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  1. I won't be voting for her, but would it be hyperbolic to say that she is the best Democrat candidate in about 58 years or so?

  2. Jesus John, you asked the same asinine questions as the DNC robot press. Are you really that stupid, or just totally bought by this sick system? You should be ashamed of yourself you elitist tool. No respect!

  3. People in the comments really missing the point imo. Yes a lot of her policies are bad but her primary focus is drugs and war, those alone would probably take up most if not all of her time in office. And even if she did push the other progressive policies, congress exists for a reason, to prevent those types of unconstitutional or illogical policies. It's why there are checks and balances in the system in the first place. If you would rather just maintain the status quo with endless wars for Israel bickering about lowering or raising taxes by half a percent, then go right ahead. But she has 100% of my support.

  4. Why are the democrats fielding Biden, Sanders and Warren as their top candidates?? Tulsi is the only one worth voting for.

  5. Thanks for the interview, John. Interviewing those who have viewpoints radically different from our own is not a bad thing. I don't agree with most of Tulsi's policies but I do like that she will consent to debating with those who disagree with her.

  6. Stossel – alcohol is legal – but not for children. There are laws about who can sell it. It isn't that hard to understand.

  7. Thank you, Tulsi, for taking out Kamala! Please don't boycott the debates – we need you to take out Warren so you and Bernie can take the presidency in 2020 – and so you can take over for Bernie in 2028! BERNIE/TULSI 2020!!

    To think that politics and government in the US is democracy, is a misnomer. To label foreign governments as 'brutal
    dictatorships' is misleading. And to say that democracy is better than other forms of government, is also untrue, especially

    when that democracy is what passes for it in name only, in the US. Roslyn Fuller clarifies the factual realities from the
    present mythology about democracy, and why if it's supposed to be the best form of government, why the outcomes
    are anything but the best. Why so called democracy is not really democracy, and why it, in its present nominal forms, fails.

  9. I like this video because, as usual, John Stossel did a great job! Tulsi Gabbard makes some sound arguments, but she makes a lot of assumptions as well. Like many of her democrat political peers, she advocates big government at the expense of the military. She likes to mention how Trump is making political mistakes, but doesn't directly acknowledge how Obama's pull-out in Iraq (against the recommendations of the Generals) led to the rise of ISIS in Iraq and then Syria; how Obama's administration took student loans from the the private banks and making it a government responsibility led to many (fiscally irresponsible) students accruing significant college loan debt that they can't repay; and etc. What I really love is how she wants all lethal drugs to become legal, punish the businesses that sells the drugs (because they are making a profit by providing a service that people want), and then forcing taxpayers (who don't use dangerous drugs) to pay for the healthcare of those who are willing to get sick from using known dangerous drugs. Can't spell "hypocrisy" without "hyp(e)". She needs to be fact checked as well. In the military, we seniors leaders will sometimes "tap dance" to make our arguments seem sound, and then we will try to fix things afterwards to make it seem like we were right. If it doesn't work out, then we say "sorry". Tulsi will probably say "sorry" a lot if President. Furthermore, when comparing the US to other countries, you have to acknowledge some of the challenges those countries have. Drugs may be cheaper, but you may have to wait in a long line to get it. If you have a choice of public care or private care, those who can't avoid private care are going to say they are marginalized because those in private care can afford doctors and staff who are more competent than those in public care. Progressive policies always sound good to the individual, but it's not always good for the nation. I really don't care who wins the democrat nomination because none of those socialist bastards are get my vote.

  10. This woman should be America's first female President. She's not full of sh!t, and she keeps a great demeanor. I'm a Republican, but I think she has my vote.

  11. She wants to cut the budget of the Military, so her brothers and sisters now would not get paid. Also Trump has been going to our so called allies to get them to Pay for our military. Pay your fair share.
    Trump has been trying to get the power back into the hands of the American people, by draining the swamp. she wants more government which=more swamp.

  12. Tulsi needs to take an online economics course. If she could get her head straight on that topic, I'd support her to the hilt! (Providing she also rejects the whole climate change scam!)

  13. Another "big government is the solution" spender. I'm baffled as to how someone like this is in the running for any government leadership role.

  14. I am encourage all of my fellow peace advocates to commit to only advertising Tulsi Gabbard on Facebok in 90% of their posts. she is the only anti-war candidate in the United States election. Would you please join me as a fellow peace activist?

  15. Ok, there's the problem. She's a NATIONAL GUARD "soldier". Worse than a reservist. They are STATE soldiers 99% of the time. The Guard is SO full of WHO you know instead of WHAT you know. I'd lay money on her being a TOXIC "leader" and tearing down any unit she's in, just based on the filth coming out of her pie hole.

    How the hell is she not up on CHARGES for the ANTI American and ANTI US GOV crap she spews. Granted she's not uniform, currently, once she puts it on, EVERYTHING she is saying AGAINST her chain of command. AGAINST HER OATH.

    IF she were in charge, she'd bow down all the terrorist and get MORE Americans killed. And yes, TIME and TIME again, when they FEAR US, they back down or get crushed. We have proven that.

    Screw this cowardly piece of shit. She'd destabilize the world so she can FEEL good.
    Says she IN the NG and then acts proud she doesn't smoke weed, which is an offense that gets you KICKED OUT, dumbass…smoke it PLEASE. get caught and lose EVERY benefit when you get your Dishonerbale Discharge.

    Sure, legalize weed…and make it like alcohol…except. smoking that crap under 25 FUCKS YOUR BRAIN PERMERMANTLY. It literally STOPS it from finishing growing. It turns OFF the growth of your logic center.


    BRAC has fucked up SOOOO many things. It WASTES more money than it saves.

    Who the hell lives in fear of nukes? Only IGNORANT PEOPLE live in terror of that.

    WE INVENT the meds, so yes it costs a lil more. RESEARCH COSTS $$$$$$$.

    More lies and double talk from this bitch. Sure, Medicare for all…because I need to pay for YOU medical? HELL NO.

    Bitch has never owned or run a business and wants to keep crying about "crony capitalism" she doesn't even know what it is.

    She's less insane than the rest of the liberal anti-American traitors, but she is still INSANE.

    Wasteful wars..keep saying it more, you still are NOT in a position to understand any of it. Officer or not, she's a medical aka, sat in the rear understanding nothing in her safe little office/tent/base.

    Yes, colleges are over charing, STOP SUBSIDISING THEM!!!!

    Nothing FREE is ever APPRECIATED.

    I got shelled too bitch, hell the bunker I was supposed to go to was blown up. So what. You're not special.

    A tv screen is CHEAPER than a $15 min wage NO BUSINESS PERSON WANTS, and not because of greed. If you think working McD's is supposed to SUPPORT AN ADULT, you are beyond confused. It is an UNSKILLED JOB for KIDS.

    SWEEPING FLOORS does NOT qualify you to say you "ran a business" fuck, the lies and stupid coming out of her pie hole.

    This woman does not "love our country" she supports all these SOCLIAST aks COMMUSINT changes to it. SHE, like the rest, HATES AMERICA.

  16. The only reasonable Democrat campaigning right now. However, she's still a progressive, and I can't get behind that loony train. Free markets and free people, NOW!

    Thank you for doing this interview, Mr. Stossel!

  17. John stossel.. where does money come from? Money is a tool that man invented. We can do these things and we can afford to do these things if thats what we want to do.

  18. A libertarian arguing for patent laws? Yeah how libertarian to be adamantly defending intellectual property protectionism. She's more conservative than Reason Tvs 'conservative' on some issues, apparently.

  19. No Mr. Stossel,
    Im 50 and I loved watching you when I was younger. Still love to watch you now. Heck, I’ll watch you hang a picture. This lady, with all due respect for her service, just wont ever get my vote. Forgetting her Socialist policies, which I abhor, something about her just rubs me the wrong way, which is strange because I find her very attractive and nice to look at. I look forward to watching your next endeavor, as I find you to be a man of integrity and wisdom. I cannot get behind Ms. Gabbard however.

  20. Decriminalize all drug use??? It's your body??? So I can get arrested for driving without a seat belt, but using heroin is perfectly fine.

  21. Saying that Medicare for All would cost $30 billion without mentioning it would save at lest $3 Billion over what we currently spend is dishonest. It also would have the benefit of covering EVERYONE.

  22. Tulsi is one of the more SANE Democrat candidates (relatively speaking).. that means she DOESN’T STAND A CHANCE of getting her party’s nomination.. in fact, the DNC has probably already decided which Democrat SOCIALIST LOON they’re going to RIG their primary for this time.

  23. Not saying vote for her or not. Your choice hoewever,:

    Her concept of free college is likely online college. That comes out as she speaks. That is completely doable. Those universities will not have research, tech development, sports programs, and real estate. They're already cheap and semi-free to the non degree seeker. So maybe she is envisioning the average student abandoning traditional universities, dorms, profs with small classes, etc.. This is more workable than Warren/Sanders trying to keep her fellow profs employed in old universities that cater to eight years of wild coeds.

    Min wage. If it hasn't risen since the 80s, then it is either out of date or it is no longer needed.

    Foreign wars to change their governments. That is something we inherited in 1946 from Great Britain who imposed that "duty" upon themselves in 1763. We're not the UK and don't really own that responsibility. We ignore or cause as much suffering as we alleviate year after year. The world must grow up. They know whats what now. The UK and others were trying to keep a a colonial empire together. We're not supposed to be colonialists. We stumbled into it in the 1890s.

    Drug laws: all substance laws are a matter of where one draws a line. Few cultures have complete prohibition. We allow alcohol and discourage leaf/flower extracts (herbal drugs). Other nations prohibit alcohol but their entire street market is full of recreational drugs.
    She's no different than anyone else. She has a line. She draws it at the seller, but absolves the user.

    She is a libertarian in some things, a liberal in others, a conservative in others (a very few others). She's not shouting. She's not calling opponents devils or traitors. She's just talking. That in itself is refreshing.

  24. As soon as the government is in charge of paying for it, it becomes a right and "vital" as soon as it is "vital" the private sector can set their price at whatever they want because the government "has to pay for it" because it is now a right… health care, education… they have both already been ruined by this very simple principle. If the government got out of the two fields the price would PLUMMET because the system would be forced to correct itself to what the population could afford.

  25. I absolutely love Tulsi ….unfortunately she has some a progressive ideas that I don't necessarily agree with but I would be proud to call her president!!! I live here in the great state of South Carolina and we have billboards all over with her beautiful face!!! She is the only candidate on either side to actually serve in the military!!! Democrats and Republicans alike are scared to death of her because she speaks with wisdom! Thank you for the interview….

  26. I like Tulsi and appreciate her service but I’m sure she, more than most, knows ya just don’t go into Afghanistan, defeat Al Qaeda, get out, and that’s the end of it. “Mission accomplished” lol – for a little while.

  27. I used to like Tulsi, now I don't trust her anymore – – 22:15 She is too leftwing, and too antiAmerican in her criticisms. And she is not a 'combat soldier'.
    39:07 Wrong Tulsi, less than two percent of this country's population is working two full jobs – – you sound like AOC!

  28. The New Deal was a series of programs, public work projects, financial reforms, and regulations enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States between 1933 and 1936. It responded to needs for relief, reform, and recovery from the Great Depression. Wikipedia

  29. We the people rise up and say No More to a defunct Foreign Policy…that could easily end up in an "unimaginable" Nuclear Catastrophy

  30. They're puppets and they're going to get you all depopulated. Fucki. braindead sheeps. Fluoride in jr water is working

  31. I do not agree with most of her left leaning policies. I have great respect for her having her beliefs and respectfully talking with the liberals and conservatives. She knows what she is talking about.

  32. Great interview. I know of would like to hear Tulsi speak about the CFR and it’s role. Has she read “The Creature From Jekyll Island”? Or perhaps “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”? She is the only Dem that speaks any truth. Give us the whole enchilada Tulsi!

  33. Really Stossel? Not a single word about her tyrannical and insane views on guns and gun owners? She wants o appear intelligent but really Tulsi? She has some great ideas on foreign policy but she would be catastrophic for our country domestically. In the end….she is just another stupid ass anti gun socialist who see’s the public as nothing more than an open check book for all her foolish policies. No thank you….America…get your head out if your collective ass and vote Libertarian!

  34. Wait a second! I am not a democrat, but I would much rather listen to this woman than any other democrat weirdo. Why isn't she leading the race? Why is Joke-A-Hontas leading the pack instead of this woman? What's wrong with the democrat followers? This candidate just proves that democrats can't listen to reason!

  35. Her claim that patent rights were sold for a dollar is a gross misrepresentation. When I began work as a pharmaceutical scientist, I was paid a dollar to sign a document assigning the rights to anything I invented to the company for which I worked. In return I got a steady job and paycheck and a laboratory supplied and funded by the company. There's no way I could have afforded to set up and run my own private laboratory. The dollar was a minuscule fraction of what the company paid me directly and indirectly over the years to work on drug research.

  36. Cant trust someone who doesnt take a drink. And of all the candidates she is the best. Not saying much for the dems.

  37. Tulsi is a nice person and it’s refreshing to see someone willing to sit down with the other side. But don’t be fooled people. She’s basically the same as the rest of her liberal cohorts. Just not as radical. But basically equivalent.

  38. It was a bad idea to go to War ever since WWII.
    1.6 percent of American Citizens owned Slaves why should 98.4 of Citizens pay?
    She is the best Democrat for the Job but the DNC hates her????

  39. Tulsi, do you actually believe you're gonna free skate to the position of President of The United States and it's Commander in Chief, someone will eventually call you out for your ducking==dodging==deflecting on the issues that are currently happening all around you, you are a member of the DNC and chock to your eyeballs in this horrible horrible and disgraceful situation that has engulfed your Country for far to long. To continually take pot shots at the POTUS and his Administration and then pretend to not know much about the Joe Biden story is downright irresponsible, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time and that boomerang will be along, keep ducking==dodging==deflecting.

    I am still waiting for you to explain to the American people how is it that an outsider named Donald J Trump was the one that shortly after taking office clean up and straightened out the Dept of Veteran Affairs, remember them your" Brother's and Sister's in uniform", nice try. What did you personally do on this file from 2012-2016, we know what your party did.

  40. Both side red or blue aren’t gonna change anything they need us picking sides and fighting each other so we don’t notice money is king and the politicians are making millions and millions. Shes a democratic candidate that was set up by the gov overlords to get some ppl from the republican side on the left but a mentally challenged dog that’s been hit by a car with only front legs could be president for 8 years and the average American daily lives will change nothing. Make money and invest, the goal is to be rich but if you make it financial stability to the point where you don’t have to work anymore and you made it. And remember to give big daddy mafia there cut of your earnings with paying taxes. Everyone meets god and they will have to answer for there corruption, this life is not your ultimate so make it confortable for you and your loved ones and stay clean for judgement. If you don’t agree np. Feminism is cancer all lives matter less then mine fck you all regardless your dck size

  41. So she knows that there is a lot of waste, I mean she is proposing to pay with it, how about this crazy idea, lets get rid of all of the waste that not a single President managed to do yet constantly talks about, and pay our crushing debt with it, instead of immediately spending it on yet another program? Crazy, I know.

  42. A sane reasonable democrat capable of answering questions without screeching or referring to their accomplishments in twenty five minute statement's? No wonder the left disowned her. She'd be better off as an independent.

  43. She's the tipical girl that everyone knows the only reason for her to be the generals secretary is because she's amazing at her job… I'm referring to giving head

  44. It doesn't matter how pretty the words are that are coming out of her mouth, John, she still supports some of THE more idiotic Democratic reforms like… FREE STUFF! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE, SOMEBODY HAS GOT TO PAY FOR IT! Weather it is free College, free healthcare, Hell, even free phones. "FREE" things are NO platform to run on, all you are doing, "TULSI", is perpetuating the lazy, egotistical, arrogant & simply all round STUPID attitude that lazy Americans seem to be holding onto these days. No wonder most Americans are FAT & OBESE! Did I happen to mention liars & petty thieves as well. You cannot trust ANYONE to be honest anymore BUT, you CAN trust them to steal your "shit", no matter how pointless that "shit" would be to them, they'll still steal it. A Nation of chronic liars & petty thieves, that's what America has become. Thanks Democrats, you worthless, dipshit hippies; see what you have done??

  45. The politition's should get their hands out of my pocket. She is still young so I'm guessing she might learn. She sounds like a politition. So she pisses me off naturally. Get the government out of my life. Please . you will end up hurting people not helping.government go to hell

  46. Poor Stossel. I now his head wants to explode. I hate to say it but she did not listen to stossel she does not listen she preaches. She is the problem.

  47. Interesting! Yesterday I saw this video had 49K views and now it reads 25K views. Wonder what they are doing with Tulsi's videos.

  48. We HAD free state college tuition in many states, for decades. This is not a radical concept of "SOCIALISM!".
    Free college brought Steve Wozniak from University of Colorado, where he couldn't afford the $750 out-of-state tuition, back to California, where he met another Steve.
    Was that a good investment for California to have made?

  49. Can you imagine the educational system being flooded with free drugs for your children and drug classes to show the proper way of using drugs? They will have needle bins and dispensers throughout the halls.
    Is Gabbard attempting to push the envelope even further into the abyss? I am Concerned about her legalization of ALL drugs. Does that mean that Pharm gets to play a part in distributing drugs too? If they are legal then it is legal for Pharm companies to get in the game. Will your Doctor be prescribing heroin, cocaine and whatever else comes on the market? Will there be price wars or monopolies? Will they get producers to advertise heroin and other drugs on TV? Will bars serve drugs as well as alcohol? Will Insurance Companies cover heroin, cocaine and whatever else as a prescription? Will Insurance companies cover overdoses and hospital treatments? Will drug users get pardoned if they steal, rob or kill for their drugs?

  50. I agree with her on ending the war, but I don't want to pay for a druggie's health care.

    Drugs can be legal, so long as they are the only ones paying for their own demise.

    Health insurance is expensive because the government is involved and mandates.

    Like must women, she doesn't do math and doesn't believe in freedom.

  51. The problem with student loans is the government interference in the first place. Universities and Banks are exempt from making a loss, so they keep giving out bad loans and putting students into debt. This leads to overreaching bureaucracy and other wasteful spending, because why not? Either the entire thing becomes publicly funded or privately funded. If it's publicly funded, we'll go bankrupt, if it's privately funded less people will go but many more students won't have a mortgage without a house.

    Health is something that can be negotiated. Health isn't a choice(In most cases). But higher education is entirely choice based.

  52. While I don't agree with her on much, she at least is willing to talk things out and explain her position. She also has some good "normal person" experience, it sounds like. She doesn't really sound like a modern Democrat, except for the socialist goals of spending way to much of our money because, to be honest, it is our taxes that would end up paying for everything. I don't need my taxes or insurance anything else to increase like it did the last time a Democrat was in office. That would just hurt my family.
    The reason we have such a huge gap between the top 1% and everyone else? Greed and a lack of morals and gratitude. They simply put do not appreciate those working for them, and they don't regard others or others' lives to be important.

  53. She sounds so much like "Senator" Obama. Smooth, very well spoken, poised but, no real substance in her comments (and they are comments, there is no policy's being spoken here). This is the kind of person that gets elected because the masses like her message. "Let's be "fair" with other nations, let's talk to them and they will stop doing bad things".

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