Trump Ukraine Solicitation Forces Nancy Pelosi’s Hand On Impeachment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Trump Ukraine Solicitation Forces Nancy Pelosi’s Hand On Impeachment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

October 11, 2019

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  1. Ukraine; that money that you are receiving, belongs to the American people and does not belong to the US government that stole it from us and is giving to you…send that money back, you are receiving cursed money and you will not prosper from it!

  2. Donald Trump is the best President we have ever had!!!!! Democrats hate America!!!! 🚂🚂🚂🚂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸2020 LANDSLIDE

  3. This is a bunch of crap which is wasting are time and Money. They are so scared that Trump will win again, They will stop at nothing. I hope that they find trash on the democrats and throw them in jail

  4. Ironically the whistleblower's transcript must be one of the few things Trump has actually read. Or did he? He's still in denial about all this even after his own confession.

  5. hard to believe Barr's involvement, whereas w/o Barr's interference in not investigating Trump after the Mueller report, Trump would have already been impeached by now. Hard to trust anyone So much for "in God we trust"

  6. To be clear, that Trump claim that "the Europeans" were not giving their fair share of aid to Ukraine is also demonstrably and unsurprisingly a lie.

  7. " No one is above the law." REALLY? Not even SLEEPY JOE & his millionaire son". So says that senile, demented, incoherent little ole wine drinker. " It's impossible for an HONEST person to go to Washington & become rich". MARK TWAIN!

  8. This stuff is gettin' pretty heavy….everybody let's meet in the breakroom for a few minutes…

  9. nice distraction, smoke screen . all this crap…this is a total freak out my the criminal deep state.plain and simple. IT SEEMS {IT} IS WORKING.SURE NOT INVESTIGATING EPSTEIN AND THE SECRETS OF THE MANY ISLANDS???????.I THINK THE TIME HAS COME ABOUT FOR A REAL BIG STORM. and not chemtrail clouds. wakeee wakee.peace is coming…for some…

  10. This is impeachment effort is not based upon any evidence of any wrongdoing worthy of overturning the election. This based upon vicious, partisan hatred of Trump…as a House floor vote would prove. Given that reality, I actually hope Dems try to impeach Trump, which will never result in his removal in office, because it will massively backfire and help Trump and GOP candidates in 2020. So, please Dems, go ahead and enjoy your crash landing on Election Day.

  11. Government by press releases, and who cares if there's any truth to the allegations.  Why believe the press or their stuck to the hip Democrats when all they spew is nonsense.  Today's so called hearing with Adam Schiff was an all time low, if that was even possible. 

    If Democrats want impeachment they should go on the record with a vote, otherwise as a snarky Senator spoke last year…they should shut up and sit down.

  12. Trump Derangement Syndrome is proving far more destructive of politicians than anyone had thought. A one time great party has devolved into a bunch of screwballs. My worry is what it is doing to our Republic.

  13. Nancy may appear to be “smart” in ducking a House floor vote authorizing an impeachment investigation but the sad reality is she has surrendered to the impeachment lynch mob. The Schiff-Nadler-AOC tail is now wagging the dog. Pelosi is fighting to keep her job but she will no longer control the agenda.  The real coup, aside for the one Dems are trying to launch against Trump, is the one that has already taken place in the House—the looney left is now in control.

  14. The bottom line here is the Democrats had a weak mid-term showing, historically speaking. Pelosi knows that if they go on record for impeachment, that means a lot of Democrat House members are going to be voted out of office in 2020, and the Democrats might lose the House again. 

    Which would be a good thing – we can get on with more rounds of tax cuts and other needed changes.

  15. The whole impeachment thing is a waste it probably won’t happen and if it does he’d still be in office …. vote him out …. then find a way to jail him ….

  16. The same thing will happen: The thing is this time, the person’s that will leave are the two thirds of the Senate who refuse to impeach! So: 2020: Trump loses, Senate turns Blue, House gets bluer!

  17. Nancy PELOSI and the Democratic-Muslim leftist CARTEL Political Party Congress members colluded with the CNN. MSNBC and its affiliates mainstream corrupt media are unlawfully using prefabricated fake accusations to destroy President Trump and his administration, this time colluding with CNN and using its clear biased and fake news aimed to vilely slander President Trump on the Ukraine situation, using prefabricated strategic false accusations to impeach President Trump, dividing U.S. and setting up a Civil Ward; therefore, to avoid insane hecatomb, Nancy PELOSI and her Democratic-Muslim left CARTEL must be REMOVED from Congress and from U.S., because they are the authentic dangerous AGENTS who are betraying the U.S. government and its U.S. Citizens, bringing the darkness years of the American Revolution by engaging in conspiracies, alliance and confederation with foreign countries and enemies who are financing illegal immigration, criminal, and terrorist migrant invasion from Central American and Muslim countries, destroying U.S. sovereignty, national security, and U.S. Citizens, exposing them to these criminal and terrorist illegal invaders migrants’ bloody hands. By entering into alliance/confederation with foreign powers PELOSI and the Democratic-Muslim Left Cartel have violated U.S. Constitution Articles I, III, and IV Section, Omitting to protect U.S. against foreign invasion; therefore, they also must be prosecuted and imprisoned.

  18. On the CNN mainstream media fake news aimed to vilely slander President Trump on the meeting with Ukraine president, the same Ukraine president says ‘nobody pushed me’ to investigate the BIDEN family during their now-controversial phone call over the summer, and the comments come after the White House released a transcript reflecting that call did not show Trump explicitly linking the request to U.S. aid, as some have suggested to Democrats to press ahead with the impeachment inquiry announced Tuesday by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, based on her always wrong assumptions of PRIMA FACIE and without SHE HASN'T READ THE UKRAINE TRANSCRIPT, AS SHE ADMITS, she fabricated false accusations to blame and accuse as a traitor to IMPEACH President TRUMP, without considering that a defendant is innocent until proven otherwise in a due process; however, Nancy PELOSI and the Democratic-Muslim left CARTEL Political Party’s Congress members did not do the same when they perpetrated crimes, as U.S. Citizen Jwave77SS said: “Democrats keep accusing Trump of what they actually did,” unlawful democrats actions which is reaffirmed by Citizen BryanK who said: “Pelosi’s Democratic leftist anti-American political party should be shut down as a illegal and corrupt organization. If a business had done what she did they would be closed down.”

  19. On the Nancy PELOSI insanity impeachment
    circus perpetrated by this clown so-called House of Speaker to
    divert U.S. attention away from the criminal actions perpetrating by the
    Democratic-Muslim leftist CARTEL Political Party’s Congress members, Giuliani, critic
    of presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son’s relationship with Ukraine,
    accused Kiev of laundering $3 million to Hunter BIDEN, suggested that the OBAMA
    administration turned a blind eye, and made the prediction that the scandal is
    in its infancy. "If Democratic Party doesn’t call for an investigation of
    BIDENS’ millions from Ukraine and billions from China,
    they will own it.” He added:  “BIDEN made big money selling public office. How could OBAMA have allowed this to happen? Will Democrats continue to condone and enable this kind pay-for-play?" Giuliani
    titled his first tweet, "NEW FACT," and said Hunter BIDEN received a one-time payment of $3 million from the Ukraine that went through Latvia and then to Cyprus, before entering the U.S., where OBAMA ordered to not
    release information about the sum when the prosecutors inquired about it. There
    are not records if Democrat Nancy PELOSI, based on her assumptions of PRIMA
    FACIE, timely and properly had blame and accuse as a traitor to former OBAMA’S
    vice-president Joe BIDEN, demanding his impeach or ejecting from office because
    his  unlawful actions; therefore, Nancy PELOSI is again GUILTY by COLLUSION.

  20. In fact, the Democratic-Muslim
    left CARTEL Political Party’s Congress members headed by Nancy PELOSI colluded
    with Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, anti-Semitic Muslims IIlan
    OMAR, Rashida TLAIB, hybrid socialist Alexandria OCASIO-Cortez, Veronica
    ESCOBAR, Elizabeth WARREN, are unlawfully omitting to legislate and obsessed
    with vengeance and continually perpetrating set ups to frame and destroy President
    Trump and undermining his administration, through preaching, implementing, and
    financing terrorists chaos, sedition, riots, and criminal shooting against
    innocent U.S. Citizens, intimidating and terrorizing Citizens. The PELOSI
    CARTEL are blame and accountable for all these orchestrated and plotted
    shootings perpetrated by liberals and leftists carrying out their hatred and
    treacherous retaliation, using the violence, RIOTS, and shootings to terrorize and
    undermine the Trump administration an victimize Conservative supporters. Among
    this PELOSI’S CARTEL members are:   (1) Maxine WATERS who was caught in camera renewing her vows to harass, obstruct, and commit violence against President Trump, members of his administration, and
    conservatives; unlawful actions she admits she did in face and push for violent
    actions against by her supporters; (2) Muslims Ilan OMAR, Rashida TLAIB, hybrid
    Alexandria OCASIO and Veronica ESCOBAR who are preaching RACISM, XENOPHOBIA,
    VIOLENCE, and inciting RIOTS.

  21. The PELOSI’S CARTEL are
    perpetrating all these unlawful crimes as a strategy to cover the Democratic Political
    Party’s  rampant corruption and treason
    to U.S. by entering in alliance and confederation with Central American and
    MUSLIM countries to invade U.S. territory, while destroying U.S. National
    Security through infesting this country with DRUGS TRAFFIC, SMUGGLING of
    ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL, and TERRORISTS MIGRANTS from Central America and Muslim
    Countries, and thousands of MIGRANTS CHILD’S TRAFFIC SCAMS, as discovered at
    the BORDERS since last year and recently on 08/02/2019 a smuggling crime when 3
    people, among them Elida Cassandra Moreno (26), was arrested for their role in
    a trafficking scheme that involved a 9-year-old Mexican boy being delivered to
    his family in Texas for $2,500, the U.S. District Attorney’s Office
    said; therefore, how Nancy PELOSI claim that President Trump and its administration
    officials are violating their constitutional oath “to protect the country from
    all enemies, foreign and domestic," when the only traitors are the members
    of her CARTEL, who are BLAMED and ACCOUNTABLE for refusing to finance the
    border wall to stop the waves of illegal immigration and criminal and terrorist
    migrants invaders from Central America and Muslim countries, because cashing to
    allow illegal and terrorist immigration is a big business, and Nancy Pelosi has
    criminal background for cashing millions migration bribes.

  22. On 1996 Dianne Feinstein
    received an anonymous stating that Nancy PELOSI received $150 million BRIBERY
    from Mexican government and its drugs cartels to pass a legislation giving
    amnesty to 20 million of undocumented Mexicans immigrants. They met together but
    the anonymous and the matter never was referred to federal investigative
    authorities. On March 2013, another anonymous received by Dianne Feinstein
    stated that Nancy PELOSI received $50 million BRIBERY from same country to pass
    legislation protecting from deportation 6 million Mexicans parents. On 11/2014,
    OBAMA signed an Executive Order on DACA Program and later established a New
    Program named Deferred Action for Parents for which PELOSI received additional
    $50 million bribery, which is commented in Mexico country as another PELOSI’S
    treason to pass legislation again. In both bribe cases, these legislations not  passed and are pending on U.S. Supreme Court decision; however, PELOSI and accomplices Dianne FEINSTEIN, Kamala HARRIS,
    Chuck SCHUMER, and Maxine WATERS kept the dirty money, while CNN mainstreaming
    media hidden this incident and details; Therefore, how corrupt PELOSI is
    adducing that  "the president must be held accountable for his betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our
    national security, and the betrayal of the integrity of our elections,"
    when she betrayed U.S. national security with corrupt bribes and covering
    Ocasio-Cortez fraudulent election in NY.

  23. Nancy PELOSI is covering
    unlawful actions perpetrated by liberals in Congress against U.S.  government and refusing remove from office those
    treacherous liberals, anti-American insane seditious, pro-terrorism, racists,
    and anti-Semitic Muslims IIlan OMAR, Rashida TLAIB, socialist Alexandria
    OCASIO-Cortez, corrupts Maxine WATERS, Kamala Harris, and Veronica ESCOBAR;  meanwhile breaching its obligations and manipulating government by orchestrating set ups and false accusations to frame
    President Trump to impeach him; therefore, the Republican Political Party, U.S.
    Citizens “We the People” must REVOLT against the authoritarian rule Speaker
    Nancy PELOSI and corrupt House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (unlawfully
    involved in conflict of interest cases) whose dictatorial styles and unlawful
    centralized abuse of power to  undermine
    President Trump by orchestrated set ups and false accusations to unlawfully
    obstruct  his administration, are sabotaging National Security and endanger U.S. Citizens lives. We the People
    must oppose to Democratic Party or leftist Socialism government; we must revolt
    against the Democratic Party, its Congress members, and Muslims pro-terrorism;
    survive as Republican nation and sovereign government, deporting from U.S. our
    enemies who want “open borders” for illegal, criminal, and terrorist migrant
    invasion to destroy U.S.

  24. President TRUMP and his administration are PATRIOTS who are protecting against the thousands of waves
    of illegal immigration, criminal, and terrorist migrant invasion from Central
    American and Muslim countries, the destruction of  U.S. sovereignty, the  national security, and the U.S. Citizens
    security, he is opposing to the Democratic-Muslim leftist CARTEL Political
    Party Congress’ “Open Borders” which is the destruction of U.S. because it will
    bring the “Mara-Salvatrucha” 13 and 18 criminal and drug traffic organizations
    and the Venezuelan criminal organizations which actually are assaulting,
    stealing, dismembering people and pets in South America Countries. These
    criminal migrants are and will be perpetrating crimes against U.S. Citizens and PELOSI and her Liberal Leftist
    Cartels are and will be indifferent and will omit to protect U.S. Citizens
    from leftist and foreigner victimization. Nancy Pelosi and her the
    Democratic-Muslim leftist CARTEL Political Party Congress members actually are
    safeguarded with iron bars, walls in their mansions, security systems,
    personnel, and telephones directly connected to Police agencies to report
    emergencies. Thousands of hundreds U.S. Citizens are reacting outrageous
    against PELOSI and her Cartel who are treacherous parasitic who are refusing to
    work doing their legislative job, perceiving high salaries at expenses of U.S.
    Taxpayers, as Citizen Wallen said: “they are taking the huge money they wasted
    on frivolous and fake investigations.”

  25. Lol more likely it’s the real primary challenge that pushed Pelosi to impeachment. (And sigh, who knows if she’ll bungle this up by the time of the vote?)

  26. Nothing illegal into investigating Biden or any democrat crook. I know fake news repeaters can't read, for those who can, this is a document fake news wont publish.

  27. The biggest problem is people who listen to this BS will not read the document, they will only repeat what they are told. Then they will wonder why Trump didn't get impeached.

  28. this critical national drama begins to play out (as it already has)…history will separate the men from the boys. Meaning – however those players act, not what they SAY..but what they DO..will be judged by history. And history will not be kind. What on Earth were they thinking? I answered my own question – they were not thinking.

  29. This whistleblower's name will go down in history for being a patriot who put everything on the line to protect the country, the people and the Constitution from a wanna-be dictator and outright criminal.
    They will be a hero.

    Meanwhile, all the paid trolls that Trump and Putin employ are still pushing the same old lies

  30. There's a famous Law School adage that "If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table."
    As far as I can tell, the Dems and their MSM mouthpieces have been beating their fists raw since 11/8/2016 with nothing to show for it, including this latest 'whistleblower' debacle.
    Actually, strike that – the one thing they will have to show for 4 years of whining about Trump and 'resisting' Trump will be – 4 more years of Trump.
    Heckuva job, Dems!

  31. People seem to be missing the point that the election that the Democrats want to annul is not the 2016 election, it's the 2020 election. Anyone who truly believes in American democracy knows that the next election is barely over a year away, and that we should let the American people decide what they think of President Trump with their votes. Unfortunately, the Democrats and their media allies don't believe in American democracy, especially when they must be positive that Trump will win reelection, mostly because they seem bound and determined not to give us a sane alternative. So they want to strip us of our vote before we ever get to the ballot box.

  32. In other news, the voters in 2020 will be asking Pelosi 'What have you done since winning the House in 2018?'
    Two failed attempts to get Trump may be their only answer.

  33. The complicit media is amazing. the Talking Heads continue to make reference to allegations within the Whistleblower complaint, which is all secondhand, when the actual primary source is available ie. the transcript of the call.
    I believe they are banking on the fact that the vast majority of Americans do not have the time or the energy to watch the Kabuki theater taking place in Washington DC. They will not read the actual transcript or The Whistleblower complaint which obviously reads like a legal brief.

  34. Dems seem to have changed the rule of law. Hillary skates on her 33,000 emails and the phony Clinton Foundation money faucet dries up. Comey skates, the two FBI agents cheating on their spouses, no punishment. We pay a lot in taxes for these people who have done everything to enrich themselves and retire on fat pensions. Trump needs to continue the house cleaning.

  35. Well congratulations Rachel, looks like you have a whole new conspiracy theory to keep you going for a little while longer. I look forward to your daily spin, lies and truth twisting. You're the best.

  36. I’m the ‘whistleblower’ 😒
    I just want to work with the government and get paid for my talents just like they do! Don’t impeach him. Men & women just need to work together.

  37. So, they gonna just sit by like this aint happen we just had two-three videos of disabled receipts across the contry approach the congress for increase just today referring to nowadays but we didnt recieve anything nor do we still all have the proper resources, a increase in benefits requested by thousands of ssi benefits giving citizens ughh we always gotta beg this dang wretched government that only keeps one ear open Once again can we get our increase to $1,500.00

  38. Nancy pelosi seems to exhibiting all symptoms of stokholm syndrome the socialist left running her party seem to have driven her to impeach a President who has been under constant attack from the leftist democrats and their media wing from day one with no just cause!!!. Lets hope the American people see the evil and power at any cost of the democrats.

  39. Have you ever had a job where the boss was a jerk but his/her decisions were always best for the company and therefore best for your job security? And have you ever had the 'cool' boss who was fun to work for and wouldn't discipline but you knew he wasn't always looking out for the company? That's what we have now.
    Despite his flawed bombastic persona Trump get's the most important thing right – solid policies that help America. Yes some of his policies are bad but no POTUS will get it all right. Trump gets most things right and from the big picture the US is going right directionally. What's the alternative? Obama (insert Liz, Biden, Bernie) was a nice guy with terrible policies that sent the US in the wrong direction… but he'd be cool to drink a beer and BBQ with.

    Trump should win easily in 2020.

  40. Completely, love what Trump has been doing. Voting for Trump over the professional crook, Hillary, was like falling off a log easy. But Trump was a gamble in that it was hard to know exactly what or how he would do as President. He has far exceeded all expectations by working hard to reduce harmful economic regulation, abandoning the disastrous and useless Paris Climate Accords, reducing taxes which fueled the economy, introducing real reform at the VA, exiting the pure stupid JCPOA with Iran which guaranteed Iran a nuclear weapon and the missiles to deliver it (brilliant), taking on China, calming the Korean peninsula, re-negotiating NAFTA, all without mentioning 2 excellent Supreme Court Justices and 150 other Federal Judges. Plus, President Trump takes a hammer every day to the horrible speech police promoting political correctness. Yes, I love where President Trump is taking the country.

  41. The reason why impeachment can be very unpredictable is because of it's very nature for being both quasi political and quasi judicial.

  42. Remember what Speaker Pelosi said that Russia is probably tied to this Ukraine smear campaign. It makes total sense. Compromat

  43. you don't impeach a president to remove him from office just like you don't call an employee into your office only when you intend to fire him. impeachment is meant to be a too check the office and examine his actions under oath and public record. the only connection between impeachment and removal from office is that the constitution states you MUST remove a president if he's been convicted of a high crime or misdemeanor I. e treason. it then further states that he nevertheless is subject to criminal indictment under the law as is obvious to anyone

  44. You all are working yourselves up into hysteria and nothing will come of it! He won’t be impeached and if you continue this you will lose by a landslide in 2020

  45. OMG! Trump is diverting funds from FEMA to create safe spaces and buy participation trophies for the Democrats.

  46. OMG! Trump is diverting funds from FEMA to create safe spaces and buy participation trophies for the Democrats.

  47. Pelosi looks like she could be a stand in on "THE WALKING DEAD" as a zombie. This drunken, pilled out waste of a woman has one foot in the grave and will be dead soon from dementia and liver failure.. This will be her last term and it is fitting she go down as a failed leader who did nothing she promised to do if she got the gavel back. One failed attempt after another to remove Potus Trump who is about to expose the criminals of the deep state. A fitting legacy for this useless 30 year term DEMONRAT LYING CRIMINAL.

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