Trump Lashes Out At Staff After He Struggled To Read The US Constitution
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Trump Lashes Out At Staff After He Struggled To Read The US Constitution

January 22, 2020

More and more revelations keep coming out
from the forthcoming book, a very stable genius by Washington post reporters, Phil Rucker
and Carol Lennox, and according to the latest revelation that has come out of this book,
Donald Trump is incapable of reading the U S constitution out loud. Here’s the story
that they detailed in their book. HBO was doing a documentary and they wanted current
president, Donald Trump, former presidents, former vice presidents, former members of
Congress, current and former judges. All they wanted them to do was each read portions of
the us constitution out loud on camera. That was it. They didn’t have to interpret it.
They didn’t have to recite it from memory. They were given the piece of paper and said,
dude, read. Just read it. Just read it out loud for the camera.
And the book says Donald Trump was incapable of doing it. And in fact, he grew so frustrated
because he could not understand the words or pronounce them correctly, that he then
lashed out and blamed his staff. It’s your fault. I can’t read. Y’all are being too distracting
and I can’t read because there’s noise and people in the room. I guess maybe, and this
is just my theory, maybe it’s because there’s no pictures in the constitution, right? I
mean maybe if they had like drawn out little stick figures of each amendment and what it
does. Maybe if they showed him schoolhouse rock, maybe he would understand it a little
better, but instead he whined and said it’s like reading a foreign language and yes, those
of us who have read the constitution, those of us who did study it before, they got rid
of a civics and most social studies in school, we know that it’s written, you know, in very
proper English. Which was common at the time that this was written.
Sure. Both. We’re still able to read it. I mean,
we didn’t struggle with that part. We still understood what it meant. We didn’t lash out
at our fellow ninth graders when we were trying to read it and say, y’all shut up. There’s
too many of you. I can’t read. No, we were more mature back then than you are today.
And you’re in your seventies we didn’t even have our learner’s permits yet. When we first
started doing this. That’s not the only, Donald Trump is a complete moron story. In this new
book they went on to add, Mr. Trump barely knew of Pearl Harbor. He wrongly told Indian
president Narendra Modi his country did not border China and asked the state department
to help him change a law banning Americans from bribing foreign officials for business
deals. I mean, even without the, I can’t read the
constitution part of this story, that one little paragraph there. That alone should
be enough to warn, this guy’s not good enough to be president. He’s not smart enough. He’s
not mentally capable of doing this job. You can’t tell a foreign leader what countries
their country does or does not border. I’m pretty sure they know. I mean, how would Donald
Trump feel of Kim Jong un came over here and said, yeah, you don’t border Mexico. That’s
a, that’s South or America. I don’t know. Of course, if he did say that, Trump would
be like, Holy crap. Are you serious? I always thought that was Mexico. Donald Trump was
a moron. And if we learn nothing else from this administration, if we don’t take any
other lesson from it, how about we just leave it as don’t elect stupid people to be the
president of the United States?

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  1. although the US Constitution was written by literate people, the country was physically built by many generations of illiterate people. The railroads, bridges, tunnels, and highway were completed by people with strong bodies and work ethics. This country benefits from both strong minds and bodies. Stop being snobs!

  2. You're preaching to the choir. Any sentient being who has been awake for the last 4 years knows full well what kind of biological hazard the Orange Turd is, and that "intelligence" isn't one of his skill sets, which is why he resonates so deeply with his base. Can't read? Can't think? Can't string 5 words together to make a coherent statement? Boy, have we got a candidate for you.

  3. Stupid people elect stupid Presidents. President Trump has graduated. Wonder what it cost his father? Total fail of US education system.

  4. WELL, bare with me. ITS NOT ENTIRELY HIS FAULT. give me 2 mins and I'll explain.
    He would of never got where he is by himself. Its the 63 million other idiots that placed him there. This is our president ok. But I at least can say, I DIDN'T VOTE FOR THIS MORON. count me out. THE MESSED UP THING IS.
    T H E Y. S T I L L. W A N T . T H I S . I D I O T . I N ….. O F F I C E .

  5. 1 inaccuracy English was not prevalent in the continet, it was written by people from English speaking back grounds

  6. There’s a Madman in the Whitehouse!😳 Impeach/Remove this #CriminallyStupidTraitor, NOW! Wake Up Republicans! WTFU😳

  7. The reason he couldn't read it is because it's his kryptonite! Had continued his eyeballs would've popped their sockets and his lips would've melted. His toes would've shriveled but his hands wouldn't because they already are tiny.

  8. I think you said it all very well! Too bad those supporters of his feel differently. And unfortunately there’s no changing their minds! Sad!

  9. I have said on other forums I believe he suffers from dyslexia. It is a disease the causes him to scramble letters and words making it almost impossible to read. If he truly does suffer from that, it explains so much as to why he compensates as much as he does. You know, tough guy, best brain, stable genius, etc

  10. I knew that there was a problem when he refused to read the Presidential Daily Briefing. He gets a P.D.B. every morning to update him on national and international information. Hope someone reads it to him.

  11. Poor Donny! He just needs easier words. Have him try this:

    Weedy peephole off tea hew knight heads dates, sin hoarder tooth arm emir birth hecked June eon, inch shore dome nest tick drank quill hit tea, prove hide forty come on tea fence, broom oat tea gin roll wolf air, hand seek your depressing self flipper tea two hour shelves sand hour post air ready, due whore deign hand hiss stab leash disk con's tit ocean forty you knighted stay stuff ham mary kay.

  12. Too bad though, preaching to the choir. There are no right-wingers that will listen or hear a word you say. Afterall, it's not fox snooze.

  13. DJ Trump is a scum
    I feel bad for the Secret Service men and women they put they lives on the line everyday to protect this piece of human excrement

  14. I'm sorry but you are mistaken. Trump is not a moron. He is not an idiot either. He is an imbecile.
    "Idiots.—Those so defective that the mental development never exceeds that or a normal child of about two years.
    Imbeciles.—Those whose development is higher than that of an idiot, but whose intelligence does not exceed that of a normal child of about seven years. (That would be tRump)
    Morons.—Those whose mental development is above that of an imbecile, but does not exceed that of a normal child of about twelve years." (tRump does not qualify as a moron. Persons who are 7 to 12 years old can read)
    — Edmund Burke Huey, Backward and Feeble-Minded Children, 1912

  15. Trumps a Russian with an english locker room banter talking swagger. A.K.A the ultimate Russian hustler with a real role as commander in chief. Now all trump has to do now is Nuke us under his advisors command.

  16. WE just have to VOTE everybody! I kind of blame myself because I did not vote. Now I kick myself in the ass every single day. I will not make the same mistake. Sorry, everyone.

  17. OK, you've heard the story. Now just imagine how dumb his supporters are.
    Oh, and America borders New Mexico, everybody knows that.

  18. It is not surprising that Trump struggles to read anything when it is in front of him!!! He is mron, stupid , idiot !!!

  19. Hey mate, I totally agree with you. I can't stand donald trump. He is nothing but an arsehole. Lol. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇦🇺

  20. I concur with the comment, “don’t elect stupid people.” We as a nation can do better with those that represent us but first I personally believe that we can need to represent our selves in a more respectful, disciplined, educated and polite way as individuals and once we’re on our way we can help others and gain omentum to change our government on multiple sides that has not been winning even some of the most simple tasks that our nation can conquer. Our government always just seems to be an office to be reelected. What a waste, what a shame for not only ourselves but our children and their children’s futures. Thanks for the show. Best regards.

  21. You all knew he was retarded (attention deficit), high on adderall, paranoid, devoid of morality and a wanna-be mobster – BUT YOU ALLOWED HIM TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!! This freak had a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND for Christs sake. Guess fraud and money-laundering are A-OK?????

  22. He’s only got about a twelve word vocabulary or he truly has a real mental and physical issue going on …. either way he needs to be gone ….

  23. Wow if trump is all that then Who is the dirty fucker moving the strings in the white house. Cause there no one so dummer then trump. Trump is the puppit and who running his strings, I'm curious lol..

  24. Weaponization of information … mmmm …. a very fascist idea. I wonder if Trump will write a book call "My Struggles"

  25. Donald Trump can't read?that's a new one to me.And he said that congresswoman Maxine Waters had a low IQ.It's been said according to medical experts if a person has a IQ of 60 or below,that's makes a person mentally retarded.Congresswoman Maxine Waters has a bachelor's degree.What degree does Donald Trump have?better yet,what's his IQ?

  26. What a remarkable finding that Ttrump is incapable of reading the US Constitution out loud. So much for his many assurances that he's a very smart person. What a loser.

  27. This is going to disgrace our judicial system. Bring all the witnesses and docs into play if there's nothing to hide. Why should we the people follow any of the rules if you idiots can't. So disappointed in our judicial system. You all need to be fire and get some people in there with common sense. Just plain stupidity.

  28. In 1692 Salem, MA, it was believed that witches could not successfully recite the Lord’s Prayer…..Trump cannot successfully recite even a portion of the Constitution. Maybe they were on to something in Salem.

  29. So you think that there area lot of telling books out now? Just wait until he leaves office and ALL of the maliciousness, abuse, and shenanigans are exposed! #markmywords

  30. My six year old nice can read and understand the Constitution and has been awarded three years running. trump you little bitch your a disgrace to our country.

  31. How about imposing an IQ test for wannabe presidents? It wouldn't sift out the evil ones but at least it would have prevented this gibbering oaf from running.

  32. I don't know how much money they'll make on their book because everybody already know el stupid can't read OR write (have you ever seen that signature). His own grand kids probably say, " mommy can you tell granpa stop asking me to draw him pictures before he reads us a bed time story!!" "He's creepy!"😩

  33. I figured out 3 years ago that the man has learning disabilities, is on autistic spectrum and certainly had a lot of "help" doing his schoolwork. Plus generous donations to the school made for passing grades.😒

  34. Does trump knows the Alphabet ? trump is a danger to society , he doesn’t take responsibility for his shortcomings , he’s NOT human .

  35. Sounds like he has a learning handicap and doesn’t want people to know. I do not like trump but that has nothing to do with his disability. He really needs to get out of politics

  36. See Spot Run . Any book in that famous series for children can be Plan B as a test of the primadonald’s ability to read, seeing that he failed Plan A (ie reading an extract from the written constitution of the USA).

    But a few months ago he famously complained in public that he hadn’t brought his specs with him and so he was having trouble reading something (has anybody ever seen him using reading-glasses? they might make him look more intelligent, but that’s another story).

    So when he’s given the doggone Plan-B test he should be asked to bring his reading-glasses, if he still owns a pair (of reading-glasses, I mean).

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