Trump In The House Judiciary Hot Seat Over Businesses, WH, And Family | Deadline | MSNBC
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Trump In The House Judiciary Hot Seat Over Businesses, WH, And Family | Deadline | MSNBC

December 10, 2019

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    EXIST ON 700

  2. If I were the ranking GOP member of the Judiciary Cmte, I'd be uber-hating life right now, but… Schadenfreude.

  3. That criminal knows he's shook to the core. He probably needs pills to fall asleep along with repeating to hisself, "No collusion, no collusion, no collusion…" 🤣

  4. Thanks, Nicolle Wallace and Deadline team. Two things I feel need mention. The IRS RICO Team, top experts in the field, are PART of Mueller’s investigatory group, and have been for almost 2 years! And second, the use of “Executive Privilege” to resist, not a court subpœna, but a CONGRESSIONAL subpœna, has never been tested before SCOTUS. That was why McConnell et al. were so hot to push strict corporationist Gorsuch, and strict institutionalist Kavanaugh in !!!

  5. I can understand why Trump supporters are so vehemently averse to even the most basic oversight and so terrified of the multiple ongoing investigations into Trump's campaign, inaugural committee, transition team, charitable foundation, organization, and personal finances.

    Those of his close associates that are not already going to Federal prison have either already pleaded guilty and are awaiting trial or are actively cooperating with the Federal Prosecutors running those many criminal and counterintelligence investigations.

    Objective Facts;
    (not subjective or speculative.)

    Non-Special Counsel Investigations;

    Eastern and Southern New York Federal District Court:
    The Trump Inaugural Committee
    •Subpoena for documents of donors and guests
    •Straw donor and foreign investments inquiry

    Federal New York State Attorney General:
    The Trump Foundation
    •Allegations it served as, "checkbook for personal and family purposes."
    •Accusations of unlawfully coordinating with Election Campaign

    New York State Dept of Taxation and Finance:
    The Trump Organization
    •Investigation into potential Trump Organization "Tax Scheme," and Tax Evasion allegations

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller-related;

    US Dept of Justice:
    Trump Transition Team
    •Revealed in Michael Flynn Court documents that the Trump Transition Team is being investigated for potential contacts with Russians

    US Dept of Justice Special Counsel Investigation:
    Trump Presidential Campaign
    •investigation into Russian Meddling in the 2016 Election, and Potential Trump Campaign Coordination in Russian Efforts
    •Investigation into Potential Trump Obstruction of Justice

    ••Trump associates;
    George Papadopoulos- Pleaded Guilty
    Paul Manafort- Pleaded Guilty
    Rick Gates- Pleaded Guilty
    Michael Flynn- Pleaded Guilty
    Richard Pinedo- Pleaded Guilty
    Michael Cohen- Pleaded Guilty
    Roger Stone- Indicted

    ••And Russians;
    Konstantin Kliminik- Indicted
    12 Russian GRU Officers- Indicted
    And, 13 Russian citizens- Indicted

    All that is NOT including the Executive Branch oversight that the House and Senate are sworn to conduct in their legislative capacity.
    (I/E The ongoing Senate intelligence and Judiciary committee investigations, and the recently announced House Intelligence Committee Investigation.)

    Admitting you're a Trump supporter stopped being something to be proud of a LONG time ago lol now wearing the MAGA hat only has the effect of announcing to the wider world that you're more susceptible to persuasion by a two bit, back-alley, CON MAN than the average human being.

    And, before you try using the, "but Trump's associates were indicted for, 'process crimes,' like lying to investigators, that has nothing to do with Russia!" talking point argument, keep in mind the evidence is PUBLIC facing lol the facts are a Google search away.

    For example; Paul Manafort wasn't indicted for, "Process Crimes," like the current Right-wing talking points attest.
    Don't let ANYONE, in their efforts to defend Trump's innocence, tell you otherwise!

    According to his Eastern District of Virginia Federal charging documents; When it came to Paul Manafort's work with Ukraine, in the Illegal, unregistered lobbying he did with the Pro-Russian political elements in Ukraine, prosecutors explain, in detail, how Manafort; "Duped members of Congress, and the Executive Branch by having them meet with European Officials who purported to be, 'independant, credible authorities on what the US should do with it's policy toward Ukraine," when, in fact, Manafort had those people on his payroll, with the help of his benefactor, the recently ousted Pro-Russian Ukrainian Dictator, Viktor Yanukovych.

    And that's only ONE of the many charges Manafort pleaded guilty to, and it's only in the Eastern District of Virginia case lol his sentencing for the Federal crimes he pleaded guilty to in Washington DC takes place later in March.

  6. Trump is going to have a hard lesson. He's been getting away with everything by bullying and intimidating anyone who tries to stop him. Mob boss rules don't work in the WH. Having zero ethics and morals doesn't work in the WH. Being utterly ignorant of what's in the Constitution will DEFINITELY not work in the WH.
    If you can't claim even the slightest grip on basic human decency, you have no business being in the WH. It's time for Trump to go.

    Beyond #RussianCollusion, #ConspiracyToDefraudAmerica and #ConspiracyToCoverUp.
    The new Congress is now looking into
    #BankFraud, #InsuranceFraud, and #ElectionFraud

  8. Give me a break that impeachment is a very high bar … Clinton was impeached for lying to Congress about an affair with an intern! Trump is an outright crook and provable liar!

  9. It's a witch's brew of corruption and crimes and criminals and their entangled web. Its amazing how mind-boggling and vast the conspiracies are… Founding fathers would never have guessed…

  10. What's  he think to surround himself with his group of Republican jackals as support to only answer with its a hoax ?  His back is against the wall since finally he out of his domain to defend himself .

  11. Individual-1 and his mob family need to be indicted and locked up.
    Republikkkans have been obstructing justice for over 2 years. And now Matt Gaetz is interfering with a witness.
    I can't wait until all these Republikkkans traitors are in prison.

    FASCISM IS OF LIES. please lol nervously, when you remember & get
    #FAKECOMMUNISMrussia, trump's choice, to #FAKESOCIALISMnazis.

  13. Hi Nicole.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Nicole.👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Nicole.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  14. It's a mistake to wonder why his base would still support him, they would vote for Satan McPitchfork if they thought it would keep a Democrat from office. People have stopped voting FOR, they now only vote AGAINST

  15. Trumps creating jobs jobs jobs for new lawyers and law firms for at least 81 individuals and companies! Making Attorneys Great again ?

  16. Look, Otto Warmbier could have been a spy or more likely a courier to get some information out of North Korea from someone else. Kim Jong Un brought up the subject of Otto Warmbier and Trump or Kushner turned him over. T"HAT is why Trump has been so nice and polite to Kim Jong Un because he knows that Trump gave him the info that would allow North Korea to take the gloves off when dealing with Otto Warmbier.
    Trump has loose lips and early in his term as President he was "Slipping" all the time. In time Otto Warmbier's Death will be on Trump.
    The very sad thing is that Trump and or Kushner could easily be handing out lists of America's bravest and most dedicated around the world to any dictator with a smile and an easy hand shake.

  17. Troubling to hear Nadler worry about the court of public opinion, seemingly less concerned about theRump crime syndicate's apparent history of misdeeds, if not crimes.

  18. Trump should flee the US while he has a chance… trump’s got a smorgasbord of crimes that’s he’s committed his entire life in plain sight…. Nadler and co. will dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s in collecting thousands of pieces of incriminating evidence on trump…. then they will impeach trump with about 50 to 100 impeachable offenses all backed up with an army of cold hard evidence…. and that’s just congress, don’t forget about Mueller, SDNY, NY State, etc…

  19. Bob Mueller and his team remain fairly silent, not leaking any bit of information or revealing anything regarding conspiracy investigations against the Trump campaign. DEMS will not be silent about theirs. They will say it loud and clear. This will paint the entire re-election campaign.

  20. At this point i think its safe to say Mueller won't be dropping a shoe but a boot when he releases his report.

  21. If you listen, most politicians are waiting for the American People to stand up and say enough of the LIES. Well I am saying "Enough of the LIES!!" lets keep it going

  22. Get his School and College results too. Prove to his base, once and for all, that he is indeed, one dumb muthafuka.

  23. Why do you Lefties want to do this to OUR President…? WHY? It will make America look like fools in front of the world, if we attack and destroy our OWN LEADER with investigations, it's a tragedy… A dark moment in our history. And why? Why couldn't you just let Trump be Trump and lead the country as himself? Why was it too much for you? Trump is so bad to you that you are willing to destroy the country with a civil war?

  24. An arrogant CRIMINAL will always sound like this. A normal "ndividual 1" may have to sound full of humility when faced with this number of accusations.

  25. They’re saying it’s a high bar because according to them, impeachment is a political action, not a legal one, and right now there are too many Republican constituents that won’t agree with Trump being impeached. I call BS all around. First of all, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to Congress or for lying under oath, I forget the exact charge. They claim his popularity with the public is what prevented him from being convicted. BS again, he was impeached because the Republicans controlled the House and they failed to convict because the Democrats controlled the Senate. If it had anything to do with public opinion, he would not have been impeached to start with. Let’s pause here to reel at the irony of Clinton being impeached for lying about something that not only wasn’t illegal, but wasn’t at all important. Considering Trump would lie about something as innocuous as what he had for breakfast just because he could, not because there would be a reason to, is truly ironic. As it is, he has lied about over a dozen felonies. This is why they won’t let Trump talk directly to Mueller because he thinks he can lie to him convincingly, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. It turns out he probably lied to him on the written questionnaire. I’ll only be surprised if he didn’t. If that’s the case, it was brilliant of Mueller to get him to put a lie in writing. .

    Now for the truly epic BS. They’re telling us a president can’t be indicted for a crime because that is what the impeachment process is for while simultaneously stating impeachment is essentially about the popularity of the President, even if it’s only with a majority of his own party. If our country is truly governed by objective law, not subjective politics, and no one is above the law, they can’t have it both ways. There has to be a definitive, objective way for a sitting president to be charged with a felony and removed from office if convicted.

  26. Tax fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, obstruction, conspiracy, campaign finance fraud, abuse of power, etc. Pick a card any card

  27. I thought Mueller had the goods that he just spent 2 years and who knows how many millions of our Tax dollars to investigate Russia connection. Am I mistaken or have you all not been screaming for 2 years to wait for the Mueller report to come out? Wont this be an interference to the Mueller probe? Is that not what you said when the Republicans wanted to investigate. So now you do not want to wait.I wonder why? What will they do when they get a NO do you think they will go to court? What do you think the SCOUS will say to them ripping into a Private Citizens life? I would bet the Farm that this is where this is heading. What they will soon be calling a Constitutional crisis. The Socialist Party will let their Trump Derangement Syndrome drive them over the Cliff. Face it Hillery LOST 2016 President WON. 2 years of never ending nothing investigations will do more harm to you then to President Trump> I know no onje should be telling you this. I do not worry you are so caught up in your Quest for Power and to overturn the 2016 elections that nothing else matters.

  28. Trump saying no collusion and fake news have never worked and it never will ! Trump is going to prison for life, that is already 100% sure and also his 3 oldest children and Jared Kushner will be locked up for decades !. And there is absolutely nothing the Trump's or anyone else can do to prevent this !

  29. U.S, Russia, poor countries; now Americans pple could have a chance to understand why poor people/countries stay poor.

  30. It's a political hoax… nine investigations of Hillary Clinton was a political hoax… admitted by McCarthy. Republicans project.

  31. Presidential harassment. Oh the irony. I still remember an orange buffoon not only pressing the birther movement but allegedly dispatching investigators to hawaii for significant info found (ya that obama was born there LOL).

    So actual evidence with numerous russians interacting… harassment. Obama is black and not one of "us." Not harassment. Um okay.

  32. The moron boldly asserted at CPAC, while mocking, he wouldn't have appointed Sessions if he knew he was going to recuse himself.

  33. Weaselberg truly looks like he could be Peckerheads Dad. LOL! These people are disgusting. Low Brows Indeed.

  34. Please remove the cacophony at the beginning. Very distracting. Think about people with impaired hearing. We struggle every day with trying to listen to regular speech, increasing the volume to the max. Then the punishment of your terrible noise comes. Why do you think it is attractive? It's a mockery.

  35. The thought of the lunatic serving a full term is disappointing, but if not that would mean pence would be president.

  36. It's more interesting it's more interesting to me that he's been lying all along about his taxes being audited turns out he is not being audited which means he has lied to the American people and News outlets and his own staff for 2 years on multiple occasions he has lied he is not under audit he is canceling his taxes from the American public obviously because they're is something to find that is not appropriate

  37. Idiots. "Convince Trump supporters," – why not make turning water to wine a benchmark for impeachment?

  38. Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States

  39. Hmmm… Finally all the chickens have come home to roost ! The Congress now have something in between their legs. It no longer consists of spineless Castrati. That's all

  40. Take a look at the guy with the beard on Trump's left shoulder at 1:12 when Trump says that he cooperates with everyone all the time. Even he can't believe it

  41. How do you freaks get people like Omar Schiff Blumenthal white house total f ing degenerates nadler Nicolle walrus

  42. If the playing field was level this info would damage his rep, but he's got his own TV station, basically, & has stacked the courts.

  43. Yes we know, this will take two years. Trump term will end will be over and Trump name will br posted with past president.

  44. So.. Johnny came home from school and grabbed the milk out of the fridge, and turned to his mommy and asked : What does it mean to take the fifth? AND.. his mommy in shock said : Johnny! You're only in third grade.. where did you ever get that idea?

  45. Why does President Trump keep focusing on collusion? Does he not understand that he is about to have his brand/company taken down for fraud – tax, bank, fraud, insurance. And that he has openly demonstrated obstruction of justice. Collusion is the least of his problems.

  46. Democrats, get behind the legislation that needs attention. You can handle the investigations of Trump's odious deeds and passing bills at the same time. Get some news out about your work on Medicare, border protection, college debt, hourly wages. There is an onslaught of refugees coming from Columbia. Float some ideas around to handle this emergency. It's about to become a tidal wave. Building a wall and letting immigrants die on the other side of the wall will be a travesty for our nation. Germany did it to the Jews, let's not even go there.

  47. Trump is going to end up resigning before the end of this year in order to as the House Committees reveal his corruption during his campaign and through his presidency. Pence will pardon him. Then he will focus all his time on the criminal charges against him.

  48. How much do you want to bet that the Republicans will try to impeach the next Democrat president, no matter if there is any evidence. They will make up something like the birthers did. I don't know what it will be but it will be bogus.

  49. tRump saying Cohen discussed a pardon with him, If that happened tRump would have tweeted that out in real time not wait for a Cohen's ex-lawyer to say he spoke with tRumps lawyer about a pardon.

  50. Trump is a serial liar, corrupt and deceitful. Americans do yourselves a favour. Vote him out. Make Andrew Yang your president.

  51. He tells on himself all the time because he keeps saying no collisions but when he keeps saying something over and over he's trying to make people believe him. Money to Russia in 2016 and 2017 from two banks who flagged it as suspicious activity, but supervisors never contacted money crimes unit in Washington d.c., like they supposed to do. Trump said he never met Putin in 2016 ,but in beauty pageant in Russia he said to audiences how great Putin was and that he met him and talked to him. Why did guy in trump's campaign who was arrested on child pernograghy have in his phone a text message from Russians saying Putin had won and he wanted to meet with trump. There's much more to come. Trump is the fake news lying king and fox news his anchor.

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