U.S. says N. Korea’s denuclearization must come before peace treaty, issues sanctions…
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U.S. says N. Korea’s denuclearization must come before peace treaty, issues sanctions…

November 27, 2019

Pyongyang wants Washington to agree to a peace
treaty before moving forward with denuclearization talks. America begs to differ, it should be the other
way around, the regime giving up nukes first. The U.S. also warns businesses… not to breach
sanctions imposed on the communist state. For details we turn to our Park Hee-jun. The United States has once again made it clear,…
that there will be no peace treaty until North Korea’s complete denuclearization. CNN, citing unnamed sources, reported that
Pyongyang is unlikely to proceed further with denuclearization talks,… unless Washington
makes the “bold move” of agreeing to a peace treaty with Pyongyang. North Korea has been pushing for a formal
end to the Korean War,… which would act as a security guarantee for the Kim Jong-un
regime. But an official at the U.S. State Department
told Yonhap News on Monday, local time,… that although peace on the Korean Peninsula
is a shared goal of the international community,… it will not involve a nuclear-armed North
Korea. The official said the current armistice agreement
will be replaced by a permanent peace treaty,… only when North Korea denuclearizes for good. The State Department, together with the Department
of the Treasury and the Department of Homeland Security,… has also issued a North Korea
sanctions advisory and enforcement advisory against foreign companies to protect them
from violating U.S. or U.N. Security Council sanctions. It warns manufacturers, buyers, and service
providers against sourcing goods, services, or technology from North Korea,… or hiring
North Korean laborers that would raise revenues for the North Korean regime. The advisory does not add any new sanctions
against Pyongyang,… but reflects President Donald Trump’s vow to maintain maximum pressure
against the regime until its nuclear disarmament is complete. It says that businesses found to be involved
in such acts,… will be penalized by the U.S. or U.N. sanctions authorities. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.

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