U.S. rejects N. Korea′s renewed demand for peace treaty talks   미국 ″북한과 평화협
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U.S. rejects N. Korea′s renewed demand for peace treaty talks 미국 ″북한과 평화협

November 17, 2019

The United States has told North Korea that
it can′t have its cake and eat it too. Washington′s point man on the North says
that,… without the regime′s full and verifiable denuclearization,… there′s
no way the U.S. would enter peace talks with Pyongyang.
Oh Soo-young reports. The United States has made clear that it′s not interested
in negotiating a peace treaty with North Korea. At a hearing of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations
Committee on Tuesday, local time,… Washington′s chief envoy to the six-party nuclear talks,
Sung Kim, reaffirmed that the Obama administration′s main focus is on North Korea′s denuclearization.
The U.S. official′s remarks come after Pyongyang last weekend repeated its desire to hold peace
talks with Washington. The regime,… however,… rejected the
idea of giving up its nuclear program. It declared that only trust between the two
countries could remove the roots of war and end the nuclear competition between them.
The U.S. special envoy dismissed the demand, saying a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula should
be prioritized above all else. Kim said North Korea had neglected its commitments
to the international community by continuing to pursue a nuclear weapons program. ″The DPRK Continues to violate its commitments
and international obligations and continues to pursue nuclear weapons and their means
of delivery as a strategic national priority all at the cost of the well being of its own
people and while perpetrating horrific abuses against them.″
The U.S. official also said Washington would use everything within its means to make the
North realize that it can′t achieve the security and prosperity it craves while it
continues to stock up on nuclear weapons. Kim added that diplomatic coordination and
sustained pressure through international sanctions should be used to keep the regime in line.
Oh Soo-young, Arirang News.

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