U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights – FULL Audio Book | Greatest Audio Books
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U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights – FULL Audio Book | Greatest Audio Books

October 23, 2019

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  1. “Because of history? ” does not justify white genocide.
    “For the economy” does not justify white genocide.
    “Low birth rates”, does not justify white genocide.
    “We all bleed red!” does not justify white genocide.
    “We are all human!” does not justify white genocide.
    “Race is just a social construct!” does not justify white genocide.
    “We are all from Africa!” does not justify white genocide.
    Anti-Racist is just a CODEWORD for Anti-White.

  2. Published on 1 Nov 2012
    U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights – FULL Audio Book | Greatest Audio Books | (English) – United Nations
    – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly. It defines the fundamental rights of individuals, and exhorts all governments to protect these rights. The UN has translated the document into over three hundred languages and dialects. This audiobook includes readings in 21 languages, by LibriVox volunteers.
    (Summary by David Barnes)

  3. Therefore when one is unemployed he should volunteer and do social work … His/Her work will be rewarded.

    Give social protection …. give education (for example to refugees) … technical education … one can develop every fellow human …

    Before you ask for your rights, make sure you have paid your duties and contibuted as much as in your strength!

  4. Article 29 of the UN UDHR clearly states that you have no fundamental rights. Your "rights" are subject to UN law and are not innate/unalienable. Basic human rights such as political speech, the right to assemble and the right to defend oneself under a UN government can be wiped away by a simple majority vote.

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  6. The 'limitation' of these rights in the elimination of them. If statelessness is discouraged, discrimination against the stateless (or would be stateless (ie not dominated over)) is mandated. Its just a god damn piece of paper. Law is lies. I'm with the red indians, almost extinct.

  7. It is sad that people fail to realize that these rights are unalienable and that they can not be argued , deprived of , or taken from . Franklin D. Roosevelt singed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with full purpose of its implementation within society in our world after WW2 . No person has authority to deprive any person of these rights what so ever the same as no person has the right or authority to deprive any American of his or her Constitutional Rights within the United States . This powerful document is one of the worlds greatest ever written . These rights are inherent to all persons and we can never be deprived of them they can not be broken .

  8. This bill is heinous.

    You have one right which all others stem from and this is your right to property which stems from the axiom of self-ownership. If a "right" violates the individuals ownership over his justly aqcuired property or body then it is no right at all.

    This is a declaration of ideals, not rights.

  9. can some one tell me how can i approach UN for making indian occupied punjab free and have a free punjab ?

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