Trump Loses AGAIN As Another Court Says He Can’t Sue To Block Tax Return Release
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Trump Loses AGAIN As Another Court Says He Can’t Sue To Block Tax Return Release

November 17, 2019

On Monday. Donald Trump got some really bad
news from a district court of appeals in DC when they told him, and we discussed this
at the time, that no, you can’t sue to stop this New York investigation seeking your tax
returns just because you claim there’s some kind of conspiracy that ain’t going to happen.
Yesterday, on Wednesday at another district court with 11 voting, judges voted eight to
three to stop a lawsuit by Donald Trump and his lawyers that was trying to prevent Congress
from getting their hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns. That eight to three vote by this
panel of district court judges said, yeah, you can’t Sue to stop this, so we’re putting
the brakes on your lawsuit right now, which means Donald Trump and as lawyers have two
choices, one, either they say, all right, we’re a bunch of losers. Let’s hand over eight
years of our tax returns to Congress or to they say, let’s double down again and take
this to the U S Supreme court. Those are the only two options this man has left. Remarkably,
those are also the only two options he has left. On the other side too, for trying to
prevent his tax returns from going to the prosecutors in New York. So folks, we are
set up for a massive constitutional showdown right now as both of these separate cases.
We’ll be heading to the U S Supreme court and as I’ve discussed, and I’m going to go
ahead and mention against Supreme court can do basically one of three things. One that
they declined to hear it all together and then that’s the end. The district court ruling
stands, Trump has to turn it over or go to jail. Two, they hear the case, they say, listen,
we don’t want to get involved with the trying to limit Congress’s subpoena power. That’s
really not what we do and we actually can’t even do that. So therefore we’re ruling against
you, Mr. Trump, or three, the conservatives on that court band together say to hell with
the constitution. We’re siding with Donald Trump. Those are now the only three options.
If Donald Trump takes this to the Supreme court, if he chooses not to, again, he’s got
two options there. He hands it over or he goes to jail. That’s it. That’s all this guy
has left. But here’s the thing and this is what I want the uh, you know, Maga hat crowd
to honestly answer why is he hiding this stuff? What is in there that is so bad that he doesn’t
want prosecutors to see? Cause keep in mind folks, this is not, you have to release them
to the public. We still don’t get see them. This is handing it either to these congressional
committees so they can take a look and make sure there’s nothing screwy in there because
Michael Cohen did say there was, and that’s their grounds for doing this or up in New
York, the prosecutor’s there, they’re not going to release that to the public either.
But they’re also a lot based on Michael Cohen. Again, trying to find out how Donald Trump
wrote off those expenses for paying off the porn star that he had sex with and the likely
claim them as legit legal expenses, which, Hey, tax fraud right there. So yes, they also
have legitimate claims to Donald Trump’s tax returns. So again, begs the question, what’s
he hiding? Aside from the very, very obvious, which is exactly what Congress and the prosecutors
in New York suspect him of doing. But if that’s it, come on. That’s small potatoes, right?
I mean, he can get off with that. He can get away with it. He can sweet talk his way out
of that. There must be something worse. There has to be something worse because keep in
mind, he was blocking these tax returns from going public before any of us even knew any
of this. So what is in there? We will find out one day, but that day may be so far in
the future. The Donald Trump at that point is nothing more than a footnote in American
history textbooks.

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  1. I think his taxes are going to show that he's not a billionaire and that he's ripped off the IRS and hasn't paid his share fare of taxes!

  2. I don’t know Trump know this but all in cases you wanna send to the supreme court he can’t win all of them ,if he is is corruption?

  3. The orange guy did expressed how he would be tired of winning. He’s just tired, so tired of winning. Him, his followers & party are all tired of winning. They can only lose from here.

  4. Trump has to go to the Supreme Court so that his installed judges can help him. Corruption at its finest. Hillary released her taxes but little Donnie is afraid to do the same.

  5. Trump said he was under audit and that’s why he couldn’t release them which is a lie but now he’s suing to block them. Trump never intended to show his taxes because he has too much to hide. Conman

  6. Gosh… I wonder what hell do ??
    Of course he’s going to the Supreme Court which he rigged. So that’s it.
    Another freakin’ win for that slime ball Trump.

  7. It's almost embarrassing to see our president behaving like a spoiled child.
    At this point, the only reason for him trying to stop the release of his tax statements is stubbornness and stupidity, he just don't want the public to see the type of odd bird we elected as our President.

  8. Okay, how are we supposed to believe those tax records are all fine and dandy the way Trump and his lawyers are fighting to keep them a secret? Transparency my a$$…..

  9. you got nothing to hide show your taxes yeah show us your taxes brother trump shows taxes Republicans heads explode😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Trump is basically showing the entire nation, how a SLUMLORD handles business, by trying to take people to court for everything, well guess what? You are now trying to sue the legislators! Idiot.

  11. Time stops for no one ☝️. There comes a point when the slope is so greased the outcome is set. The master of lies has greased with slick 50 for years. Would it be legal to execute the President for the worst crime? Treason with a foreign power?


  13. Well we all know he used a veterans charity for himself and his children's personal life, he's afraid of going to jail in New York.

  14. As this common sense issue goes to the Supreme Court, if overturned, our highest court in our country is just as corrupt as the Republicans.

  15. He is afraid of being exposed to the World that he has been involved with Russia concerning his livelihood with his so-called Businesses! But We Should Be Able To See Them! Since We the People “HAVE TO PAY TAXES!” We Already Know! He Is Owned By Russia China Saudi Arabia and Yes! Even North and South Korea at this point! He is Owned by Every Foreign Foe! And They Own Him! And they pull his strings and he danced to their beat and music! But I Do and Should Be Able To SEE EVERY LAST ONE OF HIS TAXES! I DEMAND TO SEE THEM RIGHT NOW! POST HASTE IF NOT SOONER!

  16. HE'S GUILTY AS SIN! He's fighting to stay out of jail. Let us all pray, because there is power in prayer, that he fails in all of his attempts to pay for his crime.
    He's hiding ALL of his criminal actions.

  17. The Government will find that Trump is not as wealthy as He has claimed, who has gotten ill- gotten gain from the Russians.

  18. Unlawful Surveillance and Abuse of Power thru Government Factions like the Fop fbi cia ss nsa you name it Nasa Political Hit Job !!!,,,, 👑

  19. Hey Libertard! You are full of Shits ROF is totally Bullshit. Go ahead keep up talking about bad things to my President and my Country. You are trying to deceive everyone as your viewers. Go to Hell stupid Anti America Fake media ! Trump is doing good job and he's not involved with all of Bullshit story . DemocRATs is always involved all of Fake Bullshit story and those Racial Democrats and Liberals Leftist are Labeled as Criminals and fucking stupid people. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 FUCK YOU LIBERAL TERRORISTS !!! BYE 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  20. If he is hiding the tax files as they are being audited, why is he still showing us his arse when he is under investigation…?

  21. It would be fair to block someone that is not completely transparent, after all even at postal jobs you won’t be hired if deception is found and or criminal fraud Congress can block his candidate filings

  22. Even if the supreme court rules in his favor, Trump still loses. A ruling of this caliber, will backfire when future cases emerge about the same thing. at that time the court would use the Trump Supreme Court ruling as a legal precedence to follow; even if the plaintiff is a Democrat. The US Supreme Court should think long and hard, before ruling in Trumps favor.

  23. Good, That's all he thinks about is sueing ppl for not showing them d .. taxes, He needs to go to prison for lying and his negativity, towards every one, He has cheated and I think he got some one in IRS cloaking for him IMPEACHED and get him out of the American people face and in prison where he belongs….

  24. I’m not as concerned about whether he’s a billionaire, we all know he’s not. That’s not important though since we all know that he lies about everything. What we need to see is all the “funny money” sent to foreign countries through shell companies, which could indicate corruption and or foreign leverage over the president. That, and the tax evasion that is surely in there. If I have to pay taxes…he does too.

  25. It is obvious from all US intelligence sectors and their investigations , along with the Mueller report that Trump has been a Russian asset !! Putin & his aligarch's , over the last 30 years, have woven a very dangerous net around his business through his greediness to interject this poison into the American Democratic Institutions !!! So even with Trump's Multi million $$$ Constitutional Attorney, they surely have advised the President that unless he wins in the 2020 Election, Trump & his Family will surely be in Prison soon after !! So, you think Putin hasn't thought of this to insure that his Plans go forward ??? Trump is scared to Death for himself and his family from Putin's death squad , which Putin has in broad daylight poisoned several persons to remind Trump & assure that Putins plan goes forward. The Plan is the total destruction of confidence in our Constitution!! Putin will attack our infrastructure for the effect of total chaos while he infects our stock market computers for a total meltdown & Trump becomes the Communist Czar of North America !!! Trump will loose and being the coward & Traitor that he truly is, will certainly never concede and risk Federal Prison where as Epstein , will be his demise !!!! God Bless us all that we never see this , and we must all prepare for the WORST !!

  26. Since the impeachment Trump has 3 million dollars donated. Awsome. Pelosi is clueless . I say it looks like another losing battle on the Democrats

  27. Or 3 the conservatives ban together and say the hell with the constitution we are standing with donald trump 😂😂😂😂😂lmfao!

  28. Why don't Congress just put into law that "No One and mean "No One" will be allowed to be put on any voting ballots for president until all taxes returns is received by Congress. And a full back ground check of that person along with anyone who working with or along side the person wishing to be voted president. That law will stop this type of greed and massive government fights.

  29. Oh yes a tumblin', a tumblin', tumblin' down,
    Tumblin', tumblin', tumblin' down,
    Tumblin', a tumblin', tumblin' down,
    drumpf's world came tumblin' down.

  30. 2025: "I'd like to arrange a loan for my new property development."
    Bank Manager: "Oh would you Mr drumpf? Here's 5 bucks for a coffee."Get this bum outta' my office."

  31. Absolutely agreed why not just present his tax return & stop all the negative claims about Trump instead keep provent it & made the public confused. The tax return can tell a lot of stories & facts based on what Trump's speech. All America President shown their tax return & why Trump are acceptional? Not fair to the public & that's not democracy work.

  32. Do stop wasting your breath you're saying the same thing over and over he's not going to release his fucking taxes get over it he's Donald Trump he can do what he want

  33. His taxes are beautiful, perfect, better than you'd expect, the best there is, prepared by the most powerful accounting firm, amazing…

  34. Even real BILLIONAIRES know he isn't one of them! Yes, they will hang with him but other then that….keeping far away from this filth as possible! Show your TAXES and make fools out of all of us or keep them hidden so you can continue to look like a FOOL!!!

  35. #3 Will happen, but heres the thing. His SCOTUS appointees will be judges long after Benedict Arnold is out! So, its thanks Benedict Arnold for appointing us, but we have a future and well, you don't!!!

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