Trump Openly Taunts Constitution By Hosting G7 Summit At His Business
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Trump Openly Taunts Constitution By Hosting G7 Summit At His Business

October 19, 2019

So Trump’s chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney,
made a lot of, uh, announcements yesterday, some more illegal than others, but one of
the announcements he made that really kind of set everybody off, not just admitting to
the quid pro quo, was the fact that next year’s G seven summit is going to be held at Trump
national Doral in Miami. So Donald Trump made good on his threat earlier this summer to
hold the next G seven summit at one of his failing properties here in the United States.
This is a violation of the emoluments clause if we’ve ever seen one. And that’s exactly
what the president is doing here. And at this point, he is openly mocking the emoluments
clause of the United States constitution because he knows that he can likely get away with
it, but he doesn’t care. He wants to show everybody that he is bigger and better and
better than the law. Nobody should be okay with this. I don’t care if you’re a die hard
MAGA hat, Trump flag waving supporter. You should not be OK with this. Trump Dorau down
there in Miami has suffered a 69% operating loss since Donald Trump announced that he
was even going to run for president, and the company itself says that the reason they’re
losing so much is because of the stigma that comes along with Donald Trump. Him being out
there in the public being president has hurt that particular business. People don’t want
to come because they don’t like Donald Trump. So Trump is trying to boost this failing resort.
He’s going to bring in world leaders and they’re going to bring in all their staff and all
their security, and they’re going to rent rooms. They’re going to eat three meals a
day. They’re going to have some fun out there paying for recreational activities in all
of that money, including the U S secret service, Donald Trump’s stay, all of Trump’s staff,
all of that money is going to go back into Donald Trump’s pocket, and that’s a violation
of the emoluments clause. This is a very simple issue, folks. This is not okay. This is unconstitutional.
There are plenty of places here in the United States where this summit could be held that
are not owned by Donald Trump. He is doing this because he has no respect for the rule
of law. He has no respect for the American public and because he wants to make more money.
That is why this man ran for president. That is what he’s been doing since day one in office
and that’s what he’s doing with this G seven summit. The Democrats in Congress have to
do something about this. I know we’ve got a couple of emoluments clause lawsuits out
there. Most of them filed by outside organizations like citizens for responsibility and ethics
in Washington. They’re doing a bang up job on this, but the Democrats in Congress need
to roll this into the impeachment inquiry or at the very least, the impeachment articles
that will eventually be drafted. This is a clear cut violation of the United States constitution
and to act like it’s no big deal is to insult the constitution itself.

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  1. If Obama did this, the right would literally spontaneously combust. But when trump does it, any excuse will do. They have ZERO credibility to even debate this unless they are willing to defend a Democrat president doing the same thing.

  2. Even the imbecile’s most ignorant supporters can understand exactly how bad this is. They just don’t care. And the only part of the constitution that they believe in is the second amendment. Fools.

  3. Here it is again! How much is our Judicial System going to ignore this stuff??? Our country is in shame with this administration and yet here it is again, a personal gain and money maker for them. I just don't get it. Any other administration would have been penalized long time ago. Can't believe this is our USA today.

  4. The Constitution of the United States of America is a USED TOILET PAPER ; cause Donald "Only I Matter" Trump, has been wiping his shitty ar$e across The Constitution with all of his actions, and the Republican Politicians have repeatedly licked it clean when King Donald is done.

  5. Trump Doral had a bedbug infestation. Someone please take one for the team and bring some bedbugs with you when you stay there to re-infestate the dump.
    No doubt Doral has kitchen health violations like all of his other resorts. Hopefully George H.W. Bush vomiting on the Japanese Prime Minister will be eclipsed by mass vomiting at Trump’s G7 Meeting! 🤞 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  6. He smears the morals of the United States in our face..what a disgrace he is. I can't wait to get our respect as a United States citizen back.

  7. Well like I said, if we dont stop this now (which is already too late) the next few presidents will have the leeway to go wild and do whatever they want

  8. If the GOP had a pair of berries between the lot of them, they'd speak up right away and tell trump "NO FUCKING WAY! If you hold the Summit at ANY of your properties, we're going to remove you right now." This con is just teasing them to come and get him. And the more shit like this that he gets away with, the GREATER will be his subsequent criminal acts.

  9. It would be sad when they start the summit all sudden a major hurricane is about to hit and they nowhere to go and it hits the place

  10. Bush once said the constitution was a "piece of paper". Trump just clarified what kind of paper Bush was referring to.

  11. This is the resort that has bugged rooms, the creepy crawlie kind not the electronic kind & undoubtedly run by underpaid undocumented immigrants because of Donald's parsimony.

  12. He called Nancy Pelosi a “third-rate politician”—which would make him a “two-bit presidential hack”. Now he’s hell-bent on holding the next G7 at the Bedbug Hilton.🕷🦂🦟🐜🦗

  13. GOD what is wrong why don't they get rid of him 😠 he's a damn joke he's evil n deranged his supporters r just as demented as he is the hell with his stupid supporters they will not be exempt from the hell this idiot president will bring upon the world !! He is the anti Christ !!!

  14. At this point I'm surprised he hasn't tried selling American landmarks and territories. Wonder when he'll consider how much Kim Jong Un would pay to redo Mt. Rushmore.

  15. I remember seeing a picture of some maga hat wearing trumpists, holding a sign that said better a Russian then a liberal. (Funny)

  16. What if Trump threw a G-7 conference and no civilized country showed up? Icing on the cake would be a huge loss out of his pocket.

  17. The American People asks all other countries NOT to attend the illigitamate G7 Summit.

    Trump's house is not the White House. That is not a government of the American People.

    Do not attend the G7 Fake Trump summit.

  18. He's like a little sheik or sultan wanting to impress within the confines of HIS palace. I also suspects he spends as much time as possible on his own properties so there can be secret conversations and meetings

  19. Please impeach me and send me to prison because that would be better than Putin assassinating me with a bullet or some poison, because he wanted much more than I've given him so far!

  20. Is anything ever going to change? Is Don the con ABOVE THE LAW!. This is ridiculous. I don't care how rich you are,no one should be above the law. FUCK TRUMP!

  21. I would be glad to see the G-6 Summit take place. Somewhere else. How can tRump even expect these leaders to agree with this? Just because he wouldn't have a problem doing this, what makes him think that Educated World Leaders would even agree to this? That's not even looking at the MAJOR security concerns for these Leaders. Geez, what a goof.

  22. The corrupt shitgibbon needs to be held accountable for all of these violations, if the rule of law is pick and choose for the most powerful then there is no legitimacy to it in the first place. They need to lock his orange ass up and every minion who broke the law with him

  23. I really hope nobody will show up. Only Putin and he really is nobody. But who says the NaziPig is still alive next summer. Hope the other leaders will hold the meeting in say France later next year and invite the Democrats nominee for the presidential election for the real G7 meeting. The NaziPig doesn't care the least about those G7 meetings when NaziPutin is excluded.

  24. That's right, he is a maget of the lowest kind. He is the devil in Disguise. I hate him. Will dance in the street when he is gone. Just hope I don't have to wait 4 MORE years.

  25. I keep saying.. the longer you leave him in the White House the more damage you are doing to your country. You are a democracy…prove it! Remove him immediately!

  26. And no one in America can stop him??? I thought he was just trying it on. But you are going to let him??? Fuck me. He can do whatever he wants then.

  27. I believe the people of the United states should put pressure on the other leaders to not come to the summit unless it is moved!!

  28. The Doral is a slum.  They had to pay thousands to a guest who caught bed bugs.  The USA is a big piggybank and Trump has no opposition.  OK Republicans  time to stop this Dictator.

  29. The other 6 members of the G7 should stay away and get their doctors to send notes, saying they are allergic to golf balls.

  30. There are many things that can happen before the G7 summit happens. There is a possibility that Trump will no longer be president and if that happens the location of the G7 will most likely be changed. That particular resort may be on a list for seizure as part of the investigation into Trump's business dealings. Also since Trump has shown the world leaders and dignitaries that he is truly a pig rear, I doubt very much that they will beat a path to one of his resorts. When he did his advertisement, trying to "sell" his resort to be the next location for the meeting, he all but came out and said this business is tanking and I need to make money from it. I don't think many people will accept the invitation, and will no doubt use the excuse of scheduling conflicts and postpone the meeting. Besides, the world would know that Trump is not interested in the meeting, he just wants to make money and play golf. I can not see world leaders flocking to that resort to see this buffoon prance around like he is something special. Of course there is the question of who would willingly go to a place that is infested with bed bugs, really, they can't afford to hire pest control. Trump will also invite Putin, since he wanted him to attend the last meeting, but it was turned down. This time it will be his property and he will feel he can invite anyone he wishes, and to that end, it would not be a surprise to see the prince from Saudi Arabia and the Dictator from North Korea on the guest list. The government could easily solve this problem by informing Trump of the Constitutions Emoluments clause and tell him if he wishes to donate the use of that location and services provided, then it could be done, but no payment will be given for holding the meeting at one of his properties. Trump knowing that not only would he not make money, but would wind up paying money to feed and entertain all these people, I think he would rethink using the resort only to have it cost him money. Though, I would enjoy seeing photos of all these world leaders lined up to enter the resort, only to see a Seized Property notice nailed to the door. Poor Donny, his face will go from orange, to red, then Purple with steam coming out his ears.

  31. LAWLESS Trump wages a WAR against American people!!
    ALL STATES have to support MASS PROTEST by people of NYC to IMPEACH a CROOK Trump and Put him in PRISON!!!

  32. Melania said in one of her (very few) appearances on national TV, that when you go against Trump and attack him, he doubles down. This is living proof of what she meant.

  33. The Trumpanzee's are truly a brainwashed cult. They STILL justify their fake orange messiah OPENLY AND FLAGRANTLY violating the Constitution and emoluments rules several times over, yup THAT'S HOW a CULT works, they PROVED IT BEYOND ANY DOUBT! This criminal can evidently do no wrong, according to cult 45. Even Moscow McTurtle wasn't too thrilled about Trumputin's huge blunder between Syria and Turkey. Watch Dumpster pathetically TRY to pass blame to Obama & Pelosi WHEN ISIS COMES ROARING BACK TO FULL STRENGTH! If this G-7 summit is held at Trumpski's failing 'resort' the attendees better be sure to bring some bed bug killer and fresh sheets w 'em lol!

  34. Is anyone actually shocked by this, he even announced he was gonna break the law a month ago,, the guy was a crook before he became president and he's a bigger crook now, and like any big gangsta, gotti, capone, etc, he thinks he's untouchable, time to prove him wrong America, tax evasion worked before. Here's hoping it'll be good again.

  35. Not to mention disrupt the lives of all those citizens/businesses who reside and operate in that areas. All roads blocked and traffic will have to be diverted and excess noise of helicopters, drones and security etc. Then there is the beginning of Hurricane season, why one earth would the USA subject World Foreign Leaders to such a severe possibility. Greed!!

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