TUSD1 TSO Composition Clinic at Sahuaro HS
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TUSD1 TSO Composition Clinic at Sahuaro HS

October 27, 2019

My name is Takuma Itoh. I’m a composer
from Hawaii. I’m here with the Tucson Symphony. I am the composer for
the upcoming concert, and I’m working with Young Composer, the young composer
program that the Tucson Symphony has, as well as with these high school students,
and just doing a little workshop on what a tiny aspect of what a composition is
and what goes into creating something brand-new. So, today we just try to
improvise something together in somewhat of a disorganized and somewhat of an
organized fashion, and try to get them to come up with some ideas so that they
could experience what creating music is like together. Hi. I’m Shawn Campbell. I’m VP of Artistic
Engagement and Education for the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. I’m also member of
the orchestra, and right now we’re at Sahuaro High School. We just finished a
really interesting kind of workshop with the band and orchestra and our Music
Alive composer in residence for this week. He is here thanks to the
Music Alive program for a whole week to work with the Tucson Symphony
Orchestra, and our Young Composers Project, and music students in the
community. We are playing a world premiere of a full orchestral work of
his called the Ripple Effect in our masterwork series. But we are also
getting the opportunity to work with students across the community with this
composer. Kind of exploring the process of composition and how anyone can be
involved in the process of creation, creativity, different sounds, kind of
thinking outside the box. So, that’s some of what just happened here
with the band and orchestra. [Music]

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