Trump VIOLATES Constitution

September 9, 2019

>>Donald trump is diverting hurricane relief
funds and funds for the military for his border wall. This was a big story that broke yesterday
and we have some more details today on how this is supposed to go down. According to the NBC news reporting on this,
the Trump administration is pulling 271 million in funding from the Department of Homeland
Security, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Disaster Relief Fund,
that’s FEMA. To pay for immigration detention space and
to temporary hearing locations for asylum-seekers, who have been forced to wait in Mexico. Before I give you some more details, I just
wanna note that this money is actually separate from the $4.6 billion Nancy Pelosi, Willy
Nelly gave Trump. And then turn around and criticized the squad
for being against, let me continue. ICE would gain $155 million all from FEMA’s
Disaster Relief Fund. The Department of Homeland Security will lose
$116 million previously allocated for Coast Guard operations, aviation security and other
components in order to fund nearly 6,800 more beds for immigrant detainees. Also, real quick, combined with existing space,
the funding would allow ICE to detain nearly 50,000 immigrants at one time. And remember, this is the logical and natural
next step after the Trump administration essentially said that they would no longer follow through
with the Flores settlement. And allow for children to be held in and imprisoned
indefinitely.>>Okay, this is of course as another huge
hurricane bears down on Puerto Rico. We’re gonna get to Trump’s comments on that
in a second. But first I wanna go to a hilarious quote
from one of his spokespeople, Hogan Gidley. He said, the Democrats know that this money
isn’t being diverted from anything that could be used for recovery efforts or preparedness
efforts. Now let me reiterate where they took it from,
FEMA’S Disaster Relief Fund. Yeah, okay, so they definitely took it from
a funds that are meant to help victims of hurricanes. And it would definitely affect the things
that Hogan Gidley just said that it would not affect because he works for a pathological
liar who sends them out to lie every single day. And that’s what Gidley does. It’s a preposterous claim, but they live in
an Orwellian world so they don’t care, they can say the exact opposite of the truth. And not lose any sleep over.>>So, understand that Congress voted to allocate
this funding to these various organizations or government organizations. And then, the Trump administration has decided
to take that funding. And place it wherever they’d like to do, wherever
they’d like to place it. And at the same time, there is absolutely
no conversation happening with Congress. I mean we’re supposed to live in a Democracy,
right, where there’s a system of checks and balances. And he’s just completely bypassing that, because
why wouldn’t he? He’s an authoritarian, and we have Democrats
in Congress who refused to do anything about it. I mean Nancy Pelosi isn’t doing anything about
it. What’s the point of having Democrats control
the house if they’re gonna sit back and let Donald Trump just take money away from FEMA,
which is desperately needed right now. That hurricane is gonna hit Florida, I’m very
curious to see what Trump has to say about that.>>Well, if it hits his voters or white people,
he might be slightly interested. Okay, we’re gonna get to Puerto Rico like
I said in a second. But, I wanna double down on what Anna is saying. Previously in America, you could not just
take money that was assigned by Congress in law that the president signed into law, that’s
how things work. And just say no, I’m just gonna take it and
use it for something else. That’s not what happens in our form of government. Now, these the same Republicans who pretend
they care when Obama was doing the executive orders sort like, my God, the executive orders
are unacceptable. Now Trump has crushed Obama’s record on executive
orders, he’s done far more at this point than Obama had ever done. And now he’s going around and saying, well,
I don’t care what Congress appropriate the money for, I’m just gonna take it from there
and we use it somewhere else. Now, on top of the crimes that he has committed
very, very, very clearly, this is a clear violation of the constitution. So it’s not one of those things that arguable,
you can’t, all right then, Republicans really we have this rule now? Okay, what if we have a progressive president? Can you just say, you know what, I don’t like
the Pentagon’s budget. I’m gonna move it all towards a Green New
Deal. All right, maybe not all of it, I’m gonna
move half of it. I’m gonna move $350 billion over to the Green
New Deal, do we have a deal? Is that the new rule? I can live with that rule, you want that rule? Now all of the sudden you’re gonna start crying
and go, no, no it’s not constitutional. Well this is unconstitutional. God damn it Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer
are you ever going to do anything? And so they like, no, no. Schumer today, as in their usual way, put
out a strongly worded statement saying, this is unacceptable and the breach of his constitutional
duties. Wow, except, it is not unacceptable because
you just accepted it. And you know what you do if they had strong
progressersg in charge. That you are moving the money that we appropriated
in a legal, and you’re doing it in a non constitutional way. We’re sorry on the impeachment proceedings
this afternoon. I’m not going to let you destroy the constitution
and say that the president can move any money he likes despite what Congress said. That is not how our government works, and
if you’re an idiot, ignoramus, who doesn’t know the constitution, we’ll read it to you
in your impeachment proceedings., okay, but it doesn’t matter. I mean look, that’s a petition I love and
I want to work but it’s not gonna work cuz Nancy Pelosi is the greatest protector of
Donald Trump in the country.>>Exactly.>>That’s just a fact.>>Yep, you’re right. I wanna read a quick quote also from Senator
Jon Tester, he’s a democratic senator. And he says quote, Congress has already deliberated
DHS’s request and appropriated the highest ever funding for border security and immigration
enforcement, which passed on a bipartisan basis and was signed by President Trump. So he is trying to argue, look we have given
you the funding that you asked for, why are you doing this? This is wrong and he’s very much concerned
about Hurricane Dorian, the the damage it’s gonna to do Puerto Rico and Florida. Well, mistake number one was playing this
bipartisan game and giving Trump exactly what he wants. Don’t give him a anything, period. Why are they playing games with him?>>Hey Democrats, if you’re not gonna do anything,
why don’t you shut your mouths, okay? So if you’re just gonna sit there and complain
like I can’t believe Trump’s doing this. You control the house where impeachment begins. So, spare me your crocodile tears while you
let him on a rough shadow with the country. So now let’s go to Puerto Rico, Hogan Gidley
that jokester says that Trump has quote moved heaven and earth trying to help Puerto Rico. All right, I’m gonna give you Trump’s tweet
in a second. But Trump himself has also said, and by the
way, I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to Puerto Rico, I mean, who says that? What kind of, I mean if you have a person
like that in your life, you’d banish him, you wouldn’t, god damn it is he. Really, he’s our uncle, the crazy uncle who
comes over at Thanksgiving and says, I’m the best thing that ever happened to this family. Who says stupid stuff like that? And after you constantly insult Puerto Rico
and then turn around and you say you’re the best thing that ever happened. I mean, come on, these guy’s are god damned
embarrassment, obviously, so let’s go to the tweet. Trump says, wow, yet another big storm heading
to Puerto Rico, will it ever end? Congress approved $92 billion for Puerto Rico
last year, an all time record of its kind for anywhere. Okay, let’s break that down, first of all,
of course, as always, lying about the $92 billion, invented number, not true, okay.>>Let me break it down for you.>>Okay.>>So the Hill reported that in July, Congress
actually allocated roughly $43 billion for Puerto Rico, but the island had received less
than $14 billion as of May. Trump signed a bill in June providing another
$1 million billion in assistance.>>Yeah.>>So that’s it, that’s what they’ve received,
the number is nowhere close to what Trump mentioned in that tweet, $92 billion.>>So, $92 billion, pull it up, throw it in
there who cares for pathological liar. Okay, but that’s to me the less interesting
part of the tweet, yet another big storm heading to Puerto Rico will it ever end. It sounds like he’s blaming Puerto Rico.>>He is blaming Puerto Rico.>>What an idiot. What an unbelievably stupid person. By the way, there is something to blame, it’s
called climate change. Cuz it makes the storms more significant,
more severe, and there’s now more of them. And so if you want the storms to end, of course
hurricanes overall of my brand, but if they’ll be less of them and they’ll be less extreme,
you would take action against. Not Puerto Rico that’s getting hit by the
storms you ignoramus, you would take action against climate change. Instead you sit there and go, will the storms
are rather, what are they really came from? I’ve been declared a Chinese hoax. So look, everybody who’s ever supported Donald
Trump, look, that’s not fair. If you change your mind and you’ve seen more
information and you didn’t follow politics that much, you’ve now seen me go okay, I’ve
had enough, that’s fine. You still support Donald Trump after all this. I mean, you’re a bleehthering, idiot. It’s unbelievable how stupid his followers
are. Yeah, that hurricane, it must be Puerto Rico’s
fault. What is it ever gonna happened with Puerto
Rico getting hit by a hurricane?>>You know what, why don’t we ask the same
question when a hurricane hits Texas, or Florida, or one of the Reds States where the majority
of his voters reside. Let’s ask that same question and see how they
feel about it.>>What’s going on with Oklahoma? Why all the tornadoes? God damn Oklahoma, why won’t they stop the
tornadoes? I mean, come one man, we’re having conversations
with the dumbest people on the planet. And one of them is the president of the United
States, and by the way again, if you’re a Republican you’re but he won, you’re right. That’s why we’re so pissed at this, Establishment
Democrats who are the biggest idiots and losers of all. Lost to this buffoon, lost to this buffoon,
and they’ll say, no we’re so smart you should pick Biden. And then turn around and go, world resistance
and then they won’t even resist them one inch. The Establishment Democrats are so pathetic
that they make Donald Trump look smart.

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