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Tsar Nicholas II | His Reign, His Faith, His Family

October 9, 2019

The epilogue which I was honored to be asked to write was very difficult. It’s far too easy to paint every reign in black and white: Peter the Great was good, Paul I was bad, Alexander III was firm and Nicholas II was weak. Every reign and every era have good and bad, and leaders are responsible for both. As humans we want heroes and villains and a very clear picture, but in point of fact Nicholas’s reign provided both positive growth and negative actions. I mea,n under Nicholas there were enormous strives in agriculture and in industrial production. There were huge economic leaps forward and enormous progress in health and education and social services. The evidence of this is very easy to find in census information and diplomatic annuals and the fact this has been ignored or considered unimportant in the face at the end of the reign is not surprising. But in fact the education initiatives of Nicholas II were so successful that the Soviets kept them and built on them, later taking credit for the rise in literacy and education. It’s not surprising that contemporary Russians are unaware of this. I mean, I myself was unaware of them until I went looking. Nicholas clearly felt that it was his sacred obligation to maintain the oaths that he took to preserve the fundamental laws which included the autocracy. He was not however inured to the fact that times were changing rapidly and he was of course forced to accept the fact that after 1905 he was no longer an autocrat. He was the first and only constitutional monarch of Russia When any governmental system changes radically there is a period of time of adjustment and after 1905 many of the former rights of the sovereign were curtailed by the Constitution and, as a result, decisions were in the hands of the Duma and the Senate. In many cases after 1905 there were no applicable governmental precedents that applied and so Russia was a forced to reinvent the wheel, as it were. I would say however that Nicholas retained the feeling that his consecration as Emperor formed for him an Inviolable contract with God and with the nation that he was born to rule and as a result, the abdication was likely the most painful decision of his life. He was betrayed by those around him, and I don’t think that it could be said that he stubbornly insisted on retaining monarchy for personal benefit. To historians and those outside of the Orthodox world the answer is “of course, it was a sign of weakness to place his faith in Providence and in a mystery rather than to attempt to achieve his goals through self-will”. But two Orthodox Christians, however, to leave yourself in the hands of God and to turn your own will over to God is proof of an infinite strength. He faced the indignities of dethronement imprisonment and the death of a martyr with humble dignity and kindness and a great good humour which was noted by everyone even those who mocked and ultimately murdered him. The same murderers he forgave and hoped that no one would seek retribution on his behalf. And there’s a strength in that beyond human comprehension. It’s difficult for us in the 21st century to understand the enormous differences between our own families and the imperial family. They were raised to live in duty and in service and their personal opinions mattered very little. They were expected to marry strangers, live in foreign lands, they were frequently raised by tutors and nurses and soldiers and, in fact, lived lives of really quite dutiful monotony, but Nicholas and Alexandra were an exception. Perhaps because Nicholas had grown up in a very happy family to which I think the Romanovs owe a debt to the charming Danish born Dowager Empress and because Alexandra had a mournful and quite sad childhood because her mother and siblings died when she was young. I think that Nicholas and Alexandra were committed to having a very happy family. it’s clear in every page of every diary and in every letter that this family enjoyed a unique and blessed internal happiness that was unaffected by anything that befell them. They were a model of joy and happiness, and that’s an example to all of us. A wonderful priest I know said that “Those who live in love are invincible”. And that was particularly true of this family. This might actually be the reason why so many people are attracted to the Romanovs. It’s not the tragedy that people are drawn to, but their happiness with one another. I was surprised to be approached by the fathers of the monastery for this project and I remain incredibly honored that they asked me to participate in this extraordinary work of faith. The fathers of the monastery recognized that it would be an important book for the Orthodox of Greece, but they were mindful that this was no typical hagiography, because there was so much historical material available to them. They were exceptionally careful about only going to verified original sources and as a result through their efforts, they have countered many myths and outright fabrications which have been repeated for years in books and I think all readers will be grateful for this. Their diligence a nd their honesty, coupled with their humility and the desire only to represent the Romanovs with respect and reverence is an example I will carry with me in my own work going forward.

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  1. Zna se po cijem nalogu su ubijeni to su oni I ako ih ima 2% u drzavi oni je vjesto spletkaroski unistavaju jer su vjesti dvolicnjaci a kod vas ih ima, pa se i vama to moze desit.treba citati dostojevskog pa ce vi sve jasnije bit.i ako ste dostojevskog po zatvora mucili, zna se fala velikom bogu koliko mu je mnogo naroda doslo na sahranu.sto je znak da je u narod cijenjen bio al ga vlast nije cijenila.

  2. Having read many books on this subject, it was interesting to read your comments about Nicholas. It has given me some new insights on his character and situation. Also the colourised photos are excellent! Thanks.

  3. I wouldn't say, Tsar Nicholas II was 'weak' he was a devout Christian that believed what happens is in the hands of God. I today believe this still. Thank you for the video, it was incredibly moving to say the least.

  4. a dear friend and I have decided we are going to make the pilgrimage to Russia in 2028 to honor and remember the Romanov family

  5. Assuming certain things I the present Tzar of Russia and a direct desendent of tsar Nicholas ll. What would you do if l told you that Tzar Nicholas ll had a secret grandson in September 1917?

  6. To Rosie Summer : This message based on certain assumptions.The ancient Greeks understood wonderful things about geometry but they could only figure out how to trisect an angle with a compass and a straight edge. Einstein did not do it . Issac Newton did not do it. Tesla did not do it. Nash did not do it . Am-god gave me the intelligence to do it. Think about this the next time you feel like calling me an "utter moron".

  7. I recently had a DNA test performed and sadly, it turns out, I am NOT related inany way to the last Tsar and Tsarina of all the Russias………..I was so hoping!!!

  8. Lovely video – I always feel so sad about what happened to this beautiful family – it was so unnecessary – especially the children – George V could easily have offered them exile – shame on the British Government – that's why the country is now overrun with the third world – divine justice

  9. I think Nicholas II had a lot of courage to turn his self will over to God. That is not easy to do. Also, he was an awesome father and husband. Wish more men were like him today.

  10. Riposa in pace con tutta la tua famiglia Piccolo Padre Nicola Romano la storia del mondo che ha innalzato alla Gloria dei Santi Martiri della chiesa

  11. i want to know what nicholas did to cause the overthrow. what was so terrible that the people rejected him the way they did? or was it just the bolsheviks lust for power and it had nothing to do with what the people wanted? was it only the bolsheviks or did the people of russia also want the overthrow?? i keep trying to look up what his reign was like but all i can find is the history of the romanovs; cruel and terrible. thats not what i want to know. the little that i do know is that nicholas was a weak ruler or so ive read. hardly a reason for a murderous takeover. he believed in the old ways of monarchies. God appointed kings and gains and losses on the battlefield were Gods will. which is true. but what did he do that was so unforgivable?? what was so bad about his particular reign that would cause such terrible events in russia's future?? they certainly did much better under the Tzar than they ever did under lenin and stalin. goodness what a tradeoff!

  12. From the outbreak of World War I, Nicholas II proved to be a loyal and faithful ally of Britain, France, and other nations. In 1914, to relieve pressure on the Allies on the Western Front, Nicholas launched an attack on East Prussia of Germany, forcing the Germans to draw troops away from the the Western Front and send them east. This allowed the Allies to win at the so-called Miracle of the Marne and stop the German advance into France. Russia suffered many casualties in this military action, which may well have prevented the Germans from winning the war in the first weeks. Yet when Nicholas needed help from the Allies in 1917, they shamelessly abandoned him. No allied country offered him sanctuary after his abdication. (George V of Britain, Nicholas's own first cousin, withdrew a previous offer of sanctuary that Britain had initially thought that they had to give). Only the Kaiser showed any interest or concern about the fate of Nicholas and his family. Nicholas was also abandoned by his generals, who urged him to abdicate. When he yielded to their unanimous advice and did so (for the sake of Russia, he believed, not himself), Russia soon fell apart, and civil war and totalitarian communism followed. Nicholas has been criticized as a weak tsar, yet the politicians of the Provisional Government which followed him were less successful than he was in running Russia. The Provisional Government was overthrown after just eight months in a coup, and Russia got the evil Bolshevik government, which would, over the course of the next twenty years alone murder millions of people. To "govern" a nation they way Lenin and Stalin did are hardly examples of improvements over Nicholas. In hindsight, Nicholas should not have abdicated, nor should he have abandoned his pre-wwar agreement with his other cousin, Wilhelm II of Germany, who offered a treaty which would have kept Russia out of World War I, and probably have prevented the war itself. (Nicholas allowed himself to be soon talked out of his agreement with Wilhelm). As for Alexandra, she had been rightly criticized for many things, but she was absolutely correct in seeing to it that her daughters were not corrupted by the decadence of the Russian aristocracy and Russian high society. In closing, it has been said that the Russian Empire under Nicholas II had many injustices, but when it came to justice, it was far superior to what came afterwards with the Left-wing atheist intellectuals who called themselves "communist". Communism was an alien (and evil) totalitarian ideology imported from the West, especially in the writings of Marx of Germany, whereas Orthodoxy was (and is) the soul of Russia itself.

  13. Thank you for these wonderful pictures in this video. Now that all of them are found, this loving family can all rest in peace.

  14. Growing up in the 80s with the knowledge of Soviet Russia I was taken aback after watching the History channel The Land of the Tsars" which told the story of Russia and the Romanov Dynasty. One of the longest in history (300 yrs). I was captivated by the History of St.Basil church, The Kremlin and Moscow. And amazed at how Christianity, the Church was so important and tied into the rule of Russia..
    I've watched as many documentaries as I can, and books too regarding this family and just what they went through.
    Heartbreaking to say the least.-

  15. Finally. Someone has finally said and written publicly that the Tsar's strength was "beyond human comprehension". I would like to have seen how any of the other public figures: Paleologue, George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II or anyone else for that matter could have stood up to the betrayal and abandonment that the Tsar and his family had to endure. Beyond human comprehension. Very well put. Thank you this was beautiful.

  16. What an outstanding, heartfelt, and accurate portrayal of the royal family of Romanov Nicholas II. A truly wonderful account of how truly loving and humble Nicholas was in spite of all the glamor and opulence that came with such an obligation to his ultimate responsibility as Tsar of the an enormous nation as Russia. I'm truly grateful that Mr. Nicholson delivered how wrongly Nicholas II is portrayed in many text books in the west in addition to historians who never gave him credit to his many beneficial reforms to improve literacy and further education among his people. In addition, his critics hardly ever mentioning during his reign Russia's industry increased production, people were allowed to speak their opinion and unlike the cowardly murderous Bolsheviks Stalin, he accompanied his troops on the front during WW l. He was an extremely loyal and devoted man who's charitable donations to his people is hardly mentioned, not to mention his immense courage and love of his faith showed in everything he did. The shootings by the national guards which killed the demonstrators was not his doing but the order of his mutinous generals who betrayed him and ill advised him continuously. He cared for his people immensely but again they all betrayed him and with their diabolical plans forced him to abdicate. If he had loyal subjects and ruled with the same authority as his dad Alexander II, including getting rid of Rasputin, their would've have been no Russian revolution. Great piece on The Romanov's Mr. Nicolson, the best account of the truth about them that I've ever seen….

  17. Oooo this channel should be exciting! I love how clear your voice is, and the quality of the pictures as well as how beautiful coloured some are:) well done! The Romanovs’ history is incredibly fascinating

  18. When will this book be released? I am very anxious to add it to my collection. This one however hopefully will finally shine in their favor the truth about this remarkable family and also put an end once and for all the deceit and lies we have been fed about them. The one and only Tsar Martyr and his family died for their deep faith in God and family, and most of all his beloved Russia. May they all Rest In Peace with the Saints and finally receive the dignity and respect from us that they never got in this life…God Bless the Tsar…🙏🏾☦️🕊

  19. Photographs of the father, Tsar Nicholas, keeping his beloved, sickly son close to him and watching over him, says all about Nicholas' character that I need to know. George V said the Tsar was "weak as water," but King George was a shallow, mean man who treated his own sons miserably.

  20. I have just finished Helen Rappaport's book Ekaterinburg Last Days of the Romanovs. An excellent read it is too. I am very excited at the prospect of reading this new book too.
    Thank you for your work.
    May the Imperial family receive blessings & rest in peace forever.

  21. Dowager zarina Alexandra had not lost her siblings as a kid. You need to study up on Danish Royal House. For shame. Must be an pompous Brown up American we know it All trait. For bloody shame. Tsh tsh tsh.

  22. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered! ☦️ Άγιοι Ρομάνοβ Βασιλομάτρυρες πρεσβεύσατε υπέρ υμών ☦️

  23. I see a rapid and growing interest in the Romanovs.
    I see pictures of their arrest and one in particular catches my attention.
    This picture is of the daughters behind a clothesline with shaved heads.
    I keep thinking these kids were raped.
    What photographer would take pictures of them naked behind a clothesline with shaved head?
    They were humiliated living surrounded by hateful enemies and men.
    Of course, these children were abused.
    Hence my question:
    Why does not anyone talk about it?
    Why ignore something so real?

  24. Putin is trying to get his own dynasty. Russia is still healing from the soviet reign. Nuclear pollution in it's far lost regions or ancient satellites and the gulags who killed so many political zeks. Long live the tsar since the took back the flag and the church. Military propaganda in Syria and Building in the North Pole Putin's legacy is right or wrong??

  25. He is not weak but because he trust to peaple didn't deserve this ,He try to make change ,introduce his family to his soldiers and General.

  26. Aristocracy was a system human beings had outgrown. There was great inequality in the society, misery and poverty. Oppression can only last so long then people will rise up

  27. Nicolas and his family…. are Gods…. May lenin, yurovski and all that disgusting ilk of them burn in hell.

  28. Nicholas was one of the greatest human beings that ever existed….. it is sad that that motherfucker yurovsky's family still lives unhindered. they should be ashamed of their own blood. those disgusting pigs.

  29. In order to create their Utopia in Russia, their first task was to destroy the culture that already existed, including Christianity. To do this, these Bolshevik Jews unleashed the greatest bloodbath in history, far exceeding anything the Mongols did, and a thousand times worse than anything the notorious Nazis did. As an illustration of the bloody mindedness of these Bolshevik Jews, Grigory Zinoviev (real name Hirsch Apfelbaum), as head of the Communist International, wrote in an article in the “Drasnaya Gazeta” in Moscow, September 1, 1918: “We will make our hearts cruel, hard and immovable, so that no mercy will enter them, and so that they will not quiver at the sight of a sea of enemy blood. We will let loose the floodgates of that sea. Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood! For the blood of Lenin [shot but survived in 1918] and Uritsky [shot and killed in 1918], Zinoviev [shot but lived in 1919] and Voladarsky [shot and killed in 1918], let there be floods of blood of the bourgeois — more blood! As much as possible.” These Bolshevik Jews murdered upwards of 40 million ethnic, Christian Russians. The precise number will never be known. This was so horrific that it terrified the traditional ruling classes in the rest of Europe, as they saw the possibility of the same thing happening in their own countries.90% of the first communist goverment(under Lenin). Even Durring Stalin they were 50%+ Stalin did realise the Jewish threat and tried to get rid of them(the doctors plot). But he got killed by "food poisoning". The satellite states were allmost fully Jewish.Jewish Bolshevism was the most horrid and disgusting ideology that could possibly occur in Russia. The Tsar is a martyr, as are millions of his people killed from 1917-91, all slain by the bloody hands of Jewry.85% of the Bolsheviks were Ashkenazi Jews. During their "revolution", they murdered between 40-50 MILLION Orthodox Christians and burned every church to the ground. Where do you think the phrase "Godless Commies" came from? Makes the German holocaust pale in comparison. Jewish bolshevik was the most successful terrorist organization in modern history.

  30. Jewish bolshevik was the most successful terrorist organization in modern history.Jewish Bolshevism was the most horrid and disgusting ideology that could possibly occur in Russia.Emperor Nicholas II being painted a weak sovereign is also a lie. At the height of the conflict on the Eastern Front WWI (1915-1916), Nicholas II took over command of the military and the situation immediately reversed on the front. No Tsar had ever commanded a Russian army since the early 17th century under Peter the Great. The Germans couldn't unleash the full weight of their offensive against the allies on the Western Front because the Russians had penetrated deep into East Prussia. These troops a la' Russie fought with a lot less at times, sometimes not even having artillery support due to shell shortages. American bankers such as Jacob Schiff and German spy masters completely funded the Bolsheviks. It's well documented that Trotsky had a very expensive apartment (in NYC) with a private limousine courtesy of Mr. Schiff and Co.

    Lenin was primarily bankrolled by Germany and together with Trotsky and apprentice in training (Stalin), with the full monetary backing of U.S., British and German bankers they entered Russia through subterfuge and unleashed hell. More often than not, these men were of Jewish extraction. Needless to say, to sound less conspiratorial, many Russian Jews who emigrated to America, specifically New York were there due to repatriation back to the Pale of Settlement and pogroms encouraged all under Tsar Alexander III (Nicky's father). However, the revenge that was meted against the Rus' was more than revenge it was Satanic in nature, thousands of churches demolished, mass genocide and starvation and the destruction of Russian culture (real Russian culture, not the facade that we saw from 1917-1991).

    What happened to Russia was backstabbing on the part of their allies and internal treason from some of their own people. Needless to say, Russians who supported the Bolsheviks got what they asked for and I pity the poor farmers and loyal soldiers who later became whites (counterrevolutionaries) who didn't even know what was going on in Petrograd and Moscow. The so-called 'Russian' Revolution is the biggest farce of history currently told. It was an act of backstabbing by their allies, mass betrayal and treason. The Russian Revolution should be called the Treason Revolt. We are told the allies won WWI, but in a war that fratricidal, the biggest loser was Russia. God bless the Tsar.

  31. Russia as a country Died when Lenin that Evil man had the Romanov Royal Family Murdered the Romanov family Legacy however will live for ever as to this day! bring back Monarchy to Russia out with Putin!

  32. Tsar Martyr Nicholas was so handsome, and he had such incredible blue eyes. Tsar Martyr Nicholas also had a good heart, and the strength to even forgive the Bolsheviks who murdered him and his family.

  33. It takes more strength to be meek than to be tough. He was more of a visionary than a leader. If he had his way he would not have been a Ruler. “That is true strength.”

  34. If you were a loving family and parents u were considered weak how wrong is that. Even Alexandra mother was the same and queen Victoria was horrible to princess alice her own daughter for breast feeding Alexandra and her siblings when they were babys queen Victoria actually named a cow after princess alice for breast feeding that how much different the times back then were back then.

  35. That awful photo-shopped family portrait ,at 0:45-54, does no justice to the memory of the tragic Tsar and his family. It should be removed and the original placed in its stead.

  36. Long live the Romanovs! May the wicked that did this be cut down the same way! I would have loved to marry into that family! Long live the righteous sons of Adam! Greetings from TX!

  37. The hymns to Tsar Nicholas and his family describe the Royal-Martyrs very well:
    Troparion of the Royal Martyrs. First Tone
    Most noble and sublime was your life and death, O Sovereigns; wise Nicholas and blest Alexandra, we praise you, acclaiming your piety, meekness, faith, and humility, whereby ye attained to crowns of glory in Christ our God, with your five renowned and godly children of blest fame. Martyrs decked in purple, intercede for us.

    Kontakion of the Royal Martyrs. Second Tone
    Royalty and martyrdom were joined together, O blest ones, in your death for righteousness and right belief, O wise Sovereigns, Nicholas and Alexandra, with your five children. Hence, Christ our God hath deemed you worthy of thrones in Heaven; and with twofold crowns of glory, ye reign forever, adorned with grace divine.

    Troparion Hymn of the Martyrs Elizabeth and Barbara. Plagal of First Tone
    Emulating the Lord's self-abasement on the earth, thou didst forsake royal mansions to serve the poor and disdained, overflowing with compassion for the suffering. And taking up a martyr's cross, thou in meekness didst perfect the Saviour's image within thee, Wherefore, with Barbara, entreat Him to save us all, O wise Elizabeth.

    Kontakion of the Martyrs Elizabeth and Barbara. Third Tone
    In the midst of worldliness, thy mournful heart dwelt in Heaven; in barbaric godlessness, thy valiant soul was not troubled; thou didst long to meet thy Bridegroom as a confessor, and He found thee worthy of thy martyric purpose. O Elizabeth, with Barbara thy brave companion, pray to thy Bridegroom for us.

    The feast day commemorating the Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia, Emperor Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra, and their children, Alexis, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia, is commemorated on July 4/17 (new calendar followed by old calendar dates). The feast day for the Royal Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth and the New Martyr Barbara is commemorated on July 5/18 (new calendar followed by old calendar dates).

    Taken from: http://www.serfes.org/royal/tropar.htm

    The feast day of all the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia is on the Sunday nearest to January 25 New Calendar/February 7 Old Calendar.

  38. Wasn't he a foaming at the mouth antisemite who encouraged a policy of blaming the Jews for the social and economic disasters of his own policies , and encouraged violent state sponsored 'uprisings' against them ?
    Didn't his wife encourage his suppression of all Russians by saying "they love to feel the whip on their backs!' ?

  39. What a beautiful family, I got teary eyes just by looking at the pictures. May God have them in his holy kingdom for all eternity. Wonderful video btw, greetings from Argentina!

  40. Over the years one reads and reads history and along the way he reaps more knowledge of the events and consequently changes his mind. The winds of change were not a refreshing breeze when they blew over Russia, they had become a tornado.

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