A DUMB ASS!!! Whoever defends his mania should be really embarrassed, and they should know that they are definitely on the wrong side of history….AND THE LAW! This crack pot is definitely a CRIMINAL! LOCK HIM UP!!!!!

  15. Maybe the fat fraud would like to declare what salaries his daughter and son in law are getting in contravention of the nepotism rules.

  16. Don't you just love his excuses for EVERYTHING and Uses "Obama" as his main complaint Clearly he needs his balls drained Might release that pressure

  17. Has he any idea how ridiculous he looks?
    There is nothing wrong to earn money after you retired as president. Obama wrote a book after retirement.

  18. I am going to call this guy son of a bitch and let me explain why. He's fucking liar, don't even fucking lie that you can lose or gonna lose 6 to 7 billion dollars when you stiff people and contractor out of just couple thousand dollars. I don't care whatever however you practice your business but your bullshit is getting old. Used to like you but now found out you are just a con man. Good luck

  19. Bruh you gota stop lying to the people. Wake up. This is not true. Stop taking this soyboys words as facts he manipulates what he wants to show yall and dosent show the rest. Do your own research. Democrats are part of the deep state trying to overthrow our constitution and our god given rights.

  20. There's no point in arguing common sense with his voters. Note that I said voters, not supporters. His supporters aren't enough to win him the election, it's the other brain dead non-supporters that voted for him because they actually believed he would be a good president, they are the real problem. 6 bankruptcies and they actually believe he is a genius. At one point he was so indebted that he was considered one of the poorest in the Country. This guy, you voted for. A homeless person would have been a 100 times better choice. The man is a con artist, and they still can't see it.

  21. Traitor Trumpet is a Benedict Arnold. Putin's puppet. What's going on. Revelations unfolding right before our eyes. Evil spirits in High and low places.

  22. Who’s “they”?

    Actually, “Doral” was only a distraction. It was during the press briefing to “announce Doral” that Mick Mulvaney admitted that military funding had been withheld, as it is “all the time,” in exchange for Ukraine doing a “favor” for Trump and investigate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and any possible Ukrainian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

    Predictably, the media didn’t know which way to go. Both stories were ultimately covered, but it also gave Trump a new story to distract the media.

    “Doral has been cancelled. I’m giving back. I don’t have to. All of the Republicans say I don’t have to. But I’m giving back because the Democrats and media are so up in arms.”

    This riles up Trump’s base and independents who are more interested in civility (“say something nice about each other”) than the Constitution.

    Heck, even I almost forgot about the quid pro quo.

  23. Trump is every aware of the kind of man Obama, and he hates him for it. He can't go anywhere in the world with out with someone say how Obama did this or that he really listen to what they had to say

  24. 2 to 5 billion to be president you f**** liar you don't even have 5 billion Trump going broke that's why he's using the presidency to make money

  25. Where's the proof that he gave up his salary we haven't seen no proof yet he keeps saying it but he haven't proved it

  26. he's a billionaire who hides his tax returns, he's a self proclaimed "genius" who hides his college grades, a "business" man who bankrupted a casino, a "playboy" (ewww… gag) who pays for sex, a "Christian" who doesn't go to church, a "philanthropist" who defrauds charities, a "patriot" who DODGED the draft and and an "innocent" man who refuses to testify.

    ALL self proclaimed. VOTE THE BASTARD OUT IN 2020!

  27. You may have given up your salary but you’ve more than made it up with your back alley deals. What about the deal that just came to light recently where your younger brother got a contract with $33 million what about that?? And that’s just the deals that we found with all the information you’re hiding from investigators I’m sure there’s a lot more. Oh what about the tax credit you gave to the wealthy, doesn’t that include you how much has that save you so give me a fucking break!!!

  28. Well, all my other "favorites" deserved their salary, and respected our constitution.. they worked for it, & their country

  29. A 6' 2" swaggering pile of bullshit who has no concept of the laws and the constitution and who has no concept of decency and respect. Impeach this clown and throw him out of office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. What a whining, pitiful, sad excuse of a human being! Let’s vote this orange asshat out in 2020!!!! He has a date with the SDNY in 2021! Tax fraud, tax evasion, and stealing money from his own charity! Real man, not! Vote blue no matter who!!!!!

  31. "*Trump" I KNOW I'm dishonest and I'm a human being (more or less). So, all human beings are dishonest.(This I call my world view) ( I invented that term). Ergo, Barack Obama, also a human being must by definition be dishonest, too. THANKS OBAMA

  32. Why is this lawless man worried about Obama…I'm tired of his what about Obam rhetoric! You're NOT ABOVE THE LAW IDIOT! PERIOD THE END!

  33. I love that Trump thinks being president for 3 years will cost him literally as much as what hes made in the first 69 years of his life.

  34. He’s an idiot. Does he ever NOT talk about himself??? He may not take his salary but he sure knows how to spend money, I don’t know how much he has spent but I’d be willing to bet he has spent more than any president. Gosh I cannot stand him! Lock him up!!

  35. We rather have him taking his sallery and be the president than being the unemployed politician in the oval office doing business using the prestigious office for his ovn gain.

  36. Lol the American tax payer has saved several of his shitty clubs. Hundreds of millions spent in his Irish golf club which was going bankrupt.

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