Tucker: The Democratic Party wants to run the US
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Tucker: The Democratic Party wants to run the US

August 24, 2019

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  1. California votes Democrat and that's what you get. Reap what you sow California. Start voting anything other than Democrat and change will come.

  2. Welcome to the rule of the UNCFFF, the Climate Change government. Students from Universities all over the world bring their ideas to "Stakeholders" in Sustainable Development, like Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, Zuckerberg, etc. who check out their "innovation" ideas in engineering, drugs, medicine, transportation, etc – and then they hand good ideas off to German companies – known as Middlestand – or Hidden Champions – who now control 48% of the world's sales, with just .6% of the companies. Why? Germany doesn't get hit with Climate Change regulations. No renewables there. The UNFCCC is the German empire. Check it out.

  3. The Socialist Party of America, once the Democratic party, wants complete and total power and will never give it up.

  4. How is it we as a country aren't standing up and refusing anything less than results. If they vote democrats in again in 2020, it's hopeless.

  5. Hey Tucker, you left an "i" out of the title, "The Democratic Party wants to ruin the US".
    Recommend immediate rectification and give 10 hail Ronald Reagan's for retribution.

  6. Tucker, Thanks, For Your Honest Reporting! Please, Don't Ever Change!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump/Pence2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Yes, Tucker, Democrats suck at running some states, but 9 out of the 10 poorest states in the country are run by Republicans. Also, red states receive more welfare than blue states. These are verifiable empirical facts and I’ve never heard you discuss your own party’s incompetence and failures.

  8. Hey there, just dropping a line from Republicanland here. Things are going great. Economy is up, plenty of jobs. Sorry to hear that things ain't so good in Democratland. Maybe you can join us in this age of prosperity. But you gotta leave those dried up bitter communist false prophets behind. Sorry, Republicanland rules.

  9. Yet theses cities citizens continue to reelect politicians who endorse or ignore these problems. Fits Einstein's definition of insanity.

  10. “Both Portland’s”. He’s one of the only anchors of any news or political show anywhere that acknowledges Maine ever.

  11. It's so sad to see this happening to America. Liberals did the same thing my country South Africa. I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world that is now a crime ridden cesspit. Just the other day our police warned motorists on a major highway near me to drive in groups so as to avoid being targeted by violent criminals that are flooding into the area. Good luck to you if you break down or are in a minor accident even the emergency services that respond are attacked.

    What's truly disturbing is how over the years living like this people have become desensitized. People who were once horrified by this have just accepted it now. It's "normal". Worse still their kids brainwashed by liberal universities and ironically Hollywood are not only perfectly okay with the current status but think it has not gone far enough. They're continually targeting everyday law abiding citizens for daring to try protect themselves by trying to legally obtain firearms or protect their communities through neighborhood watch etc….

    Apologies for the long post but America is seen as a positive example to so many around the world but what hope is there for others if even the US goes down this path to ruin.

  12. Talk about twisted reporting. If I listened to this all day I would live in fear and hate everyone who does not buy into this stuff. This guy is racist propagandist stocking fear. He is a disgrace.

  13. Correction: the Republican Party wants to control the U.S. Otherwise we wouldn't have a Republican President who just ordered every private company to not do business with China. A Republican Senator from Kentucky who has dubbed himself the Grim Reaper, because he refuses to let any Democratic legislation pass through the house. Republican Legislators who look at Americas most dangerous cities, and say "They are all run by Democrats," when in realty 3 of those 5 states allow for Concealed carry, open carry, and constitutional carry? makes ya think about what really happened to the DNC servers, huh?

  14. No tucker I don't want that at all it's time to vote these traitors to the people out of office now Republicans need to band together and unify and take our country back before it's too late

  15. “Decay and mismanagement”. You mean Kentucky?? People living in run down shacks, sucking off of welfare and hooked on opioids? Yeah, I’ve seen what bloated Republicans can do to an economy too.

  16. 4:00 When you allow people who don't know what they are doing to have a Vote then this can be exactly what they get for their Vote. Today if you vote for any democrat leader you are Crazy, Lazy or Both.

  17. The top three reasons for poverty are… A government that doesn't participate in the economy. Actually economic oppression. (Taco Bell, Dollar general, convenience store) And mismanagement of funds. Which one do you think democrats participate in?

  18. Its only a matter of time and High Tech companies will move out, there are plenty of cities around the country and the world to welcome them! SHAME ON CALIFORNIA'S DEMOCRAT ADMINISTRATION and a special shame on America's most beautiful city administration to allow its decay to a 3rd world place.

  19. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and California, as a whole are run by Democrats. And look at them. Thousands of people and millions of Rats. All living together. A pandemic is coming. The scariest thing about what's going on right now. The lunatic's like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Buttgieg, are standing at the steps of the White House, waiting for the key, so they can go in and sit down in the chair behind the desk, that sits in the Oval office. Hopefully, God will take notice, the way he did back when Hillary was standing there?

  20. Shame on those DemonRats, but after 2020, things will change, people will get the help they need. Believe Hope!

  21. From my perspective, it is the majority of the regions in the United States that are governed by, or maintain the values of, a predominantly 'progressive' mentality that are experiencing growing numbers of homelessness, drug abuse (which parallels the increase in crime) and overtaxation. If one was to think 'how is it possible to create the most amount of chaos and confusion in the least amount of time?', this is the prime example of how it is done. The overall impression that the citizens are trying to exude is one of love and acceptance, but the ruling party has an entirely different agenda and using their followers as pawns. It is a very sad state of affairs to say the least.

  22. The only way San Francisco could have come to this degradation is by intent from those in charge. Same as any Democrat-run city in the US.

  23. …and all republicans want to run the US… all right wingers want their agenda to be the American way. Pretty dumb.

  24. Oh, Boy! John Cox was right!
    Does my home state as a whole need to get this bad before California fixes itself?

  25. As a tourist i visted SF in 2000 an it didnt look that bad, although i recall Market Street was lined with vagrants every evening. On my final day i saw a homeless white guy sat on the roadside with a cat beside him, an i was gonna give him my last coins before i flew out, but a cop nearby put me off as i didnt want to break any local laws.

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