Trump Says The ‘Phony’ Constitution ‘Doesn’t Matter’ Because He’s ‘Rich’ | MSNBC
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Trump Says The ‘Phony’ Constitution ‘Doesn’t Matter’ Because He’s ‘Rich’ | MSNBC

October 22, 2019

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  1. I don't understand why people would standby a president who is lawless, ignorant of presidential protocol, lack of decorum and tact, ignorant of foreign policy, inhumanely cruel, the list goes on.
    You want a Republican for President? There are options.
    Why throw out your morals and values?
    Be loyal to your morals, and values, be a patriot.

  2. trump say's, "i don't think", Americans And The World Already Know That Is One Fact And May Be The Only One trump Has Said And Is Known To Be True . trump Has A Billion $ ? So why Cater to putin ? Another lie ? :/

  3. 98 people thumbs down this they must be graduates of trump University I thought that degree really meant something? I agree with the other comments let's stop playing around get rid of this guy today.

  4. Belle's Pausley is painful, like a constant stroke, hospitality business dictates a response in Constitution.

  5. Very well said Mr Painter. Now if only mentally disturb tRump could get it in his shallow head. He retaliates against anything or anyone who doesn't agree with his wrong and delusional ideas. He doesn't care how wrong they are or sound, he wants it his way, if anyone asks questions they get fired. tRump is good for firing WH AIDS. The WH seems to have a revolving door during time of tRump's administration. 🤗😬…………..js👿

  6. Richard Painter is the GREATEST. He is my all time favorite commentator. He reminds me of my Basic Training Drill Sergeant back in the 70s. It is so refreshing to hear his no nonsence direct unsugar coated blistering opinion. Good job Richard we love you.

  7. Wow this is literally a rich snob who has never!, Ever! Had! A hard life! This narcissistic moron needs to be impeached by democrats and removed by his own party!

  8. We have the CONSTITUTION for our LAWS.right. and hes is to uphold the CONSTITUTION. SO WHY IS HE A TRAITOR OF AMERICA DOING PUTINS WORK.??????????????

  9. Trump is literally the 60 millions Americans! Impeach him means impeach the 60 millions Americans. Trump knows it and the elected GOP know it as well. Trump is not Trump at all. Hence, the silence of the GOP. If Trump seeks to remove the constitution today, that group is staying put.

  10. Keep being bitter, Trump is still your President. Keep getting mad, it turns moderates off completely. Last but not least, Keep America Great 2020

  11. trump is a traitor; infact trump is an illegitatment president and a non-human being. He is thee biggest mistake of life.

  12. Get him out before he does more damage to this country, to all Americans and before he put us at war with Iran or Daesch.

  13. I just about fell out of my chair when Richard Painter spoke. I didn't expect that voice or way of speaking. I'm just old…too many James Cagney movies, damnit! Where's Humphrey Bogart? Hehehe…

  14. Zionist Evangelical criminal Enterprise 😂 the new revised Machiavellian edition of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,the word of lies, corruption and betrayal ordained by God no forbidden

  15. You tell them, Mr. Painter! He's turned into that old man in the family that's totally out of it. He can go back to the hotel business, right now.

  16. He's bashing everyone and everything including the constitution, WTF! if you are still supporting the lawless, most corrupt, orange clown, wanna be president, you are the stupidest, delusional, unpatriotic Americans ever! Shame on you!

  17. Trump: -"Why is it not legal for rich people, domestic or foreign, to buy political influence and power in America? It's crazy, no laws should be valid for rich people. People tell me I'm the greatest and richest man in THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD (Miami Airport is also the largest airport in the world, and Americans fought shoulder to shoulder with the Romans, WHERE WERE THE KURDS?!?!), and I should be able to buy every person I point at and do what ever I want. They can take their Constitution and smoke it for all I care. I'M RICH!!!!".

  18. This is cause other presidents to do the same thing this man know nothing about government or the Constitution the Constitution is phony

  19. His statement proved he didn't want to win in 2016. It was a branding ploy to increase his brand. But, it backfired on you Mr. Precedent. Your brand is ruined. Maybe you'll start your own publishing company when you become a regular citizen to circulate your memoirs written via ghost writer. Yes, I spelled "precedent" wrong on purpose to promote him.

  20. Democrats hate the Constitution. That's why at this very moment they're the only ones trying to take constitutional rights away. But well just ignore that I guess.

  21. Well…if Trump thinks he's still in the hospitality business, the Constitution is phony, he's lost millions of dollars NOT running his businesses, etc.; then Trump needs to step down and get on with his businesses in the hospitality world! Just that simple.

  22. Trump mocking your country and empty it for money. But still the brain dead voters will vote for him. You aint no patriots.

  23. Trump is continuously doing the unbelievable.

    So the Constitution should not be followed or honored?

    Who is this man that the rules of our Country doesn't apply to him?

  24. I love that he said Trump can “try” to be in the hotel business, when he gets sent back to NYC, accurately implying that he hasn’t been very successful at it, so far😂

  25. Why is America afraid of this mental coward ,get rid of him ,he’s a total con man ,traitor to America ,surrounded by weird creeps like Mulvany ,who looks like some kind of Nazi. General with those wire specs 🤓 👹🤮🐁 god help America and the rest of us for that matter
    This is the American Nightmare

  26. I’ve dealt with Trump supporters that have said the the Constitution is a “Fake document written by the Libs” Now we hear this sentiment directly from Trump.

  27. Now I understand why Egyption dynasties would totally erase from their scrolls and walls Kings and Queens, for being as incapable and tactless as Trump.

  28. Trump already enriched himself and the ultra rich by trillions for the past 3 years. Just being impeached and removed is not enough. How about paying his taxes, fined for his crimes of extortion and bribery, and then going to jail for America's pain and suffering?

  29. Ok trump supporters. Please explain how your hero can call the constitution phony. The rest of us know he calls anything that he doesn’t like phony, but the constitution? Surely that’s a step too far?

  30. This LIAR is one of the most vile and ignorant individual to occupy the office of the presidency! The next SANE person to hold the now vacant office of president will have to work extremely long hours to reverse some of the terrible damage by 45 locally and universally!

  31. Lovely E. This is the man you voted in office to love America and withhold the constitution. A traitor for some money and power

  32. The Dotard doesn't like Our Constitution. He needs to be impeached and removed from office. He needs to leave Our country like he told those 4 Congresswomen.

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