U.S. House Judiciary Committee holds another impeachment hearing against Trump
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U.S. House Judiciary Committee holds another impeachment hearing against Trump

December 10, 2019

now over in Washington the Democrats are
holding another impeachment hearing against President Donald Trump for more
on this and other news around the world let’s go over to our young young men at
the NewsCenter Chun men another day of political drama playing out on Capitol
Hill you’re right conn-young the US House
Judiciary Committee held another hearing on Monday this time to hear from House
lawyers to prepare formal charges against President Trump for his dealings
with Ukraine since House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi
said last week that she has asked to draw up articles of impeachment the
Democrats have gathered to formally collect investigative findings against
Trump Democrats argue president Trump solicited Ukraine’s newly elected
president to open a politically motivated investigation against his
political election rival rival former Vice President Joe Biden to meddle in
the 2020 elections Democrats a president Trump abused his power and risked
national security for his own political games here is House Judiciary Committee
Chairman Jerry Nadler we have each taken an oath to preserve protect and defend
the Constitution of the United States if the president puts himself before the
country he violates the president’s most basic responsibility he breaks his oath
to the American people Republicans however dismissed the Democrats claims
that the president was seeking a personal political favor Republican
Representative Doug Collins argued that the Democrats were trying to impeach
President Trump because they don’t have a candidate that they think can beat him
next year while the White House is refusing to participate in the
impeachment process President Trump has repeatedly tweeted calling the hearings
quote a witch-hunt

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