Twisted veneer wood art + how to make a frame
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Twisted veneer wood art + how to make a frame

September 26, 2019

ready? yep. hey guys we’re evan and katelyn and today
we’re making giant wood veneer art this is part of a much bigger wood art challenge with
a whole bunch of other makers and we’re gonna have that playlist linked below. also this video is sponsored by Rust-Oleum
who sent us all the awesome spray paints our hearts could ever ask for. so thank you and lets get into it! in this
video we’ll show you how to make the art itself and the giant frame. we were inspired by this piece by laura made
it to try to create something similar we knew we wanted it to be big oh my gosh it like
covers you entire and we knew we wanted to twist veneer across it like this. ah this already looks cool. but the rest we had to figure out as we went. we wanted to paint one side of the veneer
so it revealed a color as it twisted so we tested some colors out. so i really like all of these i think all
of these are 100% potentials, or we could mix all of them and i’m not really sure what
we’re gonna do yet. i don’t want it to get too crazy. let’s does it. wanna get that side. based on the veneer width, we’d need 57 strips
to go across. We recommend cutting a few extra strips while
you’re at it jusssst in case. Trying to like straighten these out. I thought you were just playing with them. That too. so before we go and paint all of these strips
we’re gonna go ahead and do an adhesive test we need to glue these down while we’re placing
them so we wanna make sure that painting over this won’t affect that glue. oh hmm. i have a good idea. i have a good idea! passes the wiggle test,
will it pass the lift test? Ooo lets try it on the paint. Oh. painters tape. Here you go. thank you. we covered one end to leave a little bit unpainted. that’s quite satisfying. there are 2 things we did that made laying
out all the strips easier. 1 we bent them against the curve so they laid
straight. and 2 we used a board to anchor them on the
side we taped off. next up was painting. we really like the metallic and originally
thought we’d just the gold i don’t want it to get too crazy but so we’re changing the
plan what we’re gonna try to do is fade between the 3 colors blush on one side and then the
gold and then the teal and if we don’t like it we’ll just repaint it. sponsor time! we’re about to use these Rust-Oleum
spray paints so we thought we’d talk for a sec about why we like em. we started with
the champagne color which we spray onto essentially a glue-covered surface and it adhered like
a champ. then we did the pink and blue ombre and felt like we had a lot of control over
fading out the paint. it’s subtle. i like it actually. yeah me too. to transform your own project with spray paint
go to rustoleum dot com slash spray paint. since our backing is so large and thin, we
wanted to reinforce it before we attach the strips. it’ll work. we started by cutting some spare 1x4s for
a square frame around the back. we mitered the corners since you’d see them
from the sides but you could also do butt joints. we did a test fit to make sure everything
fit before attaching them to our backing. one piece at a time, we applied glue lets
lift this up slide it in set it down and then screwed it through the backer board. then we repeated this with the 3 other pieces. hmm it’s so nice out. this is like the best day to work. yeah nothing’s gone horrendously wrong. go for it. looks good here. awesome. we also cut triangles to reinforce the corners. to attach these, we pre-drilled through the
diagonals. this is done by starting your hole perpendicular
to the surface, then pulling out, changing your angle, and drilling down. alright you ready. yep. one down. i might add, i know this might be crazy, but
i might just add two i’m crazy 2 more what 2 more cross beams well actually lets try
picking it up and seeing how sturdy it seems. that seems good. this seems good. but do the corner test. oooo. it’s a little wobbly. i think that like if we put 2 diagonals like
this. what that’s not overkill. we marked the lengths we needed and a few
cuts later we had more supports. oh yeah sweet. then we used the same technique as before
to pre-drill some holes. corner test take 2. nice it’s no longer flexing. now it’s time to assemble! no that’s not what
we’re doing, what are we doing? we’re assembling! assemble!!!! but before we assembled, we wanted
to see if the heat of the hot glue would melt the veneer glue. a little bit sticky you see
how i kind of have like fingerprints i think i have a good idea though. apply the glue let it sit for a little bit
then you push it down here oh yeah yeah it’s perfect yeah. ok back to assembly. board is prepped, glue is tested, veneer is
painted, it’s time to finally attach it. so here was our system. evan would apply hot glue to the wood and
press on his end of the veneer. then i’d take the other end, apply hot glue to the wood,
twist it, wait just a sec for it to cool, and press on my end. So that’s glue press glue twist press… i
think. it helped to have Evan hold one side so i
could really pull on it and get it straight. and every so often we’d measure both of our
sides to make sure we were staying even last one i know it’s not a funny joke but what
if the last one we did was like backwards oh my gosh it is done and it looks amazing!
yeah! the next shot should just be like the garage door opening and like it revealing
it in sunlight and we’ll get some pretty shots and then we do the next stage oh my gosh look
at dat thing! one thing we realized in the daylight is how different it looked from different
angles. so first things first let’s chop off all the
extra. ooo i’m gonna try something maybe you should
test things on a test piece first… turns out just bending them against the wood and
snapping them worked really well. on the other side there was less overhang
so we couldn’t snap it and had to cut it off with scissors. next step is building a frame but we’re actually
gonna put these two spare strips down on both sides so when we put the frame down it’ll
be an even height all the way around there isn’t a gap on these two end pieces here and
there. next we built the frame using 1x2s with reinforced
mitered corners. we’ll get to the reinforcement part later. we used right angle clamps to get everything
in position before gluing. apply it to the brush yeah like a toothbrush
yeah the glue should be enough since we’re screwing the frame on alright awesome but
we wanna reinforce the corners in case we ever need to remove the frame to fix a veneer
strip or something. so in order to reinforce it instead of doing
some fancy like- the proper way. i came up with this idea, i don’t know if
it’s original or not i’m gonna drill a one inch hole and then i’m gonna fill that with
this one inch dowel and it should help like hold it all together. real quick shoutout to our patreon supporters!
you guys are awesome and we try to give back with exclusive videos, resources like our
sponsorship calculator, and sneak peeks. go to patreon dot com slash evan and katelyn
to join the crew. thanks! so this is what we’re gonna cut off. woo! woo! the perfect sized little clamp. how satisfying is this it’s so satisfying!
we sanded down the dowels with a low grit. then we filled any gaps with wood putty, swapped
to a higher grit, and gave the whole thing a once-over. then we finished the frame with one coat of
shellac cause it’s not gonna see much wear and tear. and shellac raises the grain so
we gave it a light sanding with 600 grit. with our frame ready we just had to attach
it onto the art. oh my gosh that looks good. it looks so good. that makes it look 5 times better! that looks
legit. man just like setting that down takes it from
like something random into art. that looks beautiful i love the colors. me too i’m so glad we added colors i love
the colors let’s take a photo of this and post it to patreon we aligned the frame and
clamped it in place. we also added a counterbore so our screw heads
would sit flush. alright let’s do it we should choose which
side is up it was really hard to choose cause every angle and orientation looked different. should we rotate it? Like this what about this way rotate it again
we’re so graceful like this I feel like we’re dancing with it after much dancing we decided
on vertical and added our hanging hardware. by the way, we’ll have links to this and everything
else we used below in the description. time to hang it oh yeah. thank you guys for watching, hope you like
this project and maybe got inspired to use a material in a new way like we did with the
veneer if you wanna see behind the scenes head over to patreon dot com slash evan and
katelyn for some patreon exclusive content and we just post a lot of other cool stuff
there too so hope to see you there and if you wanna see all the other cool pieces other
makes did for the wood art challenge, check out the playlist in our link below. thanks bye! hope you picked up some tricks
or tricks tips or tricks trips or tricks! hope you guys picked up some tips or trips
tricks gah i dunno why! i often have to edit out your like sitting down and standing up
noises. it’s just you going urrgghh this is a butt hahaha oh my gosh it’s so oh my gosh
it’s so good it’s so beautiful

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  1. I don't like the finished product, but I greatly enjoyed watching you make it. Wood Art – tres niche. The size, frame, ultra-stiffness are all good. Love the corner joints too.

  2. clearly… if you can't figure out which side is up, it's because its supposed to have one of the corners up instead of a side… =p

  3. My wife paints scenery. I took this idea and painted the backboard then created a mobile ‘curtain’ of the veneer after flattening it and creating a curtain that can be opened to varying degrees from closed to full

  4. You pocket holed without a jig – awesome!

    I just found you guys and I’m picking up some great tips for different projects. I really appreciate you also showing the processes which didn’t work so well.
    Great job guys! A big thanks from the UK. 👍🏼

  5. Old video I know but you could add hanging hardware to the other 3 sides and then you could always switch it up every so often.

  6. This is so cool!! Really glad I subscribed. Also I love when you do the mousey/highpitched thing, it reminds me of that old kids show Camp Cariboo 🙂

  7. Do remind me of the street side of the Tivoli Concert Hall.,12.5693568,3a,75y,324.14h,94.21t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1svdu-g_WS72L7qllAms62Uw!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656

  8. The dowel is pointless since the grain didn’t change direction. You have straight grain but joint with end grain support.

  9. Honestly, it looks like a big wooden bent up AC vent. I usually like the stuff y’all make but this could have easily been made to look more like an artwork by using bolder/brighter colors. It’d be cool to use the 3 primary colors and see how they interact next to each other. I.e. paint the background say bright yellow, one side of the veneer blue and the other side red. This would make for interesting color mixture as one moves around the piece. Just a suggestion.

  10. I'm loving your videos. You are very hands on, which is awesome because you explain how you do things step by step along the way and make it look doable. I'm super clumpsy, and tempted to do this project.

  11. I do not understand anything. Again, why did you do this? I clicked the link below to look at the challenge. You and your project were the only one on it. Did everyone else chicken out because they heard you were doing this and it scared them away? That is my guess. And where did those chipmunks come from? This is so confusing. I have so many questions. Where was your cat? Is she afraid of chipmunks? Why did I watch this YouTube twice? I really want to know that. I can't figure that out — almost three times. If you donate this thing to a fine art charity like say Goodwill, and get a receipt, you can write it off. Just a thought. I am not saying it isn't a knock down, dead, gorgeous, great work of art. I would never do that. NEVER.

  12. I'm sure it is a lot of work, but if you managed to put glass or resin over this, I think it would make an amazing looking table. Good work guys! Love your videos.

  13. Why dont you use regular wood glue in projects like this? but i like your ideas and how you enjoy what you do 🙂

  14. Very cool! I don't think the tape was necessary…could have just put the board on top of the ends to cover that area (maybe tape them to the board and then turned it over, but all looks good. You gave me some good ideas for a similar art piece. The back of the veneer seems over kill. Could have been mounted from behind to the front frame. Oh and with that length you may have been able to twist it twice. You would just need to make the strips a little longer. You two are definitely thorough. 🙂

  15. Ugh it looks like alot of work for not good pay off. You can see all the finger prints from not letting the glue cool down. This one isn’t that good looking either. Looks like blah hotel art from China

  16. Not sure if anyone has said it yet, but hanging it with some sort of a motor to turn it (something slow like a clock motor or something like that would be cool, so you might not notice it moving unless you really watched it, but it is always changing)

  17. if you planned on framing it from the get go why didnt you just staple the vaneer strips instead of hot gluing them?

  18. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    😹 Evan and Katelyn Too

    (still figuring this one out 😂)

  19. Gah, it like, it hurts my soul a little, to see you guys with your epoxy and your welding and drill presses and CNC machines… and then you use HOT GLUE! Like… why?

    I had a sculpture professor freshman year in art school who would legit throw your project out if you secured anything with hot glue. It's not remotely archival, and even for a more hobbyist approach, it's still always going to be your weakest link in pretty much any project. It's great for like, getting things into place before you secure them with something permanent, but for a long term adhesive it's always going to be a bad option.

    For securing the veneer strips, just use wood glue and clamps. You put so much work into the base and the frame, it'd just be a shame to have the veneer delaminate and pop off a strip at a time because you set it across from a window on a bright day, or left the A/C off while you went on vacation or something, (or had it too close to the heater during the winter, but mostly it's the middle of June and I already hate how warm it is, so all of my rant is going to be about summer heating issues, so there.)

    Anyway, I am for real getting into a lot of your DIY projects, (particularly the epoxy stuff, because I'm primarily a painter, and the idea of having a 3D substrate to manage painting like material in is very appealing to me,) but for real, over-reliance on hot glue guns is just asking for disappointment once you've had a project sit around for a while.

    It would behoove y'all to learn to use a range of adhesives and figure out what adhesives will be appropriate for different materials and how to apply them and make them work within the parameters of your projects. Like, years ago I went to Michael's and just bought one of every kind of glue they had, to see what they all did… that alone was an interesting project. (Expanding glues, btw, can allow for some crazy fun to be had… though I'm sure they must be a nightmare in whatever capacity they're meant to be used in, but as a free sculpting material they let you build pretty solid blobs of very hard foam, that also sticks seemingly anything together.)

    But yeah, just a jaded artist/critic over here who wants to see your projects reach a finish that's as durable as the visual aesthetic is agreeable.

  20. I’ve watched all your vids like 3 times cus I like you guys so much. I wish there was more to watch😭😭😭

  21. I’ll never know how the two of you learned to do everything you do. Or maybe you stop the video quite often for those “oh sh**” moments for the errors!

  22. Old video but I don’t know if you guys have heard of the artist Jesus Soto. He’s a Larin American artist who was part of the optico keneric art movement, (basically how the art changes as the view changes their position in space). He did a bunch of cool art pieces based of that principal some of which kinda looks like what you guys did.

    Also Carlos Cruz Diaz did a lot of stuff like this.

    I’m a new fan but I’m loving the projects you guys have made!

  23. Not sure if I'm the only one who caught it, but totally heard Katelyn humming Once Apon A Dream while y'all were dancing with the final piece, @11:51. When I was little, my mom would loudly sing that to me and dance me around like I was Aurora, lol.

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