Trump plans to withdraw from nuclear arms treaty with Russia
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Trump plans to withdraw from nuclear arms treaty with Russia

November 20, 2019

Yeah, Russia has
violated the agreement. They’ve been violating
it for many years, and I don’t know why
President Obama didn’t negotiate or pull out. And we’re not going to let them
violate a nuclear agreement and go out and do weapons,
and we’re not allowed to. We’re the ones that have
stayed in the agreement and we’ve honoured
the agreement, but Russia has not unfortunately
honoured the agreement. So we’re going to
terminate the agreement. We’re going to pull out. We’ll have to develop
those weapons. Unless Russia comes to
us and China comes to us and they all come to us and
they say, let’s really get smart and let’s none of us
develop those weapons, I would be extremely
happy with that. But as long as somebody is
violating that agreement, then we’re not going to be
the only one to adhere to it. I think you understand that.

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  1. Once again Rogue Despotic and Aggressive Nation is provoking war. This evil nation cannot sate its hunger for war; if they want war, then Russia and China will put an end to this rogue nation for the peace and betterment of humanity. This nation only brought destruction and war.

  2. What of this is code speak for "Russia is not helping my people win midterms enough so now I need to do SOMETHING to start a conversation, maybe have an excuse to meet them, let them know I'm not happy, 'they haven't been keeping up on the agreement', etc."? Because the orange Cheeto needs their help NOW because after midterms Mueller might indict him with treason and that's a death penalty.

  3. All these Supremacist have investments in weapon companies. These companies can ask n get more money only if they produce more weapons and use more weapons. To have more demand for weapons, there has to be wars going on. There is a way to create wars, just like dump is creating now.

  4. American people do not have the money to pay for this. This will take all taxpayer money. All tax payer money has already been expended in a foreign war. Trump will not pay for these nuclear missiles not even the wealthy of Wall street. Where are they going to get the money? ūü§£

  5. Yeah! Everybody else has nukes, why shouldn't we? Nobody else is playing by the rules, why should we! There! Take that! You! You! Meany!

  6. I mean he isn't wrong on the fact that Russia broke the treaty and continues to build nuclear weapons. Why should we take the back seat and watch China and Russia continue to build up while we fall behind because we obey the treaty? But I think our best way to counter their nuclear weapons is with defensive anti-missile capabilities to counter anything new that China or Russia builds. I just hope for the best.

  7. Himmmm,US led NATO encircles RUSSIA installs many NUCLEAR missiles for defensive reasons , EXCUSE IRAN and NORTH KOREA .
    Now US unilaterally withdraws from signed agreement blaming RUSSIA as violator.
    Just like US aproved 300 billion weapon sale to SAUDIS,finds no problem their bombings Yemen,chopping off journalist, etc.
    What's wrong with US?

  8. America has become a radical right wing Neocon country that pretends to have "progressive and democratic values" but what is really going on is the leadership and now even the public are being turned into crazy warmongers that want to "regime change" half the world. Trump is waging economic warfare on the world and doing military encirclement of US "enemy" nations. What are his opponents talking about? He's not "tough enough" on dictators. They are pushing him to "Saddam Hussein" as many nations as possible, even though he is marching towards war with everyone not named Israel and Saudi Arabia, but the wars are not coming fast enough to satisfy his opponents.

  9. The bottom line is the US doesn't like another country selling arms to US allies however the Russians have better missile systems to offer, is it Russia's fault? No the US politicians were too busy stealing money from their own countrymen to worry about missile technology, anyways the F35 program is a multi billion dollar waste they can easily get shot down with the S400 system I have always said don't waste our money on that stealth piece of junk in fact don't even invest in planes that have any human pilot the new technology is drones..

  10. So what Don is doing breaks down to this. He's gonna withdraw from the pact and make more nukes until everyone comes to their senses and stops building nukes…

  11. Thought the dems would support Trump on this one, but I was wrong. The dems are just anti Trump, not anti Russia. Dont' get me wrong, I don't like Trump but he was right in doing so.

  12. Liar !!! USA develop weapons we cannot even imagine of course same Russia and China it always been like this and will be !!

  13. Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses…
    Evil minds that plot destruction, sorceror
    of deaths construction..
    In the fields the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning…
    Death and hatred to mankind, poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah…
    Politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war, why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that for the poor, yeah…
    Time will tell on their power minds, making war just for fun, treating ppl just like pawns in chess, wait till their judgement day comes …..and i'll STAND ON YOUR GRAVE TILL I'M SURE THAT YOU'RE DEAD!….ūüéÉ

  14. Trump pulling the US out of the 1987 nuclear arms treaty isn't against Russian interests. It allows a new sham nuclear arms race which will free both the US and Russia to increase nuclear dominance over their spheres of influence and boost arms production in both countries from which their oligarchies will profit.

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