Tūhoe close to sealing treaty deal
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Tūhoe close to sealing treaty deal

November 28, 2019

The final initialling
of the Treaty Settlement between Tuhoe and the Crown
will go ahead tomorrow, irrespective of the threat
of a tribunal hearing being granted to three hapu who are vehemently
opposed to the settlement. After more than a hundred years
of broken promises, Tuhoe will be closer to
a $170 million cash settlement and the return of
Te Urewera National Park, which will see the Crown relinquish
its ownership of the park to make way for a board
made up of Crown and Tuhoe nominees. After a five-year review, it’s hoped full control
will be handed back to Tuhoe. However, not all beneficiaries
are happy with the deal and have lodged a hearing
with the Tribunal to try and overturn the process.

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