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October 28, 2019

Hey everybody, welcome back to Guns & Gadgets, I truly
appreciate your time.This is a very emotional video for me because I still
believe in the rights that were afforded to us by the fires in this country and just
took place in the state of Connecticut would have been enough to launch a
revolution back in the day when our forefathers still around but those of
you who are unaware of what I might be referring to bring you up to date
because what happens far too often this country of these news that happens and
it doesn’t affect the individual they don’t care they did give a crap and
that’s one of the reasons that our country is on the path is on but I
digress the governor of Connecticut Governor
Malloy who just happens to be a democrat just me ridiculous career political move
what I mean by that Governor Malloy just did news conference in which he said he
was gonna do the country’s first executive order that would ban we
willing to obtain firearms permits or the purchase and sale of guns and ammo
to anybody us’ citizen or not that’s our government
watch lists when asked about which lists the government was very vague and said
Well Nero bunch of list is a no-fly list as a terrorism list of lists and they’re
going to use all of those lists to take away everybody’s rights in Athens
without due process now a lot of you have been following the situation you
might not be up to date with what people are talking about you just know hey
let’s take guns off the screen or a DK take guns off the street whatever side
of the fence you sit on new process is a term for protection that we have
protection from the government and what does the forces that who respect every
single law that we have that’s legally afforded to us our constitutional rights
the bill of rights are inalienable rights ones that are given to us by our
Creator not by some King wanna be not buy a bunch of career politicians just
want to go with the flow so that they get their next check in their next
election these lists is it a good idea to have a
government watch list for potential threats against our national safety absolutely absolutely however there must
be some specific set of rules violations that would get a person on the list that
is not the case currently to get on he governmental watch list you just get put on somebody off you
said the wrong thing at the wrong people who farted in charge whatever it is you
get put on the list all willy-nilly just do it case and some people say you have to do
to do something they were placed on the governmental no-fly list for no reason
at all just a mistake sorry senator ted kennedy from massachusetts was famously
on that list for no reason so high profile personally back if you put on
the list thanks accidentally what makes you think that
you are myself campaign what makes you think that we’re not on the list already
suffer that point if you’ve seen representative trey Gowdy who destroyed
the official from the Department of Homeland Security her name because she
looked terrible her name was Kelly and Barresi be you are I E S S II was in
front of a committee that was questioning about this list and numerous
questions came up hardest on the list we don’t really know how does one get on
this list without the ability or without being afforded due process she couldn’t
answer his questions because they don’t care about your rights she was asked how
does one petition the government to get off of the list if they feel it will put
on that list and justly or by mistake she had no answer because there is no
way to get off that list just put on it and you’re forever estimates say her for
some 700,000 Americans on that list right now we’re talking about though the
most wireless the terrorism watch lists the best die like scooters vs Buffalo
Wild Wings lest the stars Yankee fans go to Red Sox fan list which lists this and
how many are there you don’t know I don’t know it’s a big secret that they
go grass represented county did to this lady in
this meeting or hearing should be done every sitting congressional person or
any official in a sabbatical agency we have he asked her why we don’t just put
people on a list without due process for any other of the constitutional rights
afforded us’ citizens such as freedom of speech by can’t why don’t we just tell
people they can’t go to church and so they petitioned the government to come
off a list why don’t we just Institute cruel and unusual punishment of people
on the list until they petitioned the government to call the reason is because
you can’t cause it to process is the same with the second amendment doesn’t
matter what your feelings the rules are rules folks there were
drawn up that way for a reason for further came out is that you’re not told
if you’re on that list I hope the citizens of cash seko take action
against what this governors is doing good just can’t do it sure is doing if
you can’t do it it’s punishable it’s unconstitutional its criminal you’re not
allowed to just become a king because President Obama wants the same thing
that doesn’t make it right the USS constitution is there for a
reason and is to protect you in me and our kids and our future folks are
government has taken a step towards tyranny yeah that sounds horrible but
the fact is they’ve taken at ironical step they are taking away our right
without due process this subverting congress just do it on their own because
they know congress isn’t going to be able to do the unconstitutional thing
they want them to the last time something like this happened in this
country people revolted what makes us think that will happen again your beliefs were given to us by our
Creator laws passed by a man to take those rights away remember that what do
you guys think that this is the right answer you think it’s a firearms of
law-abiding citizens people have never committed a crime in her life had begun
for 20 30 40 years over the accident couple deranged metal into the mental
hospitals and meeting people out of the mental hospitals and when most people do
mental things we gonna take it out on the people who don’t act like that let’s
look at the bigger picture let me know what you think this is Jared guidance I
truly appreciate time folks pay attention to going on around he said

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  1. Its more than a little scary to see how brazen they are about it now days. 30 years ago they might have tried it but they would have been sneaky and backed off when discovered. Now they just flip you the bird and do it anyway. Good message, thanks for posting!

  2. All the Constitution does is reinforce our natural rights we are all born with…….. It does not guarantee your rights. You already have these rights and they can NEVER be taken away……………

  3. I'm a Young Boy And this inspires , I'm not sure what to do in this mess To believe it or not believe it There have been predictions for when something will happen 2015 – 2016 – 2017 2018 and more I'm honestly Confused Not sure what to believe anymore… A reply Guns would be greatly Appreciated 🙂

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