TVJ Midday News: Teachers on Edge After Reportedly Being Threatened by Parent – February 20 2020
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TVJ Midday News: Teachers on Edge After Reportedly Being Threatened by Parent – February 20 2020

February 22, 2020

good afternoon I’m Milton Walker with
the media news a special welcome if you are watching on one spot
principal of the Gregor Park Primary School in st. Catherine Richard Williams
wants the Education Minister to revisit the security arrangements in schools
his suggestion follows an incident where a parent threatened several teachers at
the school this morning the details in this report it was not a usual Thursday
morning when principal of the Gregory Park primary school Richard Williams
turned up for work mr. Williams was greeted with a commotion on the school’s
compound which involved an angry parent it’s understood that the parent went to
the institution trying to identify a child his son had mr. Williams says he’s
concerned about the frequency at which teaches at the institution therefore he
wants the Education Ministry to revisit the security measures in schools we analog TVJ news nine people were shot
dead across six police divisions between yesterday afternoon and early this
morning the killings include a double murder on Whitehall Avenue in the
Centennial north division that occurred about 11:30 p.m. the disease have been
identified as 19 year old shopkeeper David Johnson of Whitehall Avenue and 20
year old carpenter samiri Anderson of Carlisle Avenue meanwhile 43 year old
man Glenroy Ellington was killed and his two-year-old son shot and injured at
Darlington Drive in Old Harbor st. Catherine shortly after midnight the
other murders took place in Clarendon Kingston central sent and result st.
Catherine north and sent Catherine’s out police divisions two men are dead for in
a police operation in st. James yesterday afternoon tea BJ’s prints more
reports and police vehicles tell the all-too-familiar story that something
has gone wrong TV J News has been informed that
sometime in the afternoon on Wednesday the st. James police was carrying out an
operation in Mudd Valley when they came under heavy gunfire the police fired
back following the trading of bullets all three men were seen suffering from
gunshot wounds they were subsequently taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital
where two of them succumbed to their injuries their identities are not yet
known the third individual is still in hospital on the police guard it’s also
understood that two firearms including ammunition were recovered from the scene
the Independent Commission of investigations in the comm is
investigating in the meantime mayor of Montego Bay home
Davis is calling for a further extension of the state of emergency in the parish
the current state of emergency is expected to end in April he also sought
to address comments by the opposition and others who say the state of
emergency in the parish is not working I don’t think that it is fair to say that
the SOE is not working the men and women who have been putting their lives on the
line or their daily for the security of this parish and I know that do it with
the full commitment to protect and to serve the people of San James Prinze
more TVJ news the number of violence and serious crimes in saint mary is on the
decline head of the Saint Mary Police Division superintendent Bob Morgan
Simpson says there were four murders committed in the parish so far this year
most of which were related to conflicts and domestic violence we have a number
of justices of the peace so mighty will be in this room we need to be reaching
out more to the community in terms of mediation mediation and need for
utilizing the Justice Center and the other areas that are available for
quelling the disputes and intervening before it becomes all-out criminal
between the January and February last year there were three incidents of
shooting in the parish compared to two this year there were no reports of rape
in 2019 but the partials recorded two cases so far this year aggravated
assault has seen an increase this year with two cases compared with one last
year while there was a decrease in robberies with one compared to seven in
the corresponding paired in 2019 superintendent Morgan Simpson also noted
that while the parishes seen a reduction in major crimes the shortage of police
personnel is a challenge from the public in terms of our crime-fighting efforts
in telling us what is going on are going to crime stops so that the information
can be filtered down to us are through whatever means necessary to
the situation two-photon called tolerable level a new timeline has been
given for the construction of another maximum-security prison in Jamaica it’s
been pushed back to another 18 months speaking yesterday on beyond the
headlines national security minister dr. Horace
Chang stated that preliminary plans I know advanced we have looked at it the
London to arrive in Pelham she required you have to cut you up you know with off
financing it but it would not be on this year for it we are still you know
completing the rehabilitation of police station a billion from you on but at the
news press that was ethically it’s a bad miss the molecule will have to come down
the road I think next year we can control the planning on financial
arrangements you insert construction to make you for the following it of the
next not differently of the 2021 for 2022 furniture so you’re saying in about
two years it would be realistic to see construction start on a new prison yeah
but what and it’s no time for break on media news we’ll be right back after
these messages welcome back continuing the news the st.
Catherine public health department is threatening to take enforcement action
against the National Water Commission in the BC if a long-standing sewage problem
in Greater port more is not urgently rectified chief public health officer
for the parish Grayson Hutchinson so the agency’s sewage pond which has not been
maintained is affecting residents the sewage ponds are presently colonized
with water lilies and are breeding mosquitoes extensively the Department
has fought institutions and communities in port more what our efforts have been
nullified or efforts have been largely ineffective due to the excessive
breeding of mosquitoes in the ponds instead several notices have been issued
to the end of the sea to resolve the issue he was speaking at a recent and
Catherine municipal cooperation meeting was served on the company to remove
excessive overgrowth of water lilies within a specified period of time and
maintain the ponds in a satisfactory manner a notice was also served on the
company to beat the overflow of sewage from manholes at cherry gardens sewage
treatment plant a legal framework is needed to address aspects of Jamaica’s
public health system that’s according to public defender Arlene Harrison Henry
who was speaking at the launch of the new year writes media campaign in Saint
Andrew yesterday mrs. Harrison Henry says the right to health should be
properly placed at the Jamaican Constitution the public defender
believes that it’s a discussion that needs to be had the way the courts have
interpreted that right is within the context of what is
available within the resources of a country so there are limitations even in
terms of the legal interpretation of it but I think it is one of the rights that
we need to have recognized meanwhile Health Minister dr. Christopher Tufton
says 50 million u.s. dollars will be spent over the next few years to support
the digitization of the country’s health records doctors often said this is part
of the health information system renewal under the inter-american Development
Bank IDB which is also supported by the European Union dr. Tufton was speaking at the launch of
the Neue rights metre campaign yesterday a woman is in hospital and attacks the
operator injured after he crashed into an open manhole manhole along the newly
paved Hagley Park Road Clementis coffret told her News team that Manos along the
Hager Park Road have caused a number of accidents the owner of the vehicle
contacted the National Works Agency in EE early this week for assistance but
there were no show and coming up behind the coaster I reach up by this record
plays here and thing like that when I see the cover just about bustling tilt
like the cobalt Kaustubh over time we time II reach up to it daunting like
that they’ll blow through it much of the water cure right no manikarnika killed
me one year ago in hospital when TVJ News contacted communications manager at
the National Works Agency Stephen Shaw about the incident he said he was not
aware mr. Shah added that further checks would be done alright any accident I
don’t know if anyone I really have been contacted that is something that I’ll
have to find out if such a communication was done between any officer from the in
the planning of the end of the a and the individuals involved mr. Shah suggested that the owner of the
vehicle will have to make a legal claim if he’s to receive any compensation with
his property damaged along the road and they are contending that the damage was
caused by defective manholes daily for them to put together an appropriate
claim with the evidence that they have and submit seem to the end of Lee
through the legal department in sports a new quarterly Awards an incentive scheme
for four of the occupational groups that came on a spark has been introduced by
the promoting company supreme ventures racing an entertainment limited the
announcement was made at a press launch that came on a spark yesterday the
January to March quarter will be known as the opening meet and will carry a
total of 19 race days the classic meet quarter goes from April to June with 21
race meets listed july-to-september will form the summer meet of 19 race days
while the final quarter the championship meet also has 19 race days between
October and December under this new initiative the trainers have been
divided into two categories as there was having a stable size of more than 30
horses and saddling the most winners in a quarter will be eligible for a cash
prize of $300,000 the trainer saddling the most winners in each quarter and
having less than 30 horses in his stable will earn two hundred and fifty thousand
dollars the owner with the most wins in each quarter will pocket $400,000
quality top jockey for each quarter is set to receive a hundred and fifty
thousand dollars and the top groom $100,000 chairman of SV Arielle Solomon
Sharpe says the new scheme is designed to recognize and reward consistency
among the horsemen for years our our trainers Championships owners
championships etc I’ve decided on purse so you might have a husband in a derby
and a husband’s adhabi certainly it was good for mr. Bernard with whoa-ohh
winning the championship and all that kind of thing but what happens to mr.
Watson who broke the record for wins so how do we how do we incentivize mr.
Watson or do we even incentivize mr. mr. micros who continues to invest in
racing so when when these people invest when these people are put out when these
people support the card we believe in consistency so we believe in rewards and
incentives meanwhile details were also announced for the champions race day and
awards on the February 26 ash wins the program where some of the races on the
card will be named after some of the top performers for 2019 nine of the races on

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  1. Soon have to call in the Chinese them to teach..We did have road to make and couldn't make road, so guess what the Chinese come in! We want some Chinese teacher and Chinese police……We Don't want it….

  2. As I said before and I will say it again in anything that you are doing it requires leadership and Jamaica do not have it.

  3. The teaching profession is under attack by parents who should be working with teachers to get the best out of their children.

  4. This thing about "a soh Jamaicans stay" is unacceptable, because when them go foreign the vast majority of them behave themselves an fit perfectly in other people's culture. When these parents turn up at schools misbehaving the police must be call in to deal with them as a country we accept too much slackness

  5. In these scenarios, hold the parents accountable since they can easily be identified. Failing that, let them keep their children at home.

  6. Jamaica teachers should STOP putting their hands and people, kids. Let them leave, the teachers go to school and take out their problem kids. STOP BEATING THE KIDS. They should go to jail for child abuse. STOP CHILD ABUSE FROM TEACHERS.

  7. Children live what they learn…if this is the kind of hooliganism and hostility they see at home, they are going to bring it to school. Teachers are there to educate your child so that dem no tun out dumb and illiterate like yu..

  8. You think when mi a go school mi could a go home go tell my mother say teacher beat mi! U must a mad, first thing she a ask wah u do,
    A must something u do fi teacher beat u, teachers no just lick u so

  9. This is so sad 😢 Teachers you are worth more than this…if you have the opportunity to migrate please take it. Parenting seems to be a failed institution in Jamaica. Just imagine how things will be in a few more years.

  10. if them pickney cant behave them self and have manners them fi keep them home and teach them .that is some of the reason jamaica a face so much crime because some of the parents them uphold with them behaviours no respect for them pears sad sad for this beautiful island .parents stop support u children ina wrongs shame shame on u

  11. we want back wi sweet sweet jamaica from these thing mr government protect the teacher there r children who want to learn snd do better for them self and there r the one who want crime because there parent support them in their wrongs send them kind of parent to jail

  12. Homer Davis does not know the intricacies about of what he is talking about, the state of emergency. The 1st thing to commenced in Mobay and other areas, there is no opportunity for the poor people in Jamaica to servived from. So that is what he should be doing as the mayor of St,James, try to helped providing some form of employment for the poor people in his constituency.
    So how are going to control the crimes situation in Jamaica, when more than half of the now population .In Jamaica is not working at all, it is going to be worst of the continuous devaluation of the Jamaican dollar.

  13. Listening to what the minister of national security Dr Horace Chang is saying about the new prison,should be commencing in the next 18 months. I am not going to buy that at all,it is all political propaganda. Because the election is coming up very soon, so he is only using this to control the minds of the Jamaican people.
    It is so ironic that it is the same JLP party government as opposition at the time, when the British government was giving back some of the money. To build a new prison in Jamaica, which they took from some of the Jamaicans drugs money.
    It is the same JLP party government as opposition at opposing it,also all the JLP party supporters was thoroughly against the PNP party government to take the money and.
    Build that new prison, because all the prisons in Jamaica is very much outdated. They were built from in the days of slavery, I have been to all the prisons in Jamaica. So I know what am saying, none of the prisons in Jamaica is suitable for human beings to be living in.
    It is really surprising to hear the same minister of national security, who was a very strong advocate against building the new prison in Jamaica. If anyone out there who is with me, that the JLP party government is not going to build any new prison. Say yes,because they are not going to build no new prison.
    What is so ironic that they are trying to build so much new projects at the same time, I would like to know where are they going to get the money from.
    To undertake so much new projects at the same time, they are just trying to mesmerizing the poor people in Jamaica brains.Every sensible Jamaican would know that they are very much lying, they are not going to build no new prison. Because they are the ones who preventing the PNP party government from accepting the money from England, to build that new prison and. Now they realized that Jamaica really needed a new prison in any circumstances, because those old prisons.They are very much outdated, also over crowded, and not really applicable for any human beings to be living in such a very humane conditions.
    Now that the JLP party government is found themselves in limbo with the prisons situation in Jamaica, now they are running back to the same ideas. As the PNP party government really seeing the needs for a more suitable accommodation, for the prisoners. Because they are all human beings, because prison was not built for dogs and no man can predicts their future in life.
    Because nobody can tell what is going to happened to them in life,if anyone would tell the former minister of education Ruel Reid and companies. That they were going to jail, and might end up in prison. They would say that people is very much lying on them, and people hates them.
    I am only using it as a very prime example, when it comes to politicians when they got themselves into trouble.
    I for one does not sorry for none of them, only under certain circumstances, like self defense etc, etc.Because the same laws which they sets in parliament generally for the poor people in Jamaica. They never considered that one day the same unfair laws, is coming back at them, or their families. You must always remember that the same seeds you sow,it may come back to haunt you one day.
    After the JLP party as opposition was objecting to the PNP party government from taking the money from England, and building the new prison.
    As soon as they came to power, the same Andrew Holness who was one of the strongest advocate for building the new prison. He immediately went to England trying to convinced them, to gave him the money for the new prison. England told him no,because he cannot be trusted that he would build that new prison at all. Because he was very, very upset about the whole idea of building this new prison.
    So why are coming back so quickly for the money now, you must having some form of agendas to used the money on your personal business.
    So England objected from giving the JLP party government the money for building the new prison, because they are trustworthy. This news is very much shocking, and it is so obvious, or ironic that the JLP party government wants to build a new prison in Jamaica. I am going to see how the same JLP party supporters who was opposing the PNP party government from building it,so I want to see how they are going to reacts to this now.
    They are very much an hypocrites, although one JLP party supporter Bold Bogle. Is saying that I does not know proper English, there is nothing proper about English-language. It is only a preference of how someone wants to used certain words,but as long as the other person understand what you are saying. It is no big of a deal like how some people stupid ass Jamaican is elaborating about this English-language, like is something is going take you to heaven. Or it is going to save you from death the way some of them is behaving, with this stupid ass English language.

  14. I would like to know that the court ruled against that stupid ass indecom, that they should be involved into certain things. So what are they investigating, I would like to see if the PNP party won the next general election.
    If they are going to keep indecom organization around anymore wasting taxpayers money on nonsense, they are a waste of time according to the court. I would like to asked the JLP party government who implemented indecom, what is the main purposes of the organization and. What progress it has done towards the development of Jamaica, in whatever ways. Only to wasting millions of taxpayers money on nonsense, a organisation which is none productive to the development of Jamaica.
    Something is very much ironically wrong here, because the highest court of Jamaica rules against what they are doing is very much illegal activities. The JLP party government who implemented indecom organization over the police, they cannot even talked to them at all. What is so ironic they Chanelleges the highest court of Jamaica, by sending an appeal to England. Which Jamaica is not under the jurisdiction of the British government anymore, so it is so ironic that the privy council .Cannot over rules the highest court of Jamaica, because they does not have any form of juridical power at all.
    The government must realized that this organization is trying to over throwing, the constitution court of Jamaica. It seems that the highest court of Jamaica is very much powerless to order, the arrest those people in organization in indecom. For disobeying the order of the court,for contempt of the court.

  15. Jamaica is under attack by the government and the citizens. Yutes are not being discipline by there Guardians .that could of came and reason wid the principal by that parents don't that they are teaching the yutes is the way to solve problems is by treating another human and wen them grow up dem turn gunmen and get kill by the police. Then the committee say he was a good person. Jamaica will not change until the parents take responsibility of them yutes. Parents keep your yutes alive mek dem celebrate dem 25th birthday

  16. What Jamaica really need is God.
    With God comes love for one another. Jamaicans are generally nice law abiding people…when they are in other countries. Jamaica’s problem is: Once Jamaicans accepted false God Haile Selassie and quick schemes (quick money), it was over! The true God Jehovah is no longer blessing Jamaica because the people (most) have accepted a false God. Don’t believe me? Start thinking about when Jamaica started changing for the worst…it’s round about the time Rastafarianism was given birth (got popular). Remember God said: Thou shall have no other God but me. Bottom line, stop depending on Government to make meaningful changes…it will never happen! Jamaica needs divine help. Start praying people!

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