Trump WH Threatens To Veto Restored Voting Rights Act | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Trump WH Threatens To Veto Restored Voting Rights Act | The Last Word | MSNBC

December 10, 2019

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  1. Why isn’t this right for everyone to vote. Look at some point the world is waking up so best Americans because we won’t go back

  2. The GOP does, (and I hate to use the phrase of course because it implies I don't have to argue the point, but on this one I don't have to argue) of course, have an alternative to suppressing the votes of ethnic minorities, about to become a majority, if combined. That is to change their polices in order to attract more of the minority voters away from the Democratic Party. That is to recognize that ethnic minorities are not some monolith out to change American culture (unless you believe that American culture is based not on what it says in the Declaration and Constitution, but on white supremacy), but people who do consider what each of the parties is going to do to reflect the needs of all groups, not just one. They overwhelmingly choose the Democratic Party because it is not a European-American monolith, which is what the GOP is voluntarily turning itself into, a party that permanently represents only a minority of Americans but wants to maintain power for that minority in perpetuity, in other words, a party that does not believe in democratic representation. If that's the party you want to be, and still want to wield power, you have to cheat, just like someone who is lousy at strategy playing Monopoly (or any other game) and makes up new house rules while the game is in progress in order to win every time. Fairness does not enter into their calculation. Attempting to represent the majority of Americans fairly used to be part of the GOP's goals. It was a mostly different combination of Americans than made up the Democratic majority when they attained power, but nonetheless a majority. Now, they don't even bother making the effort, beyond the president's assertions about how he's been the best president for African Americans, just because the jobless rate is low, when the income "rate" for too many of those jobs is hardly sufficient to live a decent life. Slaves, indentured servants and sharecroppers all had jobs too. Zero unemployment among slaves, I hear, so that really isn't the single metric I would use to measure success in benefiting anyone. I know the demise of the GOP because of demographic changes has been predicted for decades and it hasn't happened yet, but by their actions to rig elections, it is becoming clear that they see the writing on the wall themselves. For a variety of reasons, GOP politicians are stubbornly resolute in their policy choices, which do not benefit a majority of Americans, so they conjure up lies about our election process to justify voter suppression, and gleefully and publicly admit (in Pennsylvania, for example) that they purposefully gerrymandered the state to reduce the influence of the majority of voters on their state's delegation to Congress and in the state legislature, in order to prop up the power of a minority that supported them. When that was ruled unconstitutional and the district boundaries were redrawn, Democrats suddenly picked up four congressional seats there. Yes, Republicans have seen the writing on the wall. Ms. Cox's frightening prediction is likely to come true by 2024 if the GOP doesn't get trounced in 2020 and 2022. The Nazis in Germany never came close to a majority of popular votes in national elections until there were no more free elections. They didn't need to win a majority. They just needed to gain power and consolidate it. VOTE! Remember the whole point is that the Republicans don't represent the majority. Even against a lackluster opponent, Trump received only 46.2% of the vote. We know that. They know that. The majority needs to assert itself, not to oppress the minority, but to insist that government work fairly.

  3. I’ts not more law’s but enforcing the laws we have. We do need some clarification or rewriting of existing laws and education on laws we do have. Children in school need to be taught basic laws that affect them on a daily bases. We have seen a rise of children being murdered by police. White Americans are thinking twice before calling the police for assistance.

  4. All you here is we're nationalist, all for the american dream patriots. But then turn around and say only certain Americans should count. Hmmm.

  5. Where are the American republicans at? What say you oh right leaning ones? This is going to destroy what remains of your party… you care?

  6. Yep. The Republicans are 100% brazen in this because they think there will be no more fair elections. Why? Because they, like Trump and the rest of the GOP have already put into place systems to keep elections corrupt. It’s a long term plan for white nationalism in this country. White nationalists infiltrating our government is terrorism.

  7. "what do you have to lose?" LMMFAO. I'm laughing at black voters who didn't support Hillary like they supported Obama. Apparently your right to vote is what you have to lose.

  8. The Republicons are always on about alleged voter fraud and yet continually work to deny people their right to vote. This is more than hypocrisy. This is criminal manipulation of the system.

  9. The republicans are a very high risk danger to our nation and we as the people need to overshadow the threats they throw. Even the supporting morons who blindly follow these criminals and traitors are liable. We need to act and act with no remorse against the threat. Chatty time is over, actions to the highest extremes need to be taken. Vote blue because we all know the multitude of criminals on the right are not for america and so we must not back down. Any level of retaliation is acceptable at this moment, ANY level!!!

  10. Republicans haven't wanted everyone to vote since they absorbed the Dixiecrats, they know that's the only way they can win in many "red" states, like Tx & GA. "Brazen?" how about Brain Kemp overseeing the GA governor's election that he stole, in broad daylight, but the Dems and the MSM barely made a peep. The Repugs have been getting away with rampant voter suppression since Dubya's 2000 election, when FL was the petrie dish for what has become the the third leg of the GOP playbook on voter suppression (the other two being gerrymandering & voter ID laws), voter role purges of black citizens, closing polls in black neighborhoods, or moving polls – as much as 100 miles away – at the last minute, having police cars parked at black polls looking for ppl with over due tickets, passing out leaflets with the wrong date on them, passing out leaflets that claimed if you tried to vote with overdue tickets you could go to jail. These tactics were all investigated by the House, but by then it was too late, the "originalists" on the SCOTUS had installed Dubya as president.

  11. Making america a police state were they cant be criticised or questioned. That's not serving the people they should be accountable to the communities they serve. They are the people's servants not the other way around. Bill Barr very misguided AG.

  12. Prioritize the modernization of our election infrastructure — for the security and integrity of our elections. We must end this systemic barrier that prevents many more Americans from participating. Out of respect for each and every eligible American, and for the convenience of many hard-working families who want to cast a ballot to have their say in the future of our country, we can and must do better. -Common Cause

  13. Why does the Voting Rights Act have to be reauthorized. This is truly amazing that it is not a permanent fixture of rights. And now the White House (Trump) is considering vetoing this! WOW! Way to NOT go wayward Republicans!

  14. I'm from Ireland and have like many being following American politics much more in recent years but can any of my anti trump sane Americans friends fill me in on what the voting rights act is and why they vetoed?

  15. Just imagine what we would look like if Democrats had not taken the House/Congress back. Our lives are literally hanging in the balance and this election is the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER!!

  16. Republicans are in the process of a power play against the majority of the American people who support our freedoms and our social norms! Why do you think the Republicans support traitorous activity?.It's their only hope that they could control the masses and keep their power. Sickening to see our leaders working against our current form of government!!!

  17. The more people less changes republicans have of winning and they know that's why they try to stop as many people as possible to not vote.

  18. Um so r we going to ignore how that woman just basically said that this was a blatant call for anarchy by the republicans?! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😧🤕

  19. This is the kind of news that Democrats need to be pushing to everyone everywhere. People need to see what the Republicans are doing behind the scenes.

  20. republicans ruling today are not in it for the interests of our country like they sworn to uphold , instead they defiele the construction and follow a man who they honor and gain a larger foothold to change our country into a lawless government for self monterey gains . the world now knows we are for sale

  21. Maxwell is bang on. Republicans think that Caucasians are becoming a besieged minority targeted for discrimination by “politically correct” liberal and left elites who are turning the nation against proper white values, culture, needs, rights and prerogatives.
      THAT is what's driving this entire corrupt and rotten circus.  It's not Trump, it's not political differences, it's not party alliegence,  it's the same old racism that has always infested the USA, the same ignorance, the same greed and fear that motivated the kkk and filled Madison Sq Gardens with thousands of Nazi supporters in the 1940's.   
    Shame more people don't stand up and tell it for what it is.

  22. Yet the US thinks it leads the free world?? Hahahahaha, little wonder you're only ranked 25th in world democracy rankings as you have only a "flawed democracy".
    We'll keep laughing, you stay away.

  23. There is a positive aspect to this charade. Each Dem opponent of each of the republican reps who voted against that act should pound at that fact for the campaign. They should also try to find footage on CNN or wherever of that voting roll call and play it in their ads.

  24. In Australia, voting is compulsory, and every Australian citizen aged 18 years or more can vote in a federal election if validly enrolled and not disqualified from voting. (voter turnout is about 91% of eligible voters)

    You are disqualified from voting in an election if:
    • you are in prison serving a sentence of three years or more
    • you are of unsound mind (incapable of understanding the nature and significance of voting);
    • you have been convicted of treason or treachery and have not been pardoned

  25. Voter fraud? Why are democrats so opposed to Voter IDs? I've never met anyone who doesn't have an ID…….and neither have any of you people. If its so difficult for some folks, why hasn't msnbc introduced us to some of these lost souls? I'd like to hear their stories.

  26. Congratulations to the Nazis, they lost ww2 and now won the US as their new base… face palm. I hope the people will finally wake up and vote seriously in 2020 and kick the racists out of the parliament.

  27. What other country on earth would have to keep voting for this??? It should be an amendment to the Constitution – a permanent right.

  28. Why not go the whole hog and restrict voting only to WHITE AMERICAN MALES?
    Republicans would call that 'progress'!!!

  29. That last statement should scare the living crap out of everyone in the Western civilization. Democracy may be gone within a year's time.

  30. Incase you didn’t know your politicians are mostly part of a class of pretty wealthy individuals and they do not want those who have been marginalised to actually judge them on their policies and vote accordingly.

  31. Why are African Americans the only Americans that need voters rights no other citizens even the ones that are converts. This just shows the state of blacks in this country where we need all these special laws because blacks are not looked upon as citizens of this country and are treated fairly that’s why Kaepernick gave a knee at every game but what good did it do people turned the statement around to mean something other than what it was for equal rights for all.

  32. 187 against the Voting Rights Act? Please do no reelect these Republicans. They are not Patriots in the least, they are clearly only looking out for themselves.

  33. I wonder if the president having a father who was a member of the Klan has anything to do with this.

    Look we all know that the Republicans are the party of racists. If you don't know then you are living under a rock. It's the southern strategy and the Republican adoption of racists who have surprise surprise gotten in as actual representatives.

    We have to stop trying to preserve the feelings of people who support the Republican party and are not racist. Because if such people exist they need to learn what the values of the party are.

    I am not blaming Obama but I think that they could not handle it when the Democrats got a black man in the white house. The mask came off. The disguise was lost. The racism went to 11 and they went into a frenzy.

    That's where the "he's not American" and "he's a muslim" and attacking everything he did came from.

    Talk about never Trumpers.. What the Republicans were like when Obama was president was disgraceful and now they have shown their true colors. He have outed themselves as the racists they are.

    If you are like "but I'm not a racist" and you count yourself as a Republican, you need to reevaluate your position. Because you might not be, but they sure are. If you want to be sure, look at how they voted. If that isn't you, why do you think that they should represent you?

  34. Black Republicans, are you proud of this? The people you support are trying to take away your rights to vote. You mind justifying it to the rest of us stupid black folks?

  35. Clickbait. Where was the part about Trump's veto threat?
    Needs revision. No anchor babies, voter id, tougher penalties for ballot stuffing.
    Perhaps even a little penalty for fake news, and fake polls and media influence peddling.
    Who wants to watch a video from the 2016 election night?

  36. Today's Republican party is the party of the neo-Nazi, the bigot, the corrupt, the turncoat. They don't care about compassion or fairness. They try to dress that up as not being what it is, but in the end it is what it is, and the rest of us can see it pretty clearly. If they had any dignity they would've distanced themselves from those types instead of embracing them and appointing them to important positions. But they chose not to.

  37. This is a truly weird country. Why is the right to vote not enshrined in the Constitution? Why does this thing have to be put to a vote? What's next? If a citizen makes less than X number of dollars, will they lose the vote? If they don't own property, will they lose the right? Wrong color lose the vote? The woman at the end is right. They don't care because they won't need votes pretty soon.

  38. The united states will not last as a unified nation more than the next 10 years. tRump shows there will be a permanent and physical seperation of the states. The west coast and upper Midwest and northeast should simply break off and join with Canada a country will decent people in it. Alberta can join the greater dumb-fuckistan tRump country if they like afterwards.

  39. This all came about because of the election of Obama by virtue of the black vote. Obama only received 39% of the white vote and he lost to (every) white demographic.
    It's plain to see that they want to deny any and all rights black voters have in order to insure a win for republicans.

    The black vote has proven it's might and now it's become a threat to white supremacy…so it has to go, in their minds. For those who still don't get it, this but one of many forms of socioeconomic oppression that you continue to deny exists.

  40. 2019 and minorities in America still have to rely on legislation to be able to vote. Let that sink in. Black people in USA in 2019 can only vote if the government chooses to let them vote. Any African American standing behind Trump at his ego rallies should be ashamed.

  41. Naturally the House put forward legislation to STOP gerrymandering and over course Trump want to block it so he can use the 2020 census to redraw voter locations and voter registration to suppress the voters who will never wear a MRGA hat because they like freedom over racism.

  42. OMG – what will happen to the GOP if Americans are able to vote without Gerrymandering and voter-supression? No wonder they are fighting against Americans voting. They know they will lose. No matter what they do – Eventually they will lose. Demographics will get their sorry …

  43. Republicans are almost unanimously against a protection that is over half a century old. That's hands down messed up. Props to the one republican who stood up and said yes.

  44. That last line by Ana Marie Cox was pretty chilling: "To me, this terrifies me. To me this says that this is a party that isn't worried about winning a fair election – because they don't think there will be any more of them"

  45. Right, because Republicans are traitors. They are domestic enemies of the United States of America.
    Let's eliminate them from our government.

  46. The Congress and president are the Confederate States revenge. We all answer to a small minority. The will of the majority has been scuttled and lies still in the waters of democracy. We must look to other countries citizens to carry the fight forward. Where they take to the streets in multitudes in a rebuttal to the desires of government that serves that minority. Americans care more about their distractions than freedom. As long as, there's some state sponsors extolling its existence. The population will look at each other and say: "yes, we're the best and have the most, so we must be blessed with freedom." Nothing could be further from the truth. Just ask the Germans, Italians and Japanese people that followed governments to their ruin because they thought as citizens they were free.

  47. dwolfg  I think you mean to continue the conservatives grab for the power for the southern states to control the Senate,House and presidency. And the courts. Then you'll see "segregation" become the law of the land nationwide. There are no republican constituents to trust your life to. Fight and vote blue, if for nothing else. Do it for your children's future.

  48. So I guess that old saying that "Not all republicans are racist, but all racists are republican", should NOW say, "ALL REPUBLICANS 'ARE' RACISTS….except for Fitzpatrick" Sickening. Republicans NEED TO GO!

  49. Republicans truly hate all Republics. Calling themselves Republican when they only want a fascist dictatorship is the same kind of misnomer the nazis used when calling themselves socialist.

  50. I dont believe this is still a thing in America. It's 2019. Why is there only one Republican that voted yes? It should have been unanimous by both sides. Shows how corrupt America is.

  51. This is something that I have never understood if anyone could please explain: why do black people or brown people ever become Republicans? I mean, what have Republicans ever done for anyone who is not white and very rich? (Excluding Abraham Lincoln when Republicans were, obviously, way different.)

  52. It hasn't passed in the senate yet, has it? Why do so many news reports act like a bill has passed both in the house and senate when it has merely passed in the house?

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