Trump Suggests Destroying The Constitution So He Can Deport Immigrants Faster
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Trump Suggests Destroying The Constitution So He Can Deport Immigrants Faster

October 8, 2019

Really the only job of the President of the
United States is to honor, uphold, and protect the United States Constitution. That’s really it, I mean, as far as the job
description goes. You’ve got to do one thing, and Donald Trump
proved this weekend through his own Twitter feed that he is absolutely not willing to
do that one thing, which is to protect the United States Constitution. This weekend, Donald Trump tweeted out the
following here: “We cannot allow all of these people to invade our country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately,
with no judges or court case, bring them back from where they came. Cannot accept all of the people trying to
break into our country. Strong borders, no crime.” First and foremost, let me just correct him
here. You wouldn’t say “bring them back from where
they came,” you would say “bring them back to where they came.” Just a quick little grammatical thing, since
Donald Trump seems to really struggle with grammar and spelling and all that. But this idiot just suggested no courts, no
due process, no nothing, no lawyers, no representation, snatch them up at the border and send them
back to wherever it is they came to the United States from. Now, here’s the thing. The United States Constitution applies to
everybody in this country, legal or illegal. You walk into this country, you’re protected
by that due process clause. That cannot be undone, except — and yes,
there always are exceptions — if you are an illegal immigrant in the United States
and you are captured within 100 miles of the border that you crossed, and you’ve been in
the country for less than 14 days. Very strict criteria there in order for the
due process thing to not kick in. Most of the people that are currently detained
here in the United States do not fall under that very narrow “no due process” clause,
so everybody, pretty much, at this point is entitled to it. Because you know what happens when you take
them and you lock them up for two, three weeks? You force due process on them, and that’s
good, they need due process, they deserve it. And if somebody is apprehended within 100
miles of the border and they’ve been here under 14 days, if they’re seeking asylum,
they still get due process as well. But we know that this administration has pretty
much done away with asylum. They said they’re not going to grant it. If you’re fleeing violence, be it gang violence,
domestic violence, war violence, whatever, they don’t care. They just want to send you back, and that
is illegal as well. But here, we have the President of the United
States not only saying that he wants to piss on the Constitution, but using words that
were invoked that helped to start World War II. “Invade,” there’s an invasion of these immigrants,
according to Donald Trump. What he said a few days before that was “infest,”
they’re infesting us here in the United States. He spent most of the weekend pushing out propaganda
about how illegal immigrants just want to kill you, and how they’re responsible for
most of the crimes here in the United States, a claim that was absolutely 100% false. Crimes committed by undocumented people here
in the United States and legal immigrants here in the United States have actually fallen
by about 36%, one of the biggest drops in crime rates among all demographics. Yet Trump is out there spreading this propaganda,
using these words like “invade” and “infest,” while at the same time trying to dismantle
one of the core protections of the US Constitution. Because think about it this way: Suppose we
get rid of due process for allegedly illegal immigrants. What’s to stop them from stopping you on the
street, claiming that you’re illegal, not giving you due process to easily say, “No,
I live here, here’s my birth certificate,” and just shipping you back to wherever it
is they made up that you came to the United States from? Nothing. The answer is nothing. There would be nothing stopping them from
doing that. So if you don’t speak up, if you don’t care
about what’s happening to immigrants in this country, just remember that this is always
just the first step. You go after one group first; once there’s
none of them left, you move on to the next one. Do you really want to risk being that next
one, or should we stand up and fight back against this administration that has no respect
whatsoever for the rule of law in this country?

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  1. I posted on FB yesterday that if one child dies under the hands of our government while hiding their whereabouts, status, and location from the parents and our lawmakers in an attempt to maintain deniability of a heinous act, then we have become the same as when Reinhard Heydrich and Adolf Eichmann implemented action on 20 January 1942…

  2. Hey…He doesn't HAVE to "destroy the constitution". All he has to do is declare martial law….suspend Habeas Corpus….arrest ALL aliens…and kick their asses across the border. PERIOD! And…Au Contrare….The US constitution does NOT cover illegal aliens or ANY "furaners" for that matter. Lincoln did it during the Civil War. Trump can do it too. It's in his job description…AH!

  3. Hey…the ONLY "love" the Democrat elites have for illegal aliens….they work for "cheap"…and…they're likely to vote Democrat (whether they're still illegal or not!)

  4. G cousins I've never heard Trump berating you because you can't get three sentences in a row out without a stutter. Some announcers use commas to divide the sentence up you seem to use stutters.

  5. MAGA =
    Moronic Asswipe "Governs" America
    Mental Acuity Gone Awry
    Madman Advances Gutter Agenda:
    Maliciousness Actually Guarantees Absurdity
    Miserable Attitudes Generate Arrogance
    Morbid Anxiety Grips Amygdala
    Miracle Anyone Gets Ahead
    Married Abuser Gropes Ass
    Multiple Assaulted Girls Agree
    Monstrously Aromatic Gassy Asshole
    Malignant Administration Grows Addled
    Meticulous Attorney Guarantees Arraignments
    Most Are Getting Arrested
    Melania Anticipates Getting Away
    Melania Acquires Gigantic Alimony
    Mortified Adulterer Gets Angry
    Most Arrogant Gasbag Anywhere
    Mar-a-lago Agenda: Goofing Around
    Medical Aspect: Golfing Addiction
    Marketing Aspect: Golden Aspirations
    Megalomaniac's Afraid Guilt's Apparent
    Maturity Absent, Guile Ascendant
    Mentally Atrocious, Greedily Acquisitive
    Malevolent Agenda: Gutting America
    Morality Annihilated, Goodness Apprehensive
    Melania's Against Giuliani's Assery
    Making Angry God Angrier
    Mediocrity's Aberrant Glorified Anger
    Mighty Aggressive Government Action
    Massive Army Grows Active
    Million Automatic Guns Ablaze
    Mueller Ain't Going Away
    Maximum Anxiety Grips Administration
    Meltdown Advances Governmental Alarm
    Most Adults Growing Alarmed
    My America Groans Again

  6. And I bet his followers will support this despite talking about how much they love the Constitution, oh wait, they gotta obey Donald Trump since he's their Lord and Savior.

  7. This was United States of it's United States of trump.this bastard is destroying everything..he is disgusting and disgraceful.trump racist Nazi. what The hell is wrong with this corruptor.and his staff is the same as this trump.garbage.

  8. Whatever happened to "I will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States"?

  9. Invade break into Fox echo chamber RepubliKKKans chant same thing say it enough and you get WMD WMD….

  10. So basically if he wants to destroy the Constitution, he also wants to destroy the second amendment. That won't go well for the gun nuts who voted for him.

  11. If trump violates his oath to the office and violates the US Constitution is that an impeachable offense?

  12. I truly don't understand why Congress and the Cabinet don't do what they ought to, and have Trump examined by doctors (bipartisan and independent plus a tie-breaker, if needed) to see if he is mentally unfit for office. It's clear he hasn't read or understood the Constitution, or doesn't care about it. He's shown that over and over. It's fine for the Mueller investigation to continue, but honestly, how much more damage do you need before there's enough to convict him? Or, how long before he and his people do so much damage that it destroys our country from within? I've gone from outraged to weary. I wonder if we're going to have a country left by 2020 if he stays in power.

  13. So the order of operation: give border patrol agents judicial powers, then give cops judgical powers, get judge Dread.

  14. Trump is a Dictator and has to be put OUT, does no one see what is going to happen down the road or what is going on NOW, WATCH, LOOK, LISTEN is trump not acting and talking like a DICTATOR

  15. Everyone with the mind to do so should peacefully gather in the streets around the offices of any member of the REPUBLICAN SENATE OR CONGRESS and chant (without shouting) in unison, "SHAME ON YOU!" Hmm…maybe even around the Whitehouse?
    Peaceful protest using our right to freedom of speech without any displays of anger or violence. Simple chanting en masse can be very powerful and we the people have had enough of the BS.

  16. Were are all the second amendment supporters now . And can we throw Trump in jail using the same process

  17. He kick start a power you can’t stop anymore. Dangerous populism. Same Germany before World War 2 instead of Judes now Trump blames the immigrants. Next step? A American Dictator?

  18. When your President is constantly violating the Constitution because he clearly does not believe in it and wants only to be a total dictator it's time to use the 25th Amendment to get him out of office. The man is a dangerous corrupt fascist tyrant fueled by hatred, greed, and hubris. The longer you wait to remove him from power the more serious damage he will do.

  19. Misleading title. Directly implies he literally stated he wants the Constitution destroyed. I get what you're saying and I'm with you on it, but this title goes too far and weakens your credibility. Clean that shit up.

  20. Most crimes committed in the United States are by people who are home grown. In other words they were born and raised in the U.S.

  21. Tell him to FO , stop encouraging get him and stop interviewing him as well maybe he’ll go away people just ignore him to

  22. Isn't that what the Supreme Court is currently working on? They just upheld his racist travel ban. Let's just keep swirling down the drain.

  23. Why does no one talk about the alien and sedition acts? Trump is trying to bring these unconstitutional laws from the Adams administration. I wonder if the Republican'ts will follow in the shoes of the Federalists?

  24. Trump is the son of an illegal immigrant mother, Klan father, grandson of a supremacist pimp grandfather, father of degenerate children(except Baron, he’s still a child), husband of three whores, who grew up to be a grifter, coward, and imbecile! If he wasn’t President he’d be living in a trailer park with those qualities.

  25. haha what a thick fuck he is ,infact hang him lol..
    he doesn't even know the words to the national anthem and I don't think he has read the constitution …

  26. What Americans need to know. Out of the thousands of kids and families he S trying to Stop from entering USA. Could be a future u s senator. A world renowned surgeon. A scientist who finds a cancer cure. A soccer star. A gifted entertainer Or a good future citizen doing a humble job but is decent and contributes positively to the. America that should be. Trump is infesting. His govt with trash. Never underestimate A child s potential or an immigrant s potential. Trump likes to lie and malign People. Who are not. Criminals like he and his entire family are. The sooner trump and his Corrupt tribe are gone. The better. Things will be for everyone.

  27. Actually these white supremacist came for black people first now they are coming for illegals aka Latinos because blacok people's constitutional, civil and human rights are violated everyday hell we can't even eat in a restaurant or BQQ in a public park in peace without some anti black racist fucking with us and calling the thugs in blue on us and black people are American citizens.

  28. If Trump tries ro destroy the Constitution I imagine he will really see some fire and fury (as he puts it) then, wont he?

  29. I tried to fact check. You have no idea how hard it is to find a laconic on the U.S. Constitution good grief…

  30. Trump the Usurper of Law… He doesn't care really about the immigrants or the immigration law.. he's using it to take away Due Process and other rights protected by the Constitution.. he prefers to burn it… to set it aflame..

  31. When the gods seek to destroy …..they first make humans. We are the destruction of the world, love each other accept difference, or all is lost.

  32. SCOTUS approved $82 Billion to the Trump administration, shifting this cash to Southern Border and Armed forces with an aided of combat ready 4K troops to the border, if you heard of Jade Helm15 & this is what it is for.. the Southern American invasion to Northern America is only the beginning .. i expect once the new Mexican president (AMLO) is inaugurated in December, expect this war to flare up and migrants pushed to the border frequent and easily and it will collapse the border fence.. no point for that border wall now Trump! You've LOST!

  33. trump loves the rule of law only when it helps him after all he read the hitler handbook an he's following it step by step

  34. What happened to all those constitution-loving conservatives? Oh, I forgot, it’s only the gun-rights 2nd amendment part that they love.

  35. It seems to be okay with Trump if many American children are killed by American born mass killers with good old American-made guns. But we have to demonize all Muslims and Latinos if just one of them kills an American.

  36. As an immigrant is so sad to see that we are treated as garbage. Looks like everybody forget how this country has been made, yes, USA has been made by immigrants. Of course, nobody should break the law, its not good and USA is a good country because we still follow the law. But, we have to understand that some immigrants will be never able to go trough the 'legal' process, once they are hurt, poor and sometimes scared the only think they can do is come using ilegal ways. The truth is, USA is big because we have citizens working in better jobs and immigrants doing the 3rd level (cleaners, road fixers, land sc..), but TRUMP as a capitalist guy want the USA CTZS to stay at the 3rd level and keep being right at the low level, and make everybody works a lot and improve their label. Wake up america, this story about protection is just lies. They want stupid people working as animals to make this rich more and more rich. LISTEN, IF YOU ARE 3RD EDUCATION LEVAL YOU WILL ALWAYS ACCEPT WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO ACCEPT.

  37. Nothing is carved on stone. The Constitution suppose to protect rights of people and also country itself. If world has changed so the Constitution itself is threatening the country, make required changes.

  38. trumps personal enemies have been drug abuse fraud child rape and illiteracy. we watch with much humour as to how donald is going to f*ck the u.s. next

  39. You know him Farron… He'll want to give himself credit for the crime amongst Immigrants falling… He continuously rides on the coat tails for President Obama, et al.

  40. Trump doesn't even understand the job of the presidency. His dedication to rewriting the Constitution is proof of thatm



  43. Presumably, once Trump abuses the Constitution he swore to uphold, & removes all brown people then we will be a totally crime free country ( not including white collar crime which, I assume, Trump heartily approves). Yes??

    So, what happens when crime still continues but all the brown people have gone? Which demographic does he target next? What will he do when he's got the population down to just white people (& an orange one) and crime still occurs. At what stage of his ethnic cleansing policy will he have to confront to unpalatable truth that white people commit crimes too?

    Go after the gangs by all means but it looks like it's easier to go after much softer targets – family men & women who have worked & contributed to this country, who have never committed a crime & who have stuck to the rules. It's much easier to round them up & claim they're hardened criminals & gang members than to go after the real thing.

  44. Absolutely correct, yes lock them up without due process. Let's see who wrote that law? Oh Lord, it was Obama's executive order that is still in effect, and where was everyone when he signed it? Oh yeah, it was okay because it was Obama, now, of course, Trump is going to use that law, Oh and by the way they can also lock up American citizens without charge, no lawyer, no due process INDEFINITELY, even if you get found not guilty. If you think I'm playing look it up. And no folk's I'm neither left or right nor a troll just here to speak the truth, and WE ALL let it happen, now we're in big trouble in this nation.

  45. Aaaaand this is why I'm taking my ass back to where my great-great grandmother came from. This country's going down the fucking drain, so… yeah. I'm done with this shit.


    Where the hell are all the people saying "Liberals want to destroy the constitution." Or other bullcrap like that. Im not one myself, but holy shit, are conservatives really this hypocritical?


  48. Trump the TRAITORS should be behind jail bars and hung for TRAITORS and the REPUBLICANS with the trumps for killing the people of the world. Hes not above. The law. No CONSTITUTION no laws we will have WAR i will not bow to a TRAITOR.HANG THE TRUMPS NOW.

  49. Well all I can say is I think Donald Trump is in the wrong house doing the wrong job because he belongs somewhere down south in Alabama wearing a hood over his head in a white robe because that's all a man is he's a damn racist he doesn't give a rat's ass about anybody he doesn't care about Jews he doesn't care about Germans he doesn't care about anything except him his ugly wife and it's messed up kids and that's about it so all I can say is like what DL Hughley said in one of his concerts that I have one video over here on my TV matter of fact I think I'll order it off of eBay and send it to that dick head in the white house where DL Hughley said this nation was founded by immigrants long before Donald ever was pushed out of his mama snatch you know what and I think they should have aborted the bitch back then he's 72 years old he's acting like a freaking two-year-old it's time to grow up Donald

  50. Oh I got one thing to say as much as Donald Trump hates immigrants and he brings them in to do his work on all his properties and screw them over all I can say is he should stop marrying immigrants like Ivana immigrant Melania and immigrant immigrants and I would love to see Melania get sent back to where she came from

  51. Like I said a little bit ago Donald Trump is in the wrong house he doesn't belong in the White House you belongs in the Ku Klux Klan because that's what he is he's a God damn racist

  52. Donald Trump is a dictator is the making. He fanboys over Putin and Un. We need to get rid of this traitor like last year!

    Everybody Vote Blue November!!!

    Dump the Trump, drain the swamp!

  53. This president is available
    What about her wife, she's immigrant too
    Also these president too
    The only real Americans
    Are the Native Americans

    Hey Trump I guess you and your family living this country too

  54. What would it be without people like you that defend human rights even against your own "president" thanks to all americans that fight for what is right thats why America still great cause of people like you you are real heroes God keep blessing you thanks to the guys in TYT too.

  55. HA! HA! HA! Donald Plump. The fat boy in the White House. The Racist, Hater, Liar, Wannabe Dick-tater, Woman Abuser, Child Kidnapper, Anti Breast Feeding and Anti American In Chief now wants to destroy The Constitution so he can further abuse the people of this country, kidnap their children (only God and his henchmen know's what he's doing with them) assault and rape more women and shit all over everything that's good about this country and it's people, and all his ass wiping politician gang members who are responsible for bringing his vile to the office of the POTUS will let him do it.

    LOL! Little does he know, because he just ain't smart enough to figure it out is that if he lifts one of his fat lard filled pudgy nose picking ass digging fingers to destroy OUR Constitution all the officers of the armed forces who have sworn to defend the Constitution will band together to recoup the office of the POTUS, which truly has not been occupied by a person of good character over the past 50 years, and is now crumbling under the weight of a deranged bottom of the barrel mindless fool.

    Donald Plump belongs in the Saturday morning cartoons, not in the Oval Office.


  57. In Trump's entire life, he has always been reinforced in his belief that the rules do not apply to him. This is the way he has run his businesses as well as his personal life. Did anyone really believe he would treat the Presidency any other way?

  58. LMAO.. Let him even try and the s*** would be so bad. I don't know who this m********* thinks he is but he needs to learn his place real quick. That mother f*** is the most ignorant, mental deficient, piece of s*** person on the planet

  59. Swanky pants is a complete idiot and narcissistic senile old racist traitor who wants what is master has power to be a dictator and his zealot cult followers will go along with the orange cheeto clown.

  60. No…you missed it dip shit….That's the judicial branch…So go back to middle school and learn this stuff….Oh…I forgot…Because you are Russian…you only have one branch of government…People …This guy is Russian big time to piss you all off and divide us.

  61. I'm telling you…this guy is Russian ..and all his job is, is to divide this country. That's Putin's plan and it's working folks!


  63. The DOJ AGREES with TREASONTRUMP! If they didn't he would be under arrest or otherwise indicted. The Government is staging a Coup.

  64. People are in danger because leadership in the US is dysfunctional. Whips and Leaders are the true crux of our corruption. They were created during the height of Government corruption in 1899 and 1900. They were NOT implemented by the framers of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Congress is manipulated by Whips and Leaders to broker the bills in a profiteering manner to 501c's, corporations and other countries. The myth is Congress is a weak victim overpowered by the large money lobbyist. But the truth, Congress is the tyranny understanding they have a monopoly selling bills and are aggressive at it. You want a bill passed you have to come through them. There is no defensible argument, Congress betrayed their Fiduciary duty. Whips and Leaders should have been eliminated with Antitrust in the early 1900's. Whips and Leaders front run our republic. This isn't a Democracy, it's not a Republic, it's a coup d'état and the Whips and Leaders are the party of guilt. This should be made into a documentary.

  65. The Republicans want to have a constitutional convention to add 10 amendments to the constitution that they call "The Liberty Amendments".

  66. What other rights do you want to give illegals? It’s disgusting that you want to give ILLEGAL aliens the rights that are afforded to citizens. We simply cannot be the worlds welfare system. We can’t afford it. If you disagree, then maybe you’re willing to pay 60-70% taxes, maybe higher? Maybe you should have these illegals living in your house and paying for everything they require? No?! Well, don’t preach to people if you’re unwilling to do what you ask of them yourself. How much are you willing to give? Are you willing to be poor? If not, then please don’t ask me to be poor. I’m not willing to work while illegals sit home and enjoy the benefits of my labor. If you want a full welfare state, then you must be prepared to be poor. You must be prepared to work for 2-3 dollars out of every 10 you earn. If you’re not willing to accept that, then please, keep your opinions to yourself!

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