Trump’s Tramples Constitution, Aligns With Foreign Adversaries
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Trump’s Tramples Constitution, Aligns With Foreign Adversaries

October 19, 2019

The United States has never had a president
who has invited foreign countries to meddle in our elections and generate propaganda and
lies against political opponents…until Trump. It is illegal for U.S government officials
to solicit political favors – or anything of value – from a foreign power. Trump has done so repeatedly, publicly! “Russia, if you’re listening-” As a Presidential
candidate in 2016, he asked the Russians to smear his opponent with demonstrated falsehoods. As President, he’s enlisted Ukraine and China
to do the same thing. Trump’s claims that he’s been “perfect”
is ignorant, wishful thinking. Russia is a political and strategic adversary
that continues propaganda and cyber attacks on our election system. Trump recently congratulated China for 75
years of communism which includes things like oppression, mass incarcerations, mass executions,
and a famine that communism couldn’t avert which killed 30 million people. We’ve never had a president kissing up to
Russia or China like this. And think of our veterans, think of our war
dead and our wounded. Think of the values they fought for, go ahead,
I’ll give you a second to think about it…..yeah Trump does not share those values. Throughout his life, Trump’s incessantly
boasted about winning, but he cheats, he knows no other way…and now the Loser is the United
States. Our President has no credibility overseas
and voters are beginning to see through the sideshow. Hang in there America and thanks for visiting
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