Trump was ‘absolutely right’ to take troops out of Syria: Rand Paul
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Trump was ‘absolutely right’ to take troops out of Syria: Rand Paul

October 16, 2019

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  1. Only INSANE people would shoot themselves in the foot as Turkey is doing. Do the people of Turkey really want this?

  2. The US not going to tolerate an invasion. 😂😂😂. The most invasions have been done by your rotten government. So shut up

  3. Is it in our NATIONAL SECURITY INTERESTS to be AT WAR? Vote. "IF" STATEMENTS can NEVER BE PROVEN so it's USELESS to argue using "WHAT IF". Do Soldiers want to be THE POLICEMEN of The World??? NO WAY!!!

  4. Fox News simpletons defend the indefensible. Critics said Erdogan would invade northern Syria despite Trump’s warnings, and did. Critics said our Kurdish allies would strike a deal with Syria’s Assad to defend themselves, and they did. Critics said Islamic State prisoners held by the Kurds would be released and scatter to wage jihad again, and they are. Go Fox News simpleton morons!!! Sucking up Fox News propaganda! In the minds of the simpletons, Only Fox News tells the truth every other news stations are fake!!! Morons!!!!

  5. Rand Paul is 100% right!Thank you President Trump! Welcome back soldiers! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    And by the way, What a hell Maria??? Is it Sheppard dressed up as Maria?

  6. Our troops feel like they’ve been stripped of their honor by a draft dodging. Stop saying you did it to bring home our troops when you’re sending them to Saudi Arabia. THERE WAS NO MASSACRE UNTIL TRUMP PULLED OUT OUR TROOPS. Turkey wouldn’t dare pick a fight with us. Good luck finding allies in the future when our President tweets “they’re 7,000 miles away”, as if ISIS can’t make it into America. I hope selling your soul is worth it Rand.

  7. What's wrong with you Maria , we help the people in that area is not our war, the Clintons and the Bushes let that mass over there. Our President don't want wars neither do we. The Rodchals and the Soros created those wars. Maria would you like your children go and fight for this people interested.

  8. american news: supporting america and freedom….liberal news: supporting iran, china, turkey, venezuela, communism…and nothing is being done about these traitors…they aren't news anymore…they will cause a nation to attack us with their bogus news!!!!
    for instance, msdumbc says isis might regroup and threaten the region again because of what trump did…ya okay 1000 isis fighters that were freed by turkish artillery is going to threaten the whole region..ya sure!!! that bogus crap will only have muslims across the me to think that isis is back and will want to join isis again!!! if anyone is going to bring back isis it is the liberal media!!!! and why the hell aren't they calling out turkey for their attacks on our troops and attacks freeing isis!!! why blame trump!!!? they are obviously not american, not news…but fing traitors!!!

  9. President Trump was right yo take tripod out of Syria! Yes has its own invasion problem, with the communist leftist Democrats smuggling 40 million illegals into the US, to overthrow the US government!

    We should not be protecting Syria’s Border when our border is not being protected!

  10. warmonger obama: started 7 wars….patriot president Trump: ending wars

    I go with the leader that gets less of our soldiers killed

  11. Thank GOODNESS President Trump is listening to Rand Paul and Not Bolton, mainstream media and the warhawk dems!!!
    The dems want a Daily Body Count!!!

  12. The Kurds were fighting for their own best interests, this time their interests just happened to coincide with American and European best interests.
    The Kurds will have an allegiance to whatever regime helps their cause.

  13. President Trump is the greatest president since George Washington. I hope the President takes the USA out of Afghanistan soon.

  14. ISIS was an USA, under Obama, creation. No USA in country equals no money, equals no bought and paid for mercenaries (ISIS). Problem solved, see ya wouldn't want to be ya.

  15. During George W. Bush Presidency. The Dems were calling for, "Bring the Troops home. It is not our business".

    Donald Trump as President brings the Troops home and the Dems cry, "You shouldn't have brought our Troops home. Now we care for some reason."

  16. Senator Rand Paul is an exemplary
    Senator and American. His level of intelligence and wisdom is aeons above most men in Congress. I support President Trumps decisions on pulling out the troops and Senator Rand Paul. Senator Paul explains it as it is

  17. Bernie supporter and I stand with trump on this. Invest our money in home defense programs, and close half of our bases overseas. Enough with these stupid wars

  18. If only our intelligence agencies would stop working against Americans here in the US and concentrate on our enemies. Stay out of domestic politics and stop recording every email in the US.

  19. I only hope and pray for those people…all of them, because that is their country, they were born there and they need to come to peace…glad our boys are home!!!

  20. Maria is going to Hell… No question she is money grubbing Demon. It's hard to even listen to how disgusting she is.

  21. The only people who think the Syrian Kurds are "Terrorists" are the people who think "Free Thinking Women are Dangerous" Turkey fears cross culture and cultural infiltration of "The Free Kurdish Women Movement" Turkey is right they do have reason to be afraid but this war against women is about to take a turn Powers much stronger than Turkey are sending Trillions of Trillions of fighters and those fighters are on the side of the Gender Neutral Kurds New World Order = Gender Neutrality Into Infinity

  22. Like the msm is the propaganda branch of the DNC the Wall Street Journal is the propaganda branch of the military industrial complex.

  23. As much I can understand

    1. Kurds who are hoping for the free democratic country are gonna controlled by Syrian govt.

    – Turkey never wanted an independent country for Kurds [ Own security reasons ] and elections

    are near for Erodgan winning Turkish people sentiments.

    – Assad, Russia, Iran wants Kurds under control of the Syrian Arab army.

    2. Make American troops leave NE Syria.

    – Neither Trump nor American people are now interested in fighting in the middle east directly

    using troops instead of pushing other countries to fight for them.

    Asad, Russia, Iran are all together but now Russia gonna make a deal with Turkey on this.

    Still, Don't understand how Israel and Saudis are taking it.

  24. we are outnumbered 15 to 1. Want us to bring another fourteen thousand troops? And then we need air support. That's called a war. It's not our job to fix everything everywhere all the time. We need to clean up the smut that's in San Francisco before we start any wars. The Liberals are a big enough War.

  25. these nations have had disagreements on land and oil and territory for thousands of years. I think our president did the right thing, and if the nation of Turkey oversteps as they are….they should definitely reconsider….its not a good idea.

  26. How long does, an average, a Socialist govt. last before it falls? We should have left when Russia came in to take care of it, and asked us to leave. Now, it causes big problems. Not sure having stayed so long, that pulling out now won't cause big problems. Sad.
    The people are the ones who elect the leader of this country. There are always those who disagree. That's life. You wait for the next election.


  28. Maria, you need to learn more about our military strength. Senator Paul is telling you that people like you always thinking like these lobbyists in Congress, Money Money Money, socialism, and send the republican conservatives young men and women. LEFTIST just want their lollypops and popcorn and watch!!

  29. Kurds fight isis everywhere in syria not just where they live. Dont forget that usa didnt find any alliance without kurds in the first place. 11000 kurds died war with isis. For this senator it doesnt mean anything.

  30. The world was just fine untill America got too big for its britches. Too much money to be made by all the people in gov, both freekin sides. They all sell out to the money!

  31. @ Maria Bartleomo……The mothers and fathers in the US are fed up with sacrificing our kids on foreign sand for endless wars that only fill the pockets of the war hawks and others who profit from them? President trump promised he would stop these wars!

  32. It more then time to bring our troops home, there has been too much killing over nothing. NO more, too many of our finest have died so bankers can get rich. I love that Trump is bringing our troops home he is a wonderful President.

  33. The Turkey and Syria funding of Middle East War and Terrorists lies on the historical Neocon OBUMA dark state CIA plate! The Globalists, black op fed Isis and then profited as our children died! This is not our USA war; this is a European and Middle east oil problem.

    If USA GOes TO WAR; do not hold our warriors back; get er done!!!! that is the only choice if our country needs to go to war. No more Viet Nam, pretend we are winning , but holding back our troop, ever again as our precious children die to profit the military complex corporations and Brit Monarchy. Trump is getting us out of the endless wars that only profit the Globalist elite including our uni-party congressional fat cats!Thank you, Donald Trump!

  34. Trump, is the last opportunity for the USA to save itself from the enemies of the country presently holding office in congress and the senate, these people are there advocating for open border, advocating for amnesty, and open borders, and the current illegal alien invasion.
    Trump, is right, the USA is not in the business of building democracies, and becoming a policeman for the world. The players with skin on the game need to negotiate and reach peace.

  35. Trump , is right , no Americans should die fighting in these hell holes. These countrues are to primitive and the nations involved are called nations but they are not. Most of the time they are artificial entities with a tribal sense of self and cobbled together by politicians and outside entities , with no interests there and no understanding of their tribal machinations.

  36. A relative handful of people make choices that cost us (the 99%) our lives and freedom all over the world and they have the nerve to make us pay for it, too, in blood as well as other means. AND WE LET THEM!!! Somewhere, somebody is having a good, menacing laugh and dancing a merry jig at our expense.

  37. Wow, how many ways can CNN ask the same question, oh this is Fox. Hard to tell the difference when the host is screaming over the guest.

  38. that lady is awesome…i mean..where da f&$k is Iran in this invasion? how can Iran take those oil fields when there is a confrontation between Turkey , the Kurds and Syrian forces? why US media still (i know they will not stop) blame other countries of doing things they are not doing…!!! just to say "oh our enemies will benefits from this, we have to do something, we are the strongest…!!!" idiots….!

  39. A power vaccuum is inevitable no matter the conflict or time and always as soon as the controlling force leaves.
    Terrorists will never dissapear .
    Its best to leave them in their dirty little caves until they can live in peace with others.

  40. Trump is an idiot and I feel bad for those who trust him to do their thinking for them. Wow! What foolishness. Is there no end in sight.

  41. Ran Paul is the best. Who gave the US the right to plant troops onto Syria. God bless Pres.Asad and the SAA> All foreigners get out of Syria. Pres. Obama sent million of dollars of weapons into the Syrian civil war and our side lost the war. ts

  42. Is ok to bring soldiers back home the only problem was the way trump handled the situation. He left American soldiers looking like traitors you never know when you will need help with the foreign people they will remember this and said we don’t help traitors.

  43. The only way that Rand Paul's naive Philosophy works is if the world is already at Peace. Drastic change is more often than not more stable when applied in increments

  44. ISIS is unleashed once again. Let's thank our president who is on his knees licking putins balls. Does anyone think this isnt a putin move?

  45. So I guess it's ok for all you snowflake conservatives that we give ISIS a get out of jail card so they can go forth and multiply.we can always fight them later right?

  46. I can tell by the comments that you people dont keep up with what is going on. It's time to start thinking critically.

  47. Could you give an argument that is relevant to the current situation rather than blanket stating an opinion of the general case?

  48. Turkey killed more ISIS terrorists than any other country. Just in El Bab more than 3K ISIS terrorists were eliminated by the Turks. This happened despite US trying to prevent Turkey to enter to El Bab. ISIS had more damage killing hundreds of civilians in Turkey than any other country. Turkey will eliminate all terrorists across its border whether it is ISIS or YPG or PKK

  49. Trump inherited the failed Syria policy from Obama. Supporting a terrorist organization YPG at the expense of loosing a strong NATO member as an ally. Trump was smart enough to step a few steps ahead, and decided to pull ahead Turkey's operation to avoid any accidental conflict between US and Turkish forces.

  50. Other NATO Countries Need To Step In , America Needs To Protect America, Bring Them Home & Secure Our Border ! Almost 20 Years, Too Many Have Been Killed

  51. Kurds set to release 13000 ISIS after betrayal on account of manpower shortage. A couple of terrorist attacks on US soil in coming days will end Trump presidency. He walked into it himself.

  52. This natty haired sucker can't even get along with his own neighbors. Who is he pretending to be an "expert" on conflicts?

  53. No, he was not right. And IF he was right, this certainly wasn't the way to do it. What a f'n nightmare this is turning into….

  54. Talk about bad deals. What they aren't talking about is the civil war brewing in Iraq right now because the people aren't happy with the government in there at present. We need to help defend, and that word is defend, our true allies and stay out of everything else. The only other thing we should consider stepping into stop is if there is an out right genocide taken place somewhere but that's it.

  55. idk if i should give this video a thumbs up for rand or a thumbs down for the stupidity of that woman,,,so i will not rate it

  56. If there is a resurgence of ISIS you will know very easily who the culprits are for making that happen….
    CIA anyone?

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