Trump is officially violating the Constitution
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Trump is officially violating the Constitution

October 8, 2019

Does Mr. Trump want to continue to own his
businesses Or does he want to be the President of the United States of America? To make sure that American Presidents were
making their decisions in accordance with what’s best for the United States and not
for any other foreign country; the founders put in a clause in the Constitution known
as the foreign emoluments clause. Section 9 of the United states Constitution:
the foreign emoluments clause states: No person holding any office of profit or trust, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any payment, emolument, office,
or title, of any kind whatever From any king, prince or foreign state. You need look no further than the Trump Hotel,
right down the block from the White House, where Mr. Trump has aggressively courted foreign governments. Seeking their business, their patronage, and
their cash. What about his golf courses? What about his other properties? What about the condos and apartments that he sells sometimes for millions of dollars? We know he has a giant loan from the bank
of China. We know some of his projects have been, the
permitting process has started up since he was elected. That can have a distorting effect on a president’s
judgement. Some people have suggested a blind trust,
but you cannot have a totally blind trust with operating businesses. Presidents, republican and democrats alike
have used these blind trusts or the equivalent to hold their investments. He’s broken with 4 decades of precedent. His lawyer was also wrong. She said that it would be enormously complicated
to do this. It’s as simple as Donald Trump holding a piece
– page of paper like this and signing his name and assigning a trustee. I don’t think it’s difficult for him to sign
it over to a trustee. But what if it were? He decided to run for president. He now has the most important, most powerful
job in the entire world. It’s entirely appropriate for him to make
a choice. The plan makes his conflicts worse, is going
to precipitate controversy, scandal, corruption, and a Constitutional crisis from day 1, hour
1, min 1 of the Trump administration.

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  1. This is disingenuous. Congress does seem to have some latitude in assessing potential conflict of interest; but I don't read anything in the Const. that says the Pres MUST divest into a 'blind trust.' Maybe it's a good idea, maybe not a necessary one — but to pretend the absence of a blind trust is already an 'automatic' violation of the Const. seems intellectually dishonest — and I didn't vote for Trump, btw.

  2. Did not vote for Trump , but love to see the left pissing it's self…. We got through 8 years of King Barry we will get through 4 to 8 of Trump.

  3. Wow the level of legal ignorance from this guy is hilarious. That only applies to those who hold public office…. Trump is only just become President of the United states…. those laws do not apply to what he has done in the past. He no longer owns the Trump corporation….. all his business' have been handed over to his children. Sure past presidence have used the blind trust however they didn't own a multinational corporation… they more often than not only had an investment portfolio.

  4. ThinkProgress….   I thinks you need a coup of coffee!   I think you was out to late last night!!!     you want comments here?   than read what wavesport777  had to write and maybe than will refresh your memory!!   otherwise "jump in the lake"

  5. THE LOSS OF TRILLIONS of Dollars in U.S. GOODWILL VS THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of FUTURE TRUMP FAMILY WEALTH. THAT IS THE ISSUE. Even the Perception of Influence ruins the standard that AMERICA CAN'T BE BOUGHT. Trump's "ALTERED FACT RULE" it can be sold at Fair Market Value when you rent from the TRUMP EMPIRE.
    TRUMPS SON is running Trump Business's also has another corp called SCION. Trump's son will just switch future business oportunities to that Corporation. American voters don't know what interest the PRESIDENT and/or his son will make Billions. Will THE SENATE SUPPORT the President sendIing our Military to protect his or his son's Real Estate interests for the next 8 years? VET-USA RANGER SGT.

  6. Impeach Trump! He's "Hell on Earth" and far worse and dangerous than you have even envisionned… Said it from day One of his announcement to run for the Presidency!

  7. I think in The Netherlands they have a rule that you can't have any companies when you are in the 'second room' : conflict of interest

  8. he just raised the membership of his golf club to $200 000. he's raping the Constitution and financially exploiting the presidency.same for his kids. .

  9. Trump has no plan on being President. he was used to just get the keys. the carnival barker then when the audience sits down, out comes the clowns. that's why no tax return, no getting rid of company, why wife has not moved to the White House. no fool could start all this and remain.

  10. Trump swore that he will protect and follow the US Constitution. How would he know because he has no political experience.

  11. With a bit of research, one finds out that this guy is a Socialist (believes wealthy people are evil)… and his interpretation of the constitution as it is applied to a specific context is very misleading.

    Trump 5 days after being sworn into office, applied for "RE-ELECTION" for 2020.
    This "LOOP HOLE" means he CAN keep all his businesses, gifts of money & presents as "Contribution Funds" for his re-election.
    A NOTE: He is the FIRST president to ever apply for re-election this fast. Now YOU know TRUMP can't be impeached! SLIMY

  13. First the people should know that the right to bear arms, doesn't mean the right for others to treat constitutional people like quakers. It means the right for the citizen " at that time just legal alien" to have the state defend the citizen " legal aliens and citizens". So the legal alien and citizen dont have to use a shotguns to defend themselves. What crimes did Trump do that is irrelevant to the use of a fire weapon?

  14. Another video from you that is garbage . You should quit posting things that are proven WRONG repeatedly. As time goes by the things you promote are being shown to be false. Stick to the facts and quit listening to all these Democrats that just want to use the black community as a voting base.

  15. Waaaahhhh. !!!! Go the liberals. Never cared about all of Obummers transgressions. Didn't care and actually tried to deny Clinton Foundation pay for play with a mountain of evidence. But libs have been shouting impeachment since the beginning. It's just that the reasons change or fade away.

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