Trump respects the Constitution, including Second Amendment: Conway
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Trump respects the Constitution, including Second Amendment: Conway

September 11, 2019

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  1. Why isn't he going after the cops and FBI who admit they failed to follow up 39 warnings ?? Its called illegal seizure.

  2. If Trump goes for our (Trump's base) 2nd Amendment Rights, we will dump on him. NO EXECUTIVE ORDERS on "GUN CONTROL".

  3. Go get the person in this case. The guns are not alive, the guns aren’t to blame. Get the individual.

  4. the first 4 words of the 2nd amendment say it all;
    " a well regulated militia…".
    the 2nd amendment doesnt grant any body the right to bare arms.
    the 2nd amendment grants militia members the right to bare arms.
    want to play with firearms?
    join the military.

  5. When you insist on any legislation on any form of gun-control. You are not for every Americans' Constitutional rights. Sorry Orange Buffoon. You lost a voter. I will be voting for the other fella. And no, I won't vote for a lousy, commiecrat either. I will vote for an Independent.

  6. tRump will lose his base talking like this! But according to Kellyann the president didn't mean what he said as usual! Crusty old Kellyann needs to cut her ties to tRump if she is to have any future at all!

  7. But, but, but . . . Hillary! Haha I'm just messing with y'all but seriously you hired a dictator, so…

  8. LOL no politician respects the constitution or your rights they are licking their lips to get dumb people to give up their rights. A two party system will fail -George Washington.

  9. Heck take their right to vote a vote is more dangerous than a gun.When you vote you are handing over nuke codes and the well being of a nation if your mentally unfit you shouldn't be able to vote

  10. Is it respecting the constitution when you say take the guns first then due process second? watch out republicans he's coming for your guns

  11. Trump has no respect for anyone. Lair, con-man, criminal, cheat, narcissist, asshole… pick one…or all

  12. He can't read now he wants to kill drug dealers and what about the people to go shooting up schools and they confess unbelievable I'm just saying

  13. Except the first amendment…when he calls everything fake news…oh and the separation of church and state……except those..

  14. A background check to buy a gun! How about a background check on students before they can go to school.Students are shooting students.

  15. Sorry Kelly Anne, the question is IS HE GOING TO RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION? IF HE KICKS DUE PROCESS TO THE CURB HE IS DONE!!!! He will be no better that the gun grabbing demoncrates that have 0% respect for the constitution. If politicians have decided that 21 is the right age for someone to be responsible enough to buy a gun then that should be the same age to vote, enlist in the military, and drive a car.
    On Sessions, were are the indictments on the Hilary “mater”, how is the investigation into the tarmac meeting (obstruction of justice) going? How about uranium one pay for play? Muller was pretty quick to indict Flynn for lying, how about Hilary staffers who lied to the FBI (proven by disclosed e-mails)? Hoe about it Attorney General? We are waiting? I thought everyone was equal under the law?

    P>S> I am not a Russian BOT 🙂

  16. "No due process"??? The gov't commits these crimes and the citizens ALWAYS lose rights. Kelly, we are NOT stupid. I have been a loyal supporter of Trump. He just lost me and my family. We are no better off than we were with Obummer.

  17. BETRAYAL!!! POTUS is frustrated??? While he has been living his charmed life we have been losing our homes and businesses. We have not been able to send our children to college. We have been living this Bulls&*t for over 25 years. I turn my back to the WH.

  18. Let's put the nose of the government up the jackass who failed in his duty in Fl. and leave our 2nd Amendment rights alone.

  19. Anybody with MENTAL PROBLEM, should NEVER be in possession of a Gun of ANY KIND! Take the GUN FIRST, then seek for MENTAL HEALTH for the individual. If not, while waiting for a Court Appearance, These Nuts could Kill again in the process, and you may be next or a Family member. Get an understanding of what Our President is saying. As long as you are not making a threat, or acting STRANGE, keep your GUN!!

  20. The dems called for the same thing in 2016. Rep. Nita Lowey, dem, tried to add it as an amendment to a spending bill. It would have banned people from buying guns if they were on the "no fly" list.

  21. He don't even know the words to the national anthem we know he don't read so how can you expect him to understand the Constitution of the United States I'm just saying

  22. Can't even build that wall… but i bet you he'll take your guns before that wall or will never be

  23. Obviously the LEO are not and did not do there jobs. If they did this killer child would not have been given a chance to hurt inocent people with his firearm. Its to bad there is no accountability for anyone in the GOVERNMENT, POWERS AND PRINCIPALITIES.

  24. I called it weeks ago … trump will say something about stripping our guns away… maybe these weak fake Republicans will wake up and support real Republicans and stop supporting this animal we have in office calling him-self a real Republican… let’s take a list into consideration a real Republican like Reagan does not support Russia, a real Republican wants the world to work with us and to grow America like Bush Senior, a real Republican would not have so many sexual partners at the same time of being married and Would have only been married probably a maximum of twice, A real Republican would not have his children and their spouses work underneath him in office as some dictator…. communist are bad…Trump is not a real Republican… I hope Trump is impeached and the VP takes over … the VP is a gay hater but at least he is a real Republican.

  25. this very video and the comments here are the proof that 90% trump voters are single issue voters like 2nd amendment gun nuts. and now trump is doing exactly what he promised, he said he is rich and he dont need no lobby sponsoring him so he is not afraid of the NRA and even his tiny orange brain tells him that its ridiculous that teenagers can buy guns here. and he is going to stop this insanity. eat shit FOX ahahahahahaha

  26. Kellyann…… Alternative facts!!!! The president meant this…get the fuck out of here with your gaslighting. That shit only works for ignorant, stupid fox viewers…!!!!!!!

  27. Trump really stepped in the SHIT this time! He better walk back this bullshit or be prepared to be voted out in 2020!

  28. The United States is a Constitutional Republic. You can not vote on taking away someone’s constitutional rights.
    Our 2nd Amendment is in the Constitution, It is not under governments’ control.
    The 2nd assures “we the people” keep more power than our elected officials, so they can not try a socialist/ communist takeover of the people. The second amendment keeps us all free.

  29. Without the 2nd, you don't have the 1st amendment. How upset would a real journalist be, to have the first amendment of the Constitution restricted?
    The first amendment, it could be argued, was never made so broadcast studios could reach 100k or 1 million + viewers. Perhaps any "news" channel that has a larger audience should be restricted, their program first must be pre-approved by a panel 50/50 conservative and liberal. Just to be sure it is honest journalism and not twisted to a political agenda.
    I'm still with our great President though, look at the other options. Scary.

  30. no we dont know it Kellyanne what do you mean act dont overreact , he already overreacted the FBI and Coward county sheriffs department dropped the ball , period

  31. Thank you White House President Trump's collaborators for going after the Truth in behalf of the American people.
    That is why Mr. Trump has been elected our President. To defeat Liberals and the wrong beliefs that they have learned through so many years of deception, lies, and doing nothing to protect the US citizens. Now we have the oportunity to recover all our rights, according to the Constitution..
    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Trump for leaving your life of comfort to free us from the horrific NWO and from the spooky illegals.
    MAGA 2020

  32. Is it really all about protecting due process, when there is an open acceptance of the violation of due process when people all across this country are constantly, forced to plead guilty, to avoid the financial devastation of the legal costs.

  33. You people are as dumb as the libtarded idiots who eat up everything President Trump trolls out there! LMAO! Either pay attention or STFU! It's Trump theatre designed to keep him IN THE GAME AND WINNING! He's in the middle of taking down the worst bunch of blood sucking satanic pedophile swamp lizards to walk the Earth! It's really not that hard to figure out wtf is going on! You're the same dummies that believe the Trump/Sessions bullshit! HINT: Sessions, “…The Quiet Assassin…” look it up!

  34. President Trump is MAKING SENSE…. He is not someone who wants to come and confiscate your gun but in THIS case, over 40 phone calls to the police about this PARTICULAR man and VIOLENT behavior and THREATS about shooting up a school…and you STILL are in favor that he can have the MEANS to do that on him, then you are crying crocodile tears after he did it? When a person 1. SHOWS that he is violent and have psychological problems… 2. THREATENS to shoot up a school and 3. HAVE the means to carry out that threat… it would be downright DUMB not to remove the MEANS first and then deal with him…or are you going to let him keep the gun and first kill and THEN act? Too little too late!

  35. If he did all that dumb shit? That's due process enough for me to take his guns and get him checked out..

  36. This is what infuriates me about Kellyanne Conway. Bless her for getting Trump elected. But she is so tied in to the President that she puts on those rose-colored glasses and acts more like Trump's publicist than his advisor! If Donald Trump were to come into the background on this, and shoot two people dead on camera, Conway would find some way to spin it in his favor. The woman needs to get her head out of the sand! I heard what Trump said, and Kellyanne's interpretations of it are just plain wrong.

  37. Its Very Possible President Trump Is Just Tossing Out The Line With Juicy Bate'
    And So Gauging, The Political Public Response' By Democrats, And Republicans, To Accept A Violation Of The US Constitution?

  38. Sandy Hook was proven to be a total act,with hired died at all.Basically similar to producing an episode of "I Love Lucy" except the entire motive is to take away American`s guns.I havent looked into the Parkland thing."Self inflicted wounds (like detonation the Twin Towers on 911) that .gov uses to achieve other goals (take citizens rights,privacy away.)It leads to "Kill Citys"

  39. TRUMP wants ALL humans CHIPPED.I was shocked! search for "TRUMP CHIPs"TRUMP has not STOPPED CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING or shut down the thousands of new concentrations spread across the USA.

  40. She looks and sounds a lot like Effy from the hunger games here. But seriously, she's telling us what Trump said himself is fake news?
    I think she's doing the same old shit that moron, communist leftists do. Standing on the graves of dead kids to make the law abiding feel the need to give up our constitutional rights.
    Fuck that and fuck every morally demented dickhead who tries to do that.

  41. Donald Trump Embarrasses Himself While Trying to Discuss the Constitution

    Polls say that one of the biggest reasons many conservatives support Donald Trump is that he’s not a politician. He’s an “outsider,” as they say. While I understand the allure of non-traditional politicians in government, it’s never made a whole lot of sense to me why someone would want an individual with no political experience to be our president. To be the President of the United States actually takes an understanding of how our government and Constitution work. Something that many of these so-called “political outsiders” – and Republicans in general – don’t have.

    Especially Trump.

    In fact, by all accounts, Trump doesn’t know a whole lot of anything factually related.

    Take for instance an interview he had Sunday morning with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press where he embarrassed himself by showcasing a complete lack of understanding of what Constitutionally defines an American citizen.

    After Trump told Todd that he was opposed to giving in-state tuition to the children of undocumented immigrants, he went on to assert that children of illegal immigrants who were born on U.S. soil aren’t American citizens.

    Trump: They’re here. They’re not here legally. I’m opposed to it.

    Todd: Even kids born to illegal immigrants?

    Trump: Well, I happen to disagree with the whole concept of anchor babies. I mean, you look at anchor babies–

    Todd: But that’s in the Constitution.

    Trump: No, it’s not in the Constitution. If you read and if you look, and if you go to the real scholars, like different people that I can give you, they will tell you. Somebody comes over and they have a baby on our border and it happens to be on this side of the border, we’re not mandated to take care of that baby. You do not have to change the Constitution.

    Actually – you do.

    Here’s what Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment says:

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    It literally says the words, “All persons born… are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” It says nothing – at all – about where your parents are from or whether or not they’re American citizens.

    So, yes, you would quite literally have to amend the Constitution to change the Fourteenth Amendment to treat children who were born here as non-American citizens simply because of who their parents were. Because, as clearly defined by our Constitution, anyone born on U.S. soil is, in fact, an American citizen and thus awarded all the privileges that come along with that.

    Then again, for Trump, when do facts matter? This is someone who literally just seems to say… stuff. He’s created a campaign where “facts” seem to be whatever the heck he feels like saying.

    These sort of comments need to be a huge wake up call to all liberals: Get out and vote. Because if we don’t, we may very well be saying “President Trump” come this time next year.

  42. OMG, people. Trump is not taking guns from anyone UNLESS they have schizophrenia, etc. You'll get to keep your AR-15s I assure you. He's not violating the 2nd Amendment by removing guns from people with schizophrenia is he?

  43. My President should put as much distance between He & Gun confiscation as possible. His style of saying things "Off the cuff" will continue to cause him trouble. But, It`s more important to me in what he signs, Than what he says. I will Vote for him again in 2020.
    *IF Hillary Clinton Goes to jail, Like he Said*

  44. I remember trump wanted something from the NRA about 2 weeks ago… Think Trump is playing hard ball with the NRA.?

  45. Anybody anywhere in government that seeks to infringe on our right of due process needs to be ousted immediately. They are a danger to the people and our way of life.

  46. And we are going to leave the decision of who's guns to take up to the same sons of bitches who made all the wrong decisions involved in getting us to the Florida mess. Tell me how in the hell that is going to help anything.

  47. when the second ammendment was written, they were talking about big ass muskets that take 30 seconds to load a shot. you cannot shoot up a school/church/or anything with that thing. this was clearly an ammendment giving people power to fight a war.

  48. Damned Right hes a Non-Constitutional Gun Grabber just as weve all been told! You even give crazy people DUE PROCESS,HOW ABOUT LOCKING UP HILLARY CLINTON WITH NO DUE PROCESS,See where that gets ya!

  49. hey he said due process later period .who decides .Hell no the second amendment is not to be trifled with ! No confiscation period

  50. No one will disarm me unless the person (no matter cops or feds) have a death wish. That is my inalienable right!

  51. I can't imagine any president in history making such a dumb comment. Probably not even George Bush (jr) would've have said something so stupid.
    This has got to be the dumbest, sleaziest, most corrupt and nepotic administration in history.
    Thanks a lot Trumptards.

  52. Kelly Ann Conway, let's hear that from the horses mouth. what he said was illegal. He wants to be a lib, he's gonna lose, hard at the polls.

  53. Lmao the ninth district and all the States that's involved just won a lawsuit. Stating that the 2nd amendment does apply outside of your home. Sooner rather than later, the supreme court will have to look at this. Then nationwide open carry. Constitutional carry. God given right.

  54. All do respect Mr. President. The criminal justice system is NOT setup to prevent crimes, the criminal justice system is setup to punish crimes after the effect. That is how due process works.

  55. Look people get this straight! Do you really believe that these lawmakers are that stupid, that they honestly believe that by banning guns, criminals won't have access to guns? No one is that STUPID! They know it will not stop someone who really wants to commit a mass shooting. Their AGENDA is to disarm 90% of us so they can enslave us. Every government that has done so in history has committed genocide shortly thereafter .
    Every school shooting is set up by deep state. They use MK Ultra to brainwash weak minded individuals. Look closely at the details. Sandy Hook is riddled with facts that don't add up, even a school safety EXPERT said it was staged. They are using these shooting to soften us up to confiscation and if Trump is going along with it he is part of it. So Trump said he met with people involved. Funny he didn't meet with the teacher that said she saw a shooter dressed in camo doing the shooting. We know when the so called shooter was caught, he was NOT dressed in camo. Everything in the Parkland shooting indicates most likely case scenario was a CIA or FBI shooter did the shooting, that was the main reason local LEO'S were ordered to stand down. They had to make sure the actual shooter could slip into the surroundings. A simple ballistic test would have shown the gun they claim Cruz had, did not fire any or all of the bullets removed from victims. They are playing us against each other and we are all falling for it.
    I think a real strong indication of Trumps loyalty is coming up. If he signs these Red Flag Laws into effect that DO NOT INCLUDE DUE PROCESS, he is revealing his true AGENDA. Be ready for a REVOLUTION, you will have to decide if you want to join it, make some sacrifices and have a really good chance of removing this criminal government, or doing nothing and eventually lose all of your freedoms. Then you can explain it all to your children when you arrive at a FEMA camp.
    "The Tree Of Liberty Needs To Be Refreshed With the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants, If We Are To Remain a Free People"

  56. More then 5 murders have occurred since red flag laws when innocent people who have never committed a crime in their life refused to give police their weapons and resisted illegal seizure.Any officer enforcing this law should be executed as an oath breaker and traitor.

  57. Trump understands money and economy extremely well, but his record has shown that he knows or cares very little for the Bill of Rights.

  58. BS.

    It is very obvious that President Trump does Not Respect and Support the 2nd Amendment or the Constitution.

    America would be better off with a President Pence!

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